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  1. I'm sticking with tour kicking off in the States in arenas in the fall (will gladly take a barnstorming run round Europe aka 2007 but not holding my breath on that - wishful thinking) - no, I think kick off with a couple of months in States (maybe just 6 weeks) - break for Xmas - "Down Under" in Jan/Feb - Europe (predominately stadiums unfortunately) in late Spring/Summer 2021 - month holidaying in Italy / Europe mid-July to mid-Aug and then late Aug/Sept some outdoor shows in States to wrap up the tour...…...almost a year after it had begun...…….that's my hunch!
  2. Was only a "by the way" style after thought (no grounds to presume would be, just a "I wonder") - and if no Glasto next year at all then highly unlikely!! ha! (having a gap year seems to have come around quickly again!?).
  3. I'm doing okay thanks WitS. Yeah that's it in a nutshell really. My wife and I had lost all of our parents (at ages 51 - 71) before our daughter was born in 2001 (came in to the world with no Grandparents - which is a big loss "anyway", but given what sort of people they all were...…….!!!). So we have had that approach to life "anyway" since we lost the last one - my Dad aged 71 in 1998 - and that was a big part of us "going for it" on the reunion tour and doing 34 shows in 15 months in 7 countries incl. 3 trips to the States - from the opening in Barcelona to the last 2 nights at MSG, NYC - but these past few years (and us both having had cancer!) has heightened that outlook now and to be honest part of the resulting perspective has led to a certain level of apathy over the whole new album/tour scenario! Don't get me wrong, I/we will enjoy it as much as the next person/fan (maybe "more" as in glad to be here to see it) when it eventually happens but in the meantime (whilst we wait) we are not really giving it much thought, and sure as hell are not wound up over it!, (and if any part of the delay is with regard to his Mum good luck to him - he should take as long as he needs, and have no regrets!!).
  4. Yeah time is a funny thing (in the memory) at times - my last ESB show was the final European stop in Switzerland in 2016 (having done Barcelona, Coventry, London, Milan and Paris as ones that spring immediately to mind, possibly others!? - I went, on my own, for a last hurrah) - I have seen Bruce on stage since then at the Walter Kerr Theatre but weirdly that sort of feels every bit as long ago as that last gig!?……...but yeah - that last tour does not feel like 4 years ago!? (maybe that's a good thing!?, but it's a scary thing - "how quick" - when in the interim you have gone the other side of 60! ha!).
  5. OR - we'll take indoor shows in the Autumn if it "is" to be this year!!! Ha! All this talk of Bruce getting older (fact!) but he is still 5,6,7 years younger than what's left of The Stones, Beatles and The Who (who unfortunately are STILL playing big outdoor venues) - I have never doubted that Bruce and ESB "will" tour / continue, health permitting, (for another couple of tours probably until he reaches the age those acts are "now") - BUT - what I was hoping for is that in the ageing and slowing down process that Bruce might get back indoors for the most part! Being realistic I sadly don't envisage that happening in Europe on this next tour (whenever it may happen!?) as I think the demand will be huge (after a 4 year gap) - in the States yeah, and the States in the fall is the most likely "start" for the tour if it takes place IMHO - with down under being early 2021 - Europe summer of 2021 (and a return to Glastonbury!?) - and then (after the obligatory holiday in Italy in July) back to the States Aug/Sept 2021 for some outdoor venues there to wrap up the tour! I think there are many reasons why the tour won't start until later in the year (IF it does at all of course - but I think there WILL be a tour) - the album isn't finished for one but his Mum remains a major factor (and rightly so as far as I'm concerned, and I think the situation with Adele was a very big part in the whole Broadway phase!) and it is potentially a very big year (summer) for Jessica as well...……...I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce and his camp already know that any tour won't kick off until the last third of this year (and yeah, perhaps they should let something be known in a subtle way to make that more widely known!?, but they most probably will take the view that all this second guessing and stuff in the press just adds to the fervour for when tickets eventually DO go on sale!!!, no such things as bad publicity and all that!!?). I, like many, had been holding off making some plans (holidays etc) but having been diagnosed (out of nowhere) with cancer last October - and undergone radical surgery at the end of Nov - I need to be getting on with life!, we have booked to go back to Kefalonia late Aug/early Sept (been 5 years) - so the closest we may get to Bruce "this" summer will be to sit down at the restaurant in the harbour at Fiskardo that he and Tom Hanks ate at - with their boat anchored in the little harbour ha! We have my wife's (who herself had breast cancer in 2017) 50th to celebrate as well this year (4th July!!) - at one point we had hoped that might have incorporated a Bruce trip of some sort!?, we have had a few in recent years/tours - those 2 amazing nights "indoors" in Paris in 2012 (jeez that's scary - 8 years ago!!!) and the San Siro last time out in 2016, but alas not to be it would seem! Maybe that long w/end trip to see New York all decorated up for Xmas that we keep saying we'll do one of these years could be on the cards instead!!? ha! (and indoor shows!!!). It WILL happen folks - fear not - we are (as Steven has told us) just going to have to get on with our lives in the meantime / be patient (good things are worth waiting for) - and we have been spoilt in more recent times - all the younger fans on here won't appreciate that this (3 and 4 year gaps between major tours) used to be the norm for Bruce and many big acts...…….ironically when they were all much younger!!? 1980/1 - 1985 - 1988 - 1992/3 - some solo tours in mid/late 90's and it is only since the Reunion tour of 1999/2000 that we have (until 4 years ago) had an incredible run of tours/activity and haven't (until now) had to go more than a couple of years without seeing Bruce on a stage in some form (not fashion!!) or other!.....…..he'll be back out there SOON now, the longest part of the wait is over (tell yourselves that as we wait for news!).
