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  1. Agree! That video did a great job of capturing and conveying what that tour had been like and it's still a buzz whenever you catch it now!
  2. Ha! yeah - AND he's found the bloody bottle of hair dye at the back of the cupboard and gone overboard! - looks ridiculous - the way he had it of late (and in the documentary) with grey coming thru was FAR better!
  3. That should read GANG not gand! I'm thinking Daisy hasn't been on here in the past 20 hours! ha!
  4. By the way - the same Atlantic surf that washes up at Asbury Park and all along the Jersey Shore!
  5. Well if this is what we're doing here's one of mine from my homeland / childhood - Portrush Co.Antrim N. Ireland
  6. Although you "might" get the second song!!? 18 years ago today!!!!! Jeez! - the whole gand there fit and well :
  7. DOH! I jumped on here with this and hadn't read those last couple of posts (ref his real name being Nelson) - SO - are we now full circle and this WAS a typo after all? ha!
  8. I watched the official video on youtube but through the TV last w/end - primarily to show the video to my wife - and when we got to that line the lyrics on screen now read Ben E King!!! I don't know if there is more than one version of the video out there or if they have amended it, but I was surprised to see it "whatever" as I felt I had been taught a lesson / learned something over the whole Benny King thing!!?
  9. Oh that is such a pet hate of mine! When I went to the 2 nights at Crystal Palace night 1 we were down on the floor in the crowd but on night 2 we had someone with us who just couldn't stand for that period of time (and is also short) so we were up in the seats. There were 2 guys behind us who had been chatting non stop - about bloody work (in the City I think!) - but A) for the most part the music drowned them out and B) I didn't want to start any bother (obviously) - BUT - when Bruce went in to Racing (always a gift) that was it - I turned to these two and said (with meaning and intent) "why
  10. I think I'm in the NO THANKS camp - especially if we are talking about these sort of albums that have been rife in recent years of taking an artist (usually a dead artist although not all) and basically just adding some strings to the original recordings!? Nah! A live concert with orchestral backing (maybe some years from now when E Street is no more) perhaps - that would be different I guess, that could be terrific in fact - but not just rehashing songs with strings on an album! There have been some interesting orchestra works (hell there's a couple of good WHO ones in Tommy back i
  11. Ha! - yeah we ALL bombed out.........where's my slice of that humble pie!
  12. Cheers for this! - you learn something new every day! I only watched the video for the first time yesterday and I was tutting as in what idiot has been tasked with uploading the lyrics and has put "Benny" King (as in that is how it sounds / could be interpreted if you didn't know Ben E King) - that said I've not looked at the stuff that came with the CD to know if there are album lyrics with it and if this was the same there "anyway"? Good to learn this fact!
  13. Yeah what a great week+ that was, I went to the shows in Antwerp, Cologne, Paris and of course the O2 in London where I had managed to secure about 20 (great) seats for family and friends on both sides of the arena in the lower tier blocks near the front/stage. Can't beat indoor shows overall and never would have thought (that night) that we would be here all these years later and Bruce & ESB would not yet have returned to the O2 Arena!, (mainly because their popularity has only increased in the interim and we are therefore stuck with stadiums & fields - and after all of this the desir
  14. From first hearing (few weeks back) Ghosts had show opener written all over it for me (dragging out the ending / transistion with that familiar battle cry "is there anybody alive out there") - and I'd like to see it go in to Prove It All Night (as a statement / commitment). Obviously Badlands would work really well but I'd like to see Badlands held back for later in the set next time out (either finishing main set or in the encores - perhaps starting encores - which YES, definitely need refreshing!). Once I heard the album (in fact not even then, when I watched the film Thurs evening - h
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