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  1. I guess we can cut him some slack!? On Graham Norton when he told the Elvis story - every other version I've heard of that (including 3 nights at Wembley in 1985) the guards reply was "Elvis isn't here he's in Lake Tahoe tonight" (not Las Vegas) but hey! I suppose 1988 is engrained in his head as when they were outed (on that balcony in Rome) as being an item!!?
  2. Yeah if we are going down that road I have a lot of other options of (signed) stuff that would have to come off the wall - my personalised Nebraska (and Quadrophenia & Who's Next) albums for sure, and my signed Astral Weeks - and whilst not a record I'd have to grab the full ESB band photo signed (several personalised) by every single member of the band!, (oh and Bruce's harmonica of course!)……….let's face it - basically I'm going to burn to death! ha!
  3. Live 75-85 - all about "live" for me and whilst there are several options these days that one has the most on it ha! - oh and on my way past I would have to try and grab Quadrophenia (and Live at Leeds if it was close by! ha!). Ultimately it's a nasty question as it's like choosing between children!
  4. Hear what you are saying Anne and there are several times (even though I record it on series link) that I don't end up watching it for that very reason - but - there have equally been some of those whereby they have turned out to be very enjoyable or the banter/humour has carried the show and made it entertaining! I'm sure there have been many past episodes (over several series now) that you would have enjoyed and there are regulars who keep coming back (like Tom Hanks) who are always good value. I recall one episode with Kevin Costner (he was the guest that came on half way thru' like Bruce did last night) that was like a throwback to the old days of Parkinson as he had everyone on the sofa and GN enthralled / captivated (and the audience) - there have been many like that along the way! Was about to hit submit and thought I'd look on youtube - here is one of his stories - can't believe that was 3.5 years ago, Jeez!!!, the world / time needs to slow down!!!
  5. You should watch it more frequently Anne! - has been the best talk show on (our) TV for years! Obviously it's not Parkinson (for those old enough to remember that, in the BBC years) - but - whilst often more light hearted etc what GN does have that Parkinson was so good at is letting the "guests" talk (once they start to maybe open up) and knowing when to shut up (unlike Jonathon Ross and others) ie it's not all about "him" (which I'm afraid is the case with Ross and unfortunately most US talk show hosts!...…….it's like "they" are the entertainment). Graham Norton is much more humble and yet can be very funny when called upon to be so. Like all talk shows some episodes are better than others (ie. who is "on"?) - but - overall the standard is pretty high and there have been some terrific moments over the years - it can be a bit "too" silly at times but again that will be as a result of the mix of guests that evening...…… looked to me like Bruce would come back / do it again!!?, and rightly so / why not!?
  6. Funny how you see some pictures of Bruce (this one being one of them in my book) and you can still just see that little kid on the beach. Have to say I'm quite surprised that there hasn't been some (fan shot) photos of Bruce either outside his London hotel or arriving at the TV studios or "somewhere" that fans would have been stalking him / looking for a selfie or an autograph since Weds!? (or earlier, but I'm guessing he must have flown in Weds latest and has been at his usual London hotel?)………..or have I missed such photos on another thread!?
  7. Ha! Nice try Roy - "I" was there too...…….remember lots of great things about it but strangely don't recall any flies!!?...…...time to own up / man up ha!, take this first little step here among friends and build yourself up to going to the cinema on your own...… can do it!, c'mon!!
  8. Wow - didn't know about the Mike Campbell link until watching this (presume he has a writing credit and this has been a nice little earner for the guy - one of the great sidemen!)
  9. Avengers END GAME...……..he plays ANT MAN in the Ant Man movies (and was in End Game) - he was also in FRIENDS some years back!
  10. I recall MY HOMETOWN being quite poignant a the St James Park gig in 1985 (press reported people with tears in their eyes)
  11. DO IT!!!!!!……… only live once...…..he (and the band) are a class act to see "anywhere", but in NYC!!!...…..come on!!! (I, like you, keep missing him but you are there now, and so is he!!!!………'s a no brainer ha!...…….it's only money!!!! ha!).
  12. That would be a must for me "anyway" if I was in NYC (when he was playing the Garden!)……...missed him by a few days when we were there last year - if he keeps it going for another couple of years I'd be tempted to do an Oct/Nov date to also see NYC geared up for Xmas (which I've never done).