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  1. 12 YEARS AGO TODAY / TONIGHT!!!!! Intro (Los Pajaritos) Badlands Working on the Highway Hungry Heart Outlaw Pete Be True Working on a Dream Seeds Johnny 99 I Fought the Law (The Crickets cover) Youngstown Raise Your Hand (Eddie Floyd cover) (instrumental) Cadillac Ranch Prove It All Night (Sign request) Janey Don't You Lose Heart (Sign request, tour debut) My Love Will Not Let You Down Waitin' on a Sunny Day The Promised Land Girls in Their Summer Clothes (Tour debut) If I Should Fall Behind (Tour debut) Radio Nowhere Lonesome Day The Rising Born to Run Encore: Jungleland Land of Hope and Dreams American Land Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) Dancing in the Dark Twist and Shout
  2. Wouldn't go down too well with Van the Man either! Saw Van at the Dominion many years ago and one of the guys in the band didn't come in on flute when he was suposed to and about 10 secs later Van (turning his head to the side - half away from the audience - in some sort of "hopefully we won't notice ha!) barked "FLUTE" and the poor guy nearly jumped out of his skin - grabbed the flute, played his solo - and when it over and he placed the flute back in its holder looked around at others in the band (all this behind Van's back obviously) some of whom were shaking their heads with grin and this poor bloke could be seen mouthing FFS..........dreading the dressing room afterwards. It was amusing for the rest of us!
  3. Yeah it was indeed very clever - it totally worked for the film but as you say it also works in a very general way (and those of us who have had to endure losing loved ones, slowly, to things like cancer it was very poignant) - from a mass appeal point of view (like You're Missing too) it's a sensible move on his part not to be specific and thus pigeon hole the empathy.
  4. The vacinnation programme is one aspect we HAVE seemed to have got on well with here in the UK compared to many places around the world - if the world map is looking patchy in terms of their strong markets as to "where" they could go (and feel safe) I think they should just do a residency at the O2 Arena ha! We can dream............how good would that be!
  5. A further little P.S. on this / that tour - having been to several shows and got familiar with the band etc - on the last night of the tour (I want to say it was in Worthing - quite a drive for a gig in the middle of the week!) the band were all lining up for a proper "group shot" and Larry Cragg (who was playing rhythm guitar at the shows with the biggest smile of joy on his face every night) suddenly thrust his pucker SLR camera into my hands and said "take lots of shots!" For any of you who have Neil Youngs (wonderful) Harvest Moon and/or Unplugged albums - Larry is the one sweeping the floor in the video for HM and credited on the album as "On Broom : Larry Cragg" - a big gentle giant of a guy, who always seemed to be smiling on that tour, on stage and off - I hope the bloody photo's came out okay for him!? Ha! When the group shots were over and they were getting on the bus (for the last time) Max said "don't you guys go anywhere, I've got something for you!"........I thought here we go - here come MY signed sticks, or maybe better still a signed drum head - but when Max reappeared all he had was one of those official posed press style photos of himself, signed - I hope he didn't gauge the disappointment or "WTF is this" look on my face!!? ha! Good guy though and Nils is just the best (on and off stage).
  6. I think Bruce's relevance is timeless and therefore will always BE relevant (to those who choose to turn to it). He has always wriiten about the human condition - mainly from a working class perspective - and for me he has taken us on a journey that we ALL (pretty much) have to travel to some degree or other! We've gone from stories of youth and love and cars through marrriage and divorce and parenthood - all with religious undertones and with many reflections of the world around us along the way and what has been going on in peoples work lives (hard times), to more recently his own mental health issues and now our own mortality.........it's ALL in there somewhere and it has been an evolution and the bare bones of those stories and emotions were relevant 100 years ago and will still be relevant in 100 years time, so for me that makes them/him relevant "today". As Jonathan Demme put it, when he was looking for a song for his film about a character living with AIDS, "who better to turn to for a song about the human condition than Bruce Springsteen" - we ALL at some point (some of us several times over) have seen ourselves in the words of some of Bruce's songs, and many people will for generations to come if they care to indulge / seek him out........to me that's relevant, and always will be! Good luck with your work Catherine!