  6. Thanks for the heads up - I'm excited for this. Loved the Yo Frankie album in the late eighties and had a great night at the UEA when he toured it with the wonderful Dave Edmunds (who had produced that album) and several members of La Bamba and the Hub Caps on horns (not long off the TOL tour) - the guest list on this album (from the post further down this thread) is mouth watering! Bring it on!
  7. I'm sure you were - and you would have been at ANY of those 3 nights (at that age...……..well any age! ha!) - there really wasn't much to choose between them! I was 27 and it was the greatest buzz I'd felt since I'd first seen The Who across the way at the then Empire Pool, Wembley ten years earlier in 1975 at the tender age of 17 (when they were all about 29-32, the energy was off the scale!) - that night for me was life changing and put me on a path/life of gigging and chasing that buzz which becomes more and more elusive now with age (and hundreds of gigs by scores of artists under ones belt). Nice that you have such a life moment memory with your Mum as well - my Mum became a bit of a fan of Bruce (through me) and I was going to take her to a show "on the next tour" (which as it turned out would have been the 1992 "other" band tour) but we lost her in 1991 so we never had that Bruce show together (when LT & HT came out I knew from first listen that "her" song on there would have been I Wish I Were Blind - I love it myself - I did 13 shows with that band and have seen Bruce 114 times in all and have NEVER heard that song live!!!...…..maybe just as well?)
  8. I too was at all 3 of those shows (and St James Park) and there wasn't much between ALL of them IMHO - the 3rd had that element of buzz of "first night" the 4th was, well, the 4th July (and that opener) and the 6th had the rarities that DTBS mentioned (with that beautiful Highway Patrolman especially) - but then the 6th did (overall - later on) suffer a little bit in atmosphere terms compared to the other 2 nights I felt due to the earlier start AND therefore finish (was barely dark!). I know what you mean about the legendary tag but at the same time I'd find it hard to say that the 6th was "better" than the 4th "overall"...……..when I think back to those gigs in my memory aside from Highway Patrolman & Street Fighting Man from the Sat the rest of Sat was "business as usual" but without the same level of atmosphere I thought that the last 90 mins or so in the dark brought - and with lots of repeat attendees (like ourselves) knowing their part for the crowd participation moments I thought the 4th (with it's opener as well) edged the 3rd and therefore for me (if I had to pick) came out on top across the 3 nights by a whisker (even if not legendary)………..but it's all subjective and the fact is all the nights were cracking!
  9. I've felt those jeans (in fact that ass! - sorry ladies ha!) as my mate and I passed him overheard as he crowd surfed his way back to the stage in Turku! Ha!
  10. Slightly off topic but speaking of the 75-85 box set it has always puzzled me why we never ever have heard the version of Glory Days that "he" (Bruce) supposedly wanted to be included but there wasn't room for it!!? The BBC special with David Hepworth (funnily enough called Glory Days) when Hepworth asked if there was anything that he would have liked to have had on the record that isn't on there and Bruce's response was that he'd have liked to have had Glory Days on there - he went on to say that he had a real good take of it and he tried to get everybody to mix it one more time but they had banged up 72 mins on each CD or something and they just couldn't fit it on! On that basis wouldn't you assume that when it came to those 12" singles that were subsequently released and we all bought for the "extra previously unreleased" tracks that the left off version of Glory Days would be top of the list as a bonus track!!!? I'm not desperate for a live version of GD's I'm just bemused that it never saw the light of day - and - somewhat curious to hear the "good take" of it that the man himself was keen to have on the box set!?
  11. No apology needed Dan (thanks anyway) - I didn't take it that you were having a go at me or my comments, no worries, I was simply trying to point out to ALL really that unfortunately (as I've gone through it with a few loved artists already) - in terms of "that guy", we sadly have already I suspect had the best of "that" type of show (jeez some would say that happened in 1978 or 80/81 ha!)………..I feel we have probably been to the top of the mountain and are on the way down the other side now, but not in a steep decline by any means and I'm confident that there will be good things ahead still (and I only threw in those examples as alternatives to rockin' Bruce because they are tangible ones we already know of)...……….I personally, from an older slowed down Bruce later this decade, would like to see an Unplugged style show that could still be full of many classics and lots of seldom played gems etc rather than another Seeger outing...…….much as I enjoyed those shows...……..and the Unplugged format with a handful of key players would be very different to those and/or the Joad & D&D shows...…….I think they would be superb - when "that" time comes!!!...……..but until then let's hope we have another couple (at least) runs round with the ESB, after all he has 5 or 6 years before he is where The Who, The Stones, Macca, Waters, Clapton etc are NOW!!!
