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  1. We must have been at some of the same shows BruceWho!!! I too am a huge Teenage Cancer Trust supporter ... amazing shows .. so unique!!! Travelled many a mile also . can’t wait to watch the ‘ unseen ‘ ones .. especially Sir Paul, Stereophonics , The Who .. and more . Enjoy everyone!
  2. Just randomly checking in .. wow .. all change.. But all is well with the world .. Andrew is still there !! take care everyone and enjoy the new songs ... can’t wait for the new album!
  3. I am now missing those live shows, Meeting so many friends .... one day ...
  4. Yes.. they are doing an amazing job!! it is great to hear so many Bruce songs !
  5. Alan is this you ..

    I have lost your mobile number to send you the photo of you and Nathan !!

    Hope you pick this up !!

  6. Hi, Just want to wish you both a Happy Christmas and New Year, it was great to meet up with you and everyone in New York, well done on organizing it!!

    Hope we can do it again.


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