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  1. Blimey this takes me back to the days of cassettes and record fairs - must be over 30 years now since I've heard that!
  2. Here's my twopenneth on the various things touched on in this thread. First of all YES Nils was at Wembley on July 13th 1985 - I know this because I saw him with my own eyes as I was there too!, I saw him in the Royal Box in the afternoon watching the show! Geldof chased and pushed Bruce hard to do the gig - he was side stage (with Julianne) at St James Park Newcastle when I was there (5 weeks beforehand) and YES, the story goes that Bruce declined as he was "tired" (but later confessed to watching it on TV and wishing he had thrown the acoustic in the trunk of the car and driven up to Philadelphia - jeez REO Speedwagon did that as a whole band, rocked up and said "can we play", so Bruce would have been accommodated if he had! - pity eh!). Personally I think not doing it had more to do with where Bruce was at back then (when he used to still soundcheck properly etc) and would have been a bit anal about not having total control...……..hell he didn't do the Concert For New York either!!?...… the time we got to the Sandy Relief concert (and the RNRHOF thing) he had relaxed / lightened up / stopped doing proper soundchecks - and by some of the sound I've witnessed in the last decade or so, stopped "caring"?). He did apparently leave his Wembley stage set up as his "gift" but as someone who attended all 3 shows at Wembley the week before Live Aid I think all that was evident on the day at Live Aid from Bruce's stand were the video screens!!!? The stage at Live Aid was a 3 stage revolving one that had to be constructed and they took down Bruce's (excellent) sound system / speakers and put up this "new" one that was going to be hung in front of the scaffolding and be "the best sound that Wembley would have ever heard"...…….and it was shit!...…...but most of all it just wasn't loud enough!!!? Queen! - they were always a good live band - and early on a damn good rock band who made some good rock albums (first half dozen or so) - then they went on to be national treasures who made many hit singles (that were a little more poppy). Queen were certainly a good enough live outfit that if they were your bag then no one was going to be better in your opinion (I've seen them many, many times from a first one in 1976 right up to a year or two ago - ALWAYS a good night!). I wouldn't detract from the accolades that Queen received (and continue to receive) for their performance at Live Aid (although Roger Taylor does cock up slightly at the end of Hammer To Fall) - they definitely triumphed on the day - but I would say this, NO ONE had to work hard for a good response that day - it was no ones audience but it WAS an audience that were totally in to it and up for it - look at the crowd reaction to the opening 30 secs of Status Quo and Rocking All Over the World...… was 12 noon for Christ sake! They sang along with Spandau Ballet, Sting, a solo All You Need is Love by Elvis Costello, Paul Young...…….WHOEVER...… was a crowd ready and primed to have a good time!...…….and a crowd that could have been having an even better time if all the music being played had been coming across in the clarity and VOLUME that Bruce and the ESB had been the week before!, (my jaw literally dropped as Status Quo started playing as to HOW poor the sound, and volume, was...…...but it wasn't a day to be "gig" moaning!). Enter Queen! A band who had been holed up in a studio in London ALL WEEK honing their 20 minute medley (fair play to them!) and for whom, thanks to the music video generation, every member of that audience would know their part when it came to extended participation - those hand claps / gestures during Radio GaGa and We Will Rock You...….AND for whom the sound "suddenly" kicked in and the volume was UP - that in itself would / did help without question, but the overriding difference was Freddie! They took to the stage like they had just played a full set and this was the encore and HE was the difference, no question about that, and the crowd (who didn't need much persuasion, hadn't done all day) were right there with him from the get go and he worked them brilliantly like the superb front man that he always was! The stars aligned and as I said I wouldn't take anything away from them (on the day). Where I DO have an issue is how the whole thing was portrayed in the biopic Bohemian Rhapsody - when really there was absolutely no need to do so (as everyone agreed that they "stole the show" so to speak!). In that movie it is suggested that they "reformed" to play the gig (think they got themselves mixed up with The Who there!?), that they "hadn't played together for years" (again think that was The Who - they hadn't been on a stage since circa1981). Queen had last been on a stage before Live Aid about 6 or 7 weeks beforehand - at the end of their tour in support of The Works album - they had in Jan of that year played the Rock in Rio festival to a huge crowd, and I personally had seen them twice at Wembley Arena on that tour 10 months earlier - they were (like Dire Straits & U2 amongst others) a band who were on tour and a well oiled machine (unlike The Who for example who were not on good terms, DID reform for the event and had apparently only ran through their set twice in rehearsal). The movie also suggested that Freddie had Aids (which he wouldn't be diagnosed for another couple of years) and that he put on this legendary performance when he perhaps wasn't even at his best!!?, when in fact the year after, 1986, Queen did the biggest tour of their career The Magic Tour with another couple of Wembley Stadium gigs and a Knebworth part of the schedule. Just for final effect they show them about to go on stage at Live Aid in the movie and the biggest band in the world today, U2, supposedly coming off stage (and Queen are now going to show them how it's done!!?) - for a start there was no such scenario like that at Wembley as we would by that point in the proceedings be alternating with sets from Philadelphia, but regardless of that the last band on before Queen at Wembley were Dire Straits anyway! I get that things are done in movies for effect (and there were plenty of time line issues with the BoRhap movie that I can forgive to allow for effect) but the out and out lying / fabrication about not having played for years and Freddie not being well and yet they still could steal the show I find cringeworthy and insulting to their peers (and good friends like Elton John and Bowie) - it just didn't need to be part of the script - they let themselves down IMHO (didn't make the movie any better!?) and if Freddie were alive he wouldn't have agreed to that aspect, I can hear him now saying to the others " oh good god darling we can't say that, that would be ridiculous!" On the day it was a perfect storm - it was all set up / primed - and with the volume up and clarity of sound kicking in Freddie just did what he did so well (any time you'd see Queen live) and they were putty in his hands...…… was HIS moment, their day!
