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  1. I'm sure he has been quoted on never doing a "farewell tour" (things could happen that will mean a certain tour - the last one whenever that should occur - will turn out to be the last!, in hindsight) - I also don't think THAT tour would have been how he would plan to say farewell...…….fact is he will probably NEVER plan "that" tour - but that surely wasn't it (plus there WERE calls of "we'll be seein' ya!")………...just don't get all this negative talk, I'm going to give up commenting on it and just look forward to the tour announcement within the next 12 months!!!!!
  2. Been going to see Nils for years and can remember a whole tour (of his) being cancelled / put on the back burner because he GOT the call - and I'm sure he'll get that call again! (off to see him twice in the coming weeks - always a joy).
  3. A LOT of those guys (Richards, Townshend, Clapton etc) have put a lot more poison in to their bodies over the years than Bruce who, by rock n roll standards, has been pretty clean living!!!, and in terms of their family lives and mental anguish etc have been through as much or more shit than Bruce has as well - of course "depression" is another matter (over which he / no one has any real control) but he HAS been dealing with it (pretty darn well for the most part) for a long time now and I think sitting around at home would be worse for Bruce than doing what has kept him going ALL of his life (and he loves to do!!) - I think on balance he is no worse off (better off than some) than those guys, ALL of whom are giving him about 6 years+. Kay made a very good point about everyone being different etc, BUT, again in that area I would have Bruce in the "very fit for his age" bracket - obviously NONE of us know what might be going on internally (and there is nothing we can do about that) but on the face of it - in terms of having the stamina and fitness to "do the work", come on, there ain't no one (other than Jagger - who trains hard / runs miles...….it's not luck!!) who would appear to be as up to the task in hand as Bruce clearly is...……..after all he can afford himself the luxury (as age catches up with him) of going from near 4 hour shows to 3 hour shows (with an interval / massage if required!?) and then beyond that to 2.5 hours or, "alert the media", a 2 hour show like MOST people do as he gets up in to his 70's, but to not do it AT ALL would mean some more serious health issues IMHO, and hopefully / thankfully there is nothing like that at play at the moment. I'm looking forward to the next tour...……...and I don't think I will be waiting too long!!!!!
  4. Missed my point I think (see my response to the OP) - and YES, we have, I often joke that I must have sponsored / paid for a leg of one of those horses!!?
  5. I didn't say that any wishful thinking was pessimistic Ann (see my reply to the OP just now) - my comment was about people chucking the towel in on the guy (in a sense) and using language like "will it ever happen again...…..I'm doubtful" (which has been said on various threads).
  6. I'm glad you got it (how it was meant) as some others seem to have misinterpreted what I am referring to when I mention pessimism - my frustration regarding pessimism is when folks talk about it possibly being all over etc and it is THAT aspect that I think those involved are being a tad hasty! As for Summer being here and wishing we were in a pit queue with a number written on the back of our hands I'm there with everyone else on that!!! Ref the album - yeah you are correct / have a very good point but my main area of comment is aimed at touring / rocking - THAT will happen I'm sure!
  7. My oh my the pessimism is tiring at times!!! Some of us remember 3 and 4 years between tours being the norm...…….AND there being no internet (so no Backstreets, Greasy lake etc, etc). It isn't THAT long since Bruce was last on stage rocking, and in the interim he HAS been active at least (albeit something that not everyone can indulge in granted)……….Bruce WILL be back on stage, electrified, in some form or other and the reality is that when he IS it will only have been 3 years or so since he last was!!! As for new album - again - back in the day there were 3 and 4 year gaps between releases...…….the fact is (and this is fuelling some peoples anxiety) we went through a period post reunion of being incredibly spoilt by Bruce Springsteen (great as it was) and my wallet will bear testament to the fact that I think we had him on the road for something like 8 years out of 11 or something ridiculous...…...but unfortunately that is NOT the norm!!!...…...where we are now is the norm for most artists (and Bruce of old)………….I totally get the impatience (I'm there with anyone who is) but I don't get talk of "wondering whether it will ever happen again" etc...….The Stones, The Who, McCartney, Roger Waters etc, etc, etc...…...there is NO WAY on earth that Bruce Springsteen is finished and not out of his sixties yet...……..NO WAY!...… permitting it's a given in my book! Add to that little bits and pieces that are dropped by the likes of Little Steven etc and I just don't get the pessimism - sorry. Start (keep) saving is my advice!
  8. BruceWho

    Bruce Inducts Stevie in NJ Hall of Fame

    YES - I nearly resurrected my "Naysayers" thread of last week with this quote Ann...….whilst standing right there WITH the "horses mouth", but then I thought Nah!...….there are some folks who just won't accept / believe it until tickets are on sale...….which they WILL be!!!, (within the next 9 - 12 months!!!)
  9. BruceWho

