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  1. I've tried signing up but didn't get a verification e-mail - went back in and requested a re-send but still nothing!?
  2. Brilliant! The next time I'm asked "Do you really need all that stuff" (which is considerably less than this lot! ha!) I'm going to use this photo in my defence! Cheers!
  3. I get folks disappointment (although only have ourselves to blame by building expectation) but when I think back to the days of driving miles for a Record Fair and coming away with a (often) pretty poor quality cassette / show (and yet being delighted to "have" it, as we didn't have much "live" material AT ALL before the 75-85 box set) it's kindo hard to be TOO downhearted or to moan that we may have an interval of a couple of months (if that even turns out to be the case) - and in the meantime have the No Nukes release which comes with a DVD...........it ain't so bad really!
  4. Like the track but struck me on first hearing that it would have been all the better for a down and dirty guitar solo (which that guy on harmonica could have contributed) either in the middle or at the end..........I kept thinking that one was coming but in the end the track just kept repeating and never went to another level - like it though.
  5. Great job - looks good - like others have said hope you can clean up some other long standing footage that is out there - well done!
  6. Nice bit of "kind" editing (by going to the "rear of the hall" camera shot) as Clarence falls over at the 4.35 mark! ha! Quick recovery from the Big Man
  7. I enjoyed their chat and look forward to the book very much (Bruce was looking very well / tanned - Steve, as we know, could do with losing a few pounds for his own well being) - there were a few really nice moments during the piece.
  8. What's not to like!? - but then I love both these guys anyway and have done (both) for a long, long time now - seen Bruce live 113 times but John only 4 (but he left his mark) I was buzzed to read a few months back that Bruce had played on a few tracks on Johns new album (that they had collaborated) and this exceeds my expectations so far to be honest (it could have been just guitar and/or a token backing vocal/harmony) - this is a winner - only downside is it makes me want to be in late Spring / early Summer and sat out on the deck listening to some tunes but we are most definitely in Autumn now!!
  9. and therefore in Europe we will be having to put up with stadiums and fields (and all that goes with that) even when he's walking on stage with his zimmer frame!!!! ha!
  10. Ordered mine (with bluray) within 5 mins of the e-mail landing - always support Badlands on Bruce related product (over the likes of Amazon) - looking forward to the viewing!
  11. E-mail in from Badlands and looking at this listing I'd assume / suggest that the DVD will mirror the CD and that therefore BOTH are a mix from across the 2 nights!? CD1: 1. Prove It All Night 2. Badlands 3. The Promised Land 4. The River 5. Sherry Darling 6. Thunder Road 7. Jungleland CD2: 1. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 2. Born To Run 3. Stay 4. Detroit Medley 5. Quarter To Three 6. Rave On BLU-RAY: 1. Prove It All Night 2. Badlands 3. The Promised Land 4. The River 5. Sherry Darling 6. Thunder Road 7. Jungleland 8. Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) 9. Born To Run 10. Stay 11. Detroit Medley 12. Quarter To Three 13. Rave On
  12. Yeah - love how all eyes are on Bruce ready for that final note as he hits the ground
  13. I guess all will be revealed in the e-mail announcement that Badlands have teased is coming later today (they will have the full low down I'm sure!)
  14. I couldn't see any track listing (?) - but the text/description is suggesting the opposite, ie. the CD is from across 2 nights (and presumably the DVD is from one!?, or maybe also from the two and will be footage of what is on the CD's??). Where is the tracklisting? (may throw some light!) : The Legendary 1979 No Nukes Concerts from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were recorded at the September 1979 MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) benefit concerts at Madison Square Garden in New York City. This 2 CD set features 13 songs performed over two nights, that are newly remixed and remastered, in addition to a DVD of the 13 song concert performance film, newly edited from original film footage, restored and remixed in HD. This package includes a 24-page book with rare photos and memorabilia, an essay, vintage ticket envelope, ticket reproduction and sticker.
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