  3. My wife and I were there (and the night before) on a "long w/end" style jaunt to NYC to see out the Reunion Tour - we were also at the opening 2 nights in Barcelona (rehearsal shows aside) 15 months previously - and in between / along the way we did 34 shows in 7 countries incl 14 shows in the US across 3 separate trips across the pond (5 x Boston, 3 x Washington in 1999 and Dallas, Memphis, Little Rock, New Orleans and 2 x NY in 2000). There were great tours / times before and indeed there have been since (incl. our daughter who was born in 2001 getting Bruce's harmonica aged 7 and singing on stage aged 12) and some amazing "shows" in these past 20 years (multiple Barcelona, multiple Paris, Milan, Cardiff, Leeds as just a few that spring to mind) but there will always be something very special about that Reunion Tour, on many levels - them - us - "age" - it was just such a "moment in time", it felt like history being made (after that 11 year hiatus). When he/they DO come back out I/we need to take in a show or two in the USA again as my only Bruce in the States experience in these intervening 20 years was another very special evening on Broadway! Something to hold on to / look forward to!!?
  4. Played the whole Blu-ray yesterday (pumping the sound out to the garden - stepping in for visuals at appropriate moments) - 11 years on (blimey) in a different world might have had a little reunion/gathering/bbq of our "mini-bus load" that travelled down to that one and played the show for us all to re-live but that wasn't to be! Regarding comments on his voice - to be fair he had come off stage at Glastonbury at about 1am, had to get to London, and then was back on stage in Hyde Park at about 7pm...……...I don't think it sounded "too" bad under the circumstances!? My bigger disappointment that w/end was that for a guy and a band that can mix things up / turn on a sixpence he didn't do a "different" set/show at Glastonbury, ie. one for the masses / TV audience / unbelievers rather than just what was another WOAD tour show, complete with Outlaw Pete etc...… was once again another commercial decision taken it seems to promote the new record, just like the Unplugged that became Plugged and the Superbowl set etc...…...Glasto should have been a stand alone set/show IMHO - a career spanning but hits laden set!
  5. It as indeed - I was hoarse / almost had no voice after that one!
  6. Yeah it was quite a night / show (the entrance is probably the best ever too!). I think what you are referring to (favourite shows) was a comment made by Jon Landau who (at that time) regarded it as being in his top 5 Bruce shows of all time (and he's seen a few!!).
  7. Great point! The BTR video was actually made by the BBC. When Hepworth did his second OGWT Special - Glory Days - which was made to coincide / promote the release of LIVE 75-85 box set the BBC were given access to footage that Thrill Hill had available. That programme had all the usual suspects from before scattered throughout it but with several new never before seen clips thrown in as well (and as we know extended clips from the tour finale in LA) - but the BBC were allowed access to other footage Bruce's camp had (which wasn't featuring heavily in the programme itself) in order to put together an ending to their programme - over BTR from the new live album. Bruce's people liked the end product so much that when BTR was released as a single - from the new album - they used the BBC made ending to the Glory Days OGWT Special as the official video for the song! Of course the BBC people who edited what they had access to made use of footage from Wembley, Slane & Roundhay Park - wanting to give their audience something they would recognise in their programme! We live in hope!?, but as some have said they should be getting on with it!!!, (given the demographic of a large portion of their audience, and those who can say "I was there" - and - Bruce himself!, no point putting this stuff out when he's dead!!!)………..hopefully THIS is the year, and with the proposed tour income cancelled they will be looking to cash in this Xmas! ha!...…..again, we live in hope!