  12. Maybe so - and the vast majority of us love that version of the guy too (many of us also like the other stuff as well but are fully aware that some don't) - but the point I was making was that an 80 year old Bruce Springsteen WON'T be that guy - hell the 70 year old version that (hopefully) comes out with the ESB in the next 12 months won't be the guy even on the last tour 4 years ago (let alone the one before that)………..I've seen this with "many" already (incl. The Who) and whilst some of them are still putting on a great show (incl. The Who) can I say that it's the version that I "really" love...…..NO! I was merely suggesting that Bruce has options / versions of himself that he CAN turn to as the years catch up with him (and his shows will be 2.5 hours long) that a lot of others don't really have. The alternative is to actually pack up altogether (which some in their mid 70's ARE now doing - we are seeing that - this is the first true generation of the rock star and the book is still being written...…….by the likes of The Stones). We will NOT be seeing the Bruce we know and love still rocking out with the ESB (for a full show) in 10 years time, aged 80, not gonna happen - but we will I believe (health permitting) see Bruce on a stage aged 80 doing "something", and I'm damn sure that "something" will be worth seeing!
  13. As others have commented I too think (hope) that Bruce has too much integrity and too big an ego to end up not putting on the show that "he" feels his legacy (and fans) deserves. I've always maintained that Bruce will just change what / how he performs as he gets older - I think (health permitting) he will always perform (it's in his DNA and it is his life blood / therapy almost). YES tours with the ESB will be few now going forward (another couple probably) but he can do stuff akin to Seeger Sessions / Western Stars and (one that many of us would welcome before the end of this decade maybe) an Unplugged style show with a handful of key players around him (for which in the encore he could even plug in the electric, much like Nils has done at similar style solo shows!) - Bruce has got it ALL there to draw upon as he scales things down in the years ahead, and he will STILL be able to make it something to see & hear - he is VERY lucky like that! Many other bands (like my beloved The Who) unfortunately had such a physical and dynamic stage show as younger men that it was always going to catch up with them in time! For now they still make a fine sound on stage (although not the same since John's passing) and it is certainly in no way embarrassing (like some of those mentioned above) - but - by the same token it is not unfair to say that it isn't AS powerful as it was even 10 years ago (when in their mid sixties as opposed to seventies!), let alone 20 years ago when in their mid fifties...……...and in some areas of the show I have no doubts the same thing will apply now to the 70 year old Bruce and ESB if we were to compare him/them to the 50 year old on the Reunion Tour or even the 60 year old that was still doing knee slides etc...…….but the "sound" will still be terrific I'm sure and the shows great...…….for now...…...and Bruce himself will know when he can't and won't do "that" type of show anymore (Roger Daltrey has said, more than once, that if he/they ever walk off a stage feeling that what they had just done out there was letting that music and those fans down he will quit!...…….that's good enough for me and that's what is needed). YES - the "show", the "theatrics", the "energy" if you like may already be a shadow of what it once was at a WHO gig now (and a band like The Who made a rod for their own backs!) - but - if you close your eyes and listen to what is being played up there, as long as "that" is still quality I can live with that and will take that to live out Glory Days of my past, because when they are up there on that stage and I'm down there in front of them I'm 17 again! I didn't get to see Bob Seger and the SBB until about 10 years or so ago (thought he was going to be one that got away - hasn't been over here since the 1980's I caught them in Florida) and yeah, it wasn't a thinner Bob with his long dark hair waving around etc but set that aside what a glorious sound and terrific band!!!...…..tremendous gig. I take my hat off to Mick Jagger TBH - he is, pretty much, putting on "almost" the same show that he did in the 70's / 80's and that is quite remarkable and takes an incredible dedication - to remain THAT fit (when OFF the road, in between tours) by running miles most days - to be a multi millionaire and DO that in your down time in incredible really - The Stones wrote the book really and are still writing it!!! Bruce will be fine, he won't let us or himself down!
  14. Went to see them at Wembley Arena back in the late 80's when they were riding high and they did a decent cover of Tougher Than The Rest in their show! Was sat feet away from Ricky in the departure lounge at Heathrow about 10 years later and so wanted to say hello / shake his hand and let him know how much that one lyric, "and he packs his lunch in a Sunblest bag" , meant to me and reminded me of my Da growing up in Northern Ireland as that he what he did!!!...…...but wanting to leave him alone in peace won out and I didn't bother him! For those interested Sunblest was a name/brand of bread that came in a thick waxy wrapper and my Da used to take his packed lunch / sandwiches to work wrapped up in a Sunblest bag. Fine writer and performer/s.
  15. Dear God that lovely dream turned quickly in to a nightmare!!!, (opening with Loathsome Day!!?)