    New Archive: Freehold '96

    First went to Freehold, Asbury etc in 1988 when over for my first Stateside shows on the TOL tour (2 nights at Nassau Col out on Long Island - had my 30th b'day in NYC - Jeez half my life ago!). Ref the performances of Freehold, saw him do a great version in Boston in 1999 on the Reunion tour (what a 5 nights that was!!!) - kicked off the encore, think it might have been night 1 actually - I have it on film!
  10. Yip!!!...........remember all the bollocks about the emotional farewell to the San Siro a few years back and he has since been back there!!!, and how it felt like we was saying "Goodbye" at the Ullevi etc etc blah blah blah.........there is no way he is done and (sadly) the end, when it does come, will be for other reasons that he or no one will have any control over...........but that is NOT where he is at right now!!!
  11. None of us know (and we are fools to try and guess, how many times has that backfired) but I am nevertheless staggered that people think that Bruce is done with rockin' out!? Maybe he will shock us all and come out with a "different" line up (again) - but I for one cannot imagine that he is "done". Relevance and creativity is another argument / discussion (I hear that) but not only is touring a big money spinner these days but for these guys in that industry it is a drug, it's what they live for (most of them) and when you are a major player and one of thee best live acts in the history of the genre there is no way that you are going to give up lightly or go quietly!!!?..........ego and desire will see Bruce strap on an electric guitar and go round again!!! The book of rock n roll is still being written - the first generation / early pioneers are starting to leave us one by one (but many played until the bitter end!!!) - the formative generation are still out there doing it (all in their 70's now - still rocking) - YES - several are now starting to talk about giving up "touring" (Eric, Elton, Paul Simon) but even those can't bring themselves to say that they WON'T play shows "here and there"............they just don't want to "tour". The Stones won't even utter THOSE words.........these are the guys who wrote (and are still writing) the book!!!, many / most are giving Bruce 5/6/7 years!!?, that's 2 tours at least - and even if was only one tour, THAT tour (health permitting as I always say) will surely happen. A lot of these guys were/are Bruce's idols when he was younger, his inspiration (and add Dylan to that list obviously - still touring!!) - I for one just cannot see Bruce be "able" to give it's not in the DNA.........he probably couldn't (nor do I believe would he want to) live without's a drug and I'm damn sure that a lot of footballers (and other sports people) if they thought they could "still do it" to a reasonable and acceptable level they too wouldn't want to give it up either, the roar of the crowd, but they don't have that choice / option - old rockers DO! Whether a lot of these elder statesmen and women of the art form "should" still be doing it is a whole other debate, but the fact is as I said before, the book is STILL being written..........whose to say what is right or wrong.........and if the argument was to quit while you were young etc then Bruce has already gone past that mark I'm afraid, he's in that zone now whereby if he was to quit at this point he may be seen not to have gone the distance like some of the greats and I don't see that sitting well with Mr Springsteen and his legacy, his place in the great book of rock n roll............that's where his ego and his drive will take over, that guy ain't done rockin' the house YET! way.
  12. I totally get ALL of that (and what people are saying) and I'm not myself being naïve and taking Steve's comments as gospel or confirmation etc - BUT - he doesn't have to say "anything" in response, he could just say "I really don't know" (and I don't think he would be bothered in doing so), YES it was probably a throw away remark during an interview - but - my own personal take on it is that there is knowledge / gut feeling behind this and Steve WILL be having contact with Bruce now and again that the others don't have (I'm sure they must hook up here and there) and I'd just rather hear "this" than a "I don't know". Of course that could be put down to wishful thinking on my part by some (especially if it was on something that one felt was more unlikely than likely) but because I actually do (and always have) seen another tour (or two) as "likely" then to me this sort of comment at this juncture is just the start of the process - and I think before Santa Claus comes to town this year we will all be hearing (or maybe even "know" by then) a whole lot more!
  13. I think it is naïve to suggest that Bruce doesn't know what he is doing next year (or isn't already making plans) - and I may be wrong to suggest that Steven knows more than others but I just think that he and Bruce are close and Steven is fairly busy / active in various ways (more so than ever of late) and I think if Bruce was going to be giving an early nod to anyone in the camp in terms of "keep it free" it would be Steven.........but at the end of the day even if it is just Stevens opinion there surely can be no denying that it is an informed opinion!!?......the guy is "close" to the horse's mouth, he will be having conversations etc for goodness sake..................!!!? Maybe all of this comes down to a glass half full or half empty scenario, my glass is always half full (no matter what shit life throws - and I've had plenty thrown my way) and stuff like this I take as topping my glass up!!!
  14. P.S. I personally think there will be more than one tour (again health permitting) hence Steven's "at least" remark..........start saving the pennies folks and making sure your passport is up to date etc
  15. As I have found myself commenting several times, on several different threads along the way (for quite a while now) every time someone starts talking about it being "all over" permitting I'm convinced there WILL be more ESB activity/tours, including those 70th b'day shows that I have a hunch about (in New Jersey) and if there is anyone outside of the Springsteen & Landau (and Carr) households who will "know" about this - already - it will be this guy!!! : Steve Van Zandt recently sat down for an interview with Asbury Park Press to discuss the Sopranos, Springsteen on Broadway and the next E Street Band tour. "I think we got one more tour in us at least, 2019, 2020. I think it will happen."