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  1. I lost it during Racing at that Crystal Palace gig! I did both nights - night 1 down on the pitch / dance floor, night 2 we were with friends, one of whom is vertically challenged so we opted for seats in the stand. Unfortunately (as is often the case with London gigs!!) we had "talkers" behind us - basically half interested folks for whom this was that night outs entertainment / thing to do (in London). You sort of have to tolerate this (to a degree) and when the music is loud you can kinda block it out (or they do less of it "anyway" because things are "loud") but as the band went in to Racing (which is always a gift!) these two guys behind were talking all over it - loudly - and about work for Christ sake!!! - I lost it - I turned round and said "why don't you two f*** off down the pub - put him on the jukebox in the background - and talk about bloody work until your hearts content - the rest of us have come to hear HIM, not YOU!" In doing so I was expecting (and to be frank ready and willing...…..that's how pissed I was!) it all to kick off - but these two looked at each other in shock, proceeded to leave their seats and walk down to the pitch area, and carried on "talking" with their backs more or less turned on the band/stage...…...what a waste of a ticket!!! Sadly though a common occurrence I've found at London gigs for all sorts of artists!
  2. and the best ever Santa for me, Clarence choking on the fumes and all the "happy's" and then the "happy the rest of your life" line - superb! That show needs a GOOD Nugs release!
  3. Thanks for the insight in to the ticket sales / HMV (I was myself more reacting to those who were disputing HMV selling tickets for gigs but it would seem that in BBTL they took some artistic license after all then by working that in to the story line). Yeah I applied for many concerts with the old SAE and cheque or postal order - no way of ever having any say as to where you were going to be inside the venue - you just either got tickets in the post or a returned cheque if the gig was a sell out! I did all 5 UK TOL shows (+ Dublin and had been to the States a few months before for 2 indoor shows at Nassau Coliseum) it had seemed like a long wait after the BiUSA tour 3 years earlier (when I did all 3 Wembley and Newcastle) - wanted to do as much as I could/afford this time! That was a terrific outcome you had for that Sheffield gig - Phew! - that second night at Sheffield (last UK show) my then girlfriend danced on stage that night! We all had the Human Rights Now gig a couple of months later at Wembley and little did we know that it would then be 11 years before we would see the ESB on stage again!!!...… which time the postal / SAE routine was history!
  4. Yeah you can get BOTH here on Amazon UK too (but I felt that if Anne was going to find in a shop "at the moment" the likelihood would be that it would be carrying this cover!)
  5. "We got the whole band here tonight and Little Steven is gonna come out and join us!" Sort of took it for granted at the time (don't know why!?) but looking back it was very cool that we had that for all 3 nights at Wembley Stadium in July '85
  6. Hopefully not too far JF - would hope it will be widely shown BUT probably for one night only!?
  7. I wasn't really enthused at the talk of a "film" to go with this album but having seen this trailer it has really whet the appetite and now I'm looking forward to it immensely - not least to see some of the landscapes that will remind me/us of our road trips (especially the one we just did this June/July). That kiss behind the hat I'm sure (thinking back to the book) is on their honeymoon. This is some ways at points could be a visual alternative to the book/Broadway thing but with a different soundtrack!? Be intriguing to see if some of the old classics (or indeed rarer but appropriate tracks) make it in to the film alongside obviously the whole of Western Stars! I'm guessing this will be another of those "One Night Only" at cinemas and then DVD. Looking forward to it!
  8. P.S. when I went to the free preview screening with a mate - and that scene came on - my mate leaned over to me and said "two tickets for forty quid!!!" - to which I replied "I'll check that when I get home" (as he knows I have every ticket - hundreds of them - from every show I've ever attended on the walls in about 12 large frames) and sure enough face value of that Wembley ticket was £17.50, so £20 (£2.50 for HMV) was correct / okay!
  9. HMV definitely DID sell concert tickets - in Norwich you could get tickets for events that were more local (like the UEA or venues in Ipswich etc) and whilst I don't ever recall them having tickets for major gigs (London/Birmingham etc) and therefore never buying a ticket there for the likes of Bruce, that wouldn't really be surprising (given location) - BUT - I wouldn't mind betting that they possibly DID sell some tickets in London and the Home Counties / a certain catchment area within reach of Wembley Stadium!!? (and wasn't the HMV in the film supposed to be St Albans even, not Luton, so VERY close to Wembley!). I'm not so sure that this is factually inaccurate at all? Likewise maybe HMV in Birmingham had an allocation of tickets for Villa Park!? - let's not forget that in those pre internet days record shops were HUGE and I can well imagine a poster in the window of these larger shops min those cities advertising the fact that they were selling tickets for those bigger gigs (as they would definitely been selling tickets for their smaller/local venues for sure! - the one in Norwich would have a poster with a list of the gigs they were selling for at the University etc)……..I think this would be accurate myself (but Javed getting to St Albans and back in the time that supposedly had elapsed NO! ha!).
  10. Any excuse to consult the Bruce anorak stats (in these times of no tour one hardly looks at them, I last updated mine after my SOB show) - Racing I've seen a dozen times, 11 ESB and 1 solo show (and was also at that Hyde Park gig - thee highlight of that show!). Incident I waited a bit longer for and remains rarer, I've only had 3 of those and one of them was a solo at the piano show opener but an ESB gig (Paris). These stats from 113 shows.
  11. NO - the best Cream Tea shop is FAR more important!! ENJOY!!!
  12. It will look like this Anne (re-released in July 2019) :
  13. Airport?, Chunnel?, or if Staycationing perhaps try a W H Smith anywhere you are headed (or today!?) or even a larger supermarket (the sort of title I can imagine being in those sort of outlets at the moment!?).
  14. Pretty sure I saw it somewhere recently (Amazon perhaps!?) and it now had the movie photo shot on the cover!!?
  15. Posted this on another thread - thought I'd copy here ref these posts! I recall this photo being in a programme for a WHO tour in 1981 I'm fairly sure - so this was possibly backstage at MSG in 1979 : And of course more recently Bruce presented Pete with that award for charity work and a photo like this can only make me smile / beam :