  8. Yeah - considering that they HAD been recording shows / tours prior to that (many of course didn't) that really would have been a ball dropped! I remember having a nice vinyl triple album of 4/7/85 with a great cover / pics etc and it had the extra tracks played on other days (like that wonderful Highway Patrolman on the Sat 6th show) and handing it to Max for him to sign in the early 90's (already had Nils on it) and he looked at and was flipping it over and looking at the back etc and then said "is this a bootleg?" - at which point I thought "oh dear" but just calmly said "yeah, is that a problem" to which he said "no - I just haven't seen this one before" and proceeded to sign it BIG ha! Phew! I traded that thing (after I'd put it on to cassette) with Badlands for "credit" (so I could buy other/more boots etc of other shows) - such was life when one was younger and had MUCH less disposable income! I have lots of stuff signed etc but it would have been cool to have kept hold of that vinyl boot!
  9. This ropey (of its time) footage on youtube - but even on this I Can't Help Falling in Love sounds good (that track obviously from the show on Sat 6th here as it is still daylight, early start that day as the crew had to take the stage down and get it up to Roundhay Park, Leeds for the next day!) - at the other 2 shows that week the stadium was in darkness by the time this was played and much more atmospheric. All the other footage is from 4/7/85...…...nostalgic stuff :
  10. Love it! Great boot - great show! That's my fav from 1984 (arena) and Wembley 4/7/85 is my fav from 1985 (stadium) - would love to get a Nugs release on BOTH some day (even if they do lose the crowd / atmosphere) - then "you" could do an excellent mix from both sources (Nugs & quality boot - mainly for crowd) and we would have the ultimate 1984/5 momento for posterity! ha!
  11. Fingers crossed (and if it isn't this months Nugs release we'll take it as the DVD that is part of the box when it ever gets released ha!). Don't think I've heard him do a better version vocally of I Cant' Help Falling in Love than he did all 3 nights at Wembley in 85. Aside from my previously mentioned concerns over how any Nugs release might not capture the atmosphere (crowd) in the same way that the CC boot did, my other concern "musically" would be that they would take Max's drums down in the mix!? Those shows in 1985 (mixture of how his drums were set up AND the band playing at a decent volume "period" - story is he broke the sound limit and paid the £90K fine to Brent Council) were amongst the last when you could "feel" the sound in your chest!!
  12. No sadly not. Little Rock was a weird experience! We literally were only there FOR the show - arriving at our hotel for the night late afternoon and left town after breakfast (Nashville bound from memory and the Ryman etc). There were free buses ferrying folks to the concert venue (which I presume must have been out of town) and the people on our bus we felt like we were in a time warp - the clothes and the hairstyles of the ladies was all very Eighties!? When we got to the venue it was quite small by US ice hockey / basketball arenas (I'm guessing 10 / 12,000 seater - not the usual 18 / 20,000 seater) and even still the whole back end of the arena was black curtained off (seats not sold)……….bizarre! Got some nice footage of a few songs to pad out my "full show" and of course Mary Queen of Arkansas for my "extras".
  13. I cut and pasted the top thread to a good friend / Bruce buddy of mine yesterday (we have done many shows, in several countries together) as I was sure he was at this one - and I was pointing out that it was 27 years to the day! He replied this morning to tell me that he and his then partner flew over with no tickets (thought they'd have a holiday "whatever") and scored tickets in the afternoon in the parking lot during the tail gating AND tickets for the next night at MSG as well. He said "great memories" and then he put "27 years - fuck we're getting old!" ha! (both 62 for the record - but stuck in our heads at 32!!!).
  14. Absolutely - that's the most important aspect obviously (goes without saying!) - but at those 1985 shows (and few others here and there since) the crowd were very involved / vocal at points, and well captured on some good boots (that CC 4/7/85 being a point in question) and tracks such as Glory Days, Hungry Heart and Twist & Shout (when the crowd actually took over with the "louder" response and Bruce was reacting back with "a little bit WHAT?") will sound pale by comparison if the only crowd noise we hear is that being captured by on stage mics / monitors (as is often the case on Nugs - heck Hungry Heart on the official box set 75-85 isn't really representative of that song at a Bruce show!). For me the already released LA 1985 falls short of the CC Wembley in places for "reliving" those shows - that's the point I was making. That said would still love to have a quality release of that day (or any of those days) for the music/band as you say first and foremost, and if we got that I'm sure someone could then mix the two (just on the half dozen tracks where needed - come in Buddhabone!) and come up with the ultimate momento on those 1985 shows as a result!?