  7. P.S. your choice of cassettes tape was the same as my own ha! - always preferred over TDK & Sony etc, as much as anything they felt nice and solid and "heavy" by comparison. Making a "various" CD has never quite been as satisfying as making a various "tape" was somehow!?
  8. Great stuff! That line running down the centre of the picture (the fold I'm guessing) - where that runs through the seats on the far side I was in that lower tier, just a bit to the right of the line, and about a third of the way up it (almost felt like an extension of the pitch but you were just comfortably elevated above those on the pitch for a clear view, and a nice spot within the stadium for both band AND crowd sound - when called upon - and to observe crowd participation, again when caled upon. I was upping and downing (130 mile drive each way) from Norfolk for each show and like yourself managed to secure an almost identical spot at each show. Great memories.........rarely (been a couple but not many) have they played as loud in a stadium setting since - OR - with such clarity of sound (in fact at times in the past decade or so there has been some awful sound!!!..........and never quite loud "enough", for my liking ha!, - last good "loud" one for me was Benidorm of all places! - it could be felt in your chest that night, like the good old days! ha!
  9. Just as a PS on that and Max - having done a few shows on that tour of tiny venues and been hanging around afterwards (and even in at the soundcheck in the afternoon on one of the shows), did get to chat quite a bit with Nils & Max. When it came to the local show in Norwich a whole bunch of us went along including my then about 9 year old nephew to whom Max handed his drumsticks at the end. As we then hung around afterwards (as per usual) Max took the sticks from him and signed them. At this point I chipped in (trying to drop a hint that I wouldn't mind some signed sticks ha!) "you do realise that he will probably look to sell those to me now!" to which Max replied "well I hope he gets a good price!" Said nephew is now 42 years old and lives in Perth Australia and I'm pleased to report that said signed sticks reside in my house ha!..........no fee charged.
  10. I too had that vinyl back in the day. I got mine signed by Nils and Max when Max came on tour with Nils once - when I handed it to Max he was looking at it front and back and then said to me "Is this a bootleg!?" - to which I responded "Yeah - is it a problem?" to which he replied "No, no - just haven't seen this one before!" - they both signed it "big" - I think I traded it in the end for "credit" with Badlands (and bought a few other shows on CD instead - having taped it first on to cassette of course...........aah those were the days, the cassette player in the car!).
  11. Hi Jim can you upload a link again to the 7/6 show please and I will endeavour to do so - cheers (I thought I'd grabbed it but something went wrong on it) - thanks!
  12. Well I thought the trigger (although had no idea "at the time" that was what was causing that sound) was okay in a STADIUM setting (and over here in Europe we didn't have the luxury or privilege of an indoor arena USA show) - of course, back then, "everything" else (the whole band/sound) was louder too - which again IMHO you need in a stadium setting - and the overall sound/mix was great - for 3 nights he/they turned Wembley Stadium in to an oversized arena, it was great, and you could feel those drums, that beat, in your chest and I love that (I'm a WHO fan! ha!). Ultimately IMO "any" recording should be a document of what was heard in the house that night and if that was what they were presenting at that moment in time then for me that is what they should put out (good, bad or indifferent).
  13. Yeah and it is an area where Nugs come up short compared to any official live album, not just good boots (where the crowd has also been recorded as the artist has set out to make a live album) - not unlike watching football on tv this past year - the lack of a crowd has been like a soundboard recording!!! One word - "atmosphere"
  14. I haven't heard Giants yet but LA I found myself a little disappointed initially (atmosphere wise - although haven't played for a while now) and gravitating towards Crystal Cat's Wembley 4th July as a capture of how it felt to be there!? I think a lot of the official releases suffer that though (atmosphere - compared to a good boot) because of the crowd level/sound - but on the LA vs CC I even thought the boot had more balls tbh (Max's drums in particular - the CC boot really captured what that beat was like in 85). Whilst I haven't heard Giants yet (I always order the CD's) I was very encouraged by all the reports of how good the sound was in theory - although I'm feeling that has dipped a bit here now with comments of it only marginally better (sound wise) than LA - which I hadn't been "that" impressed by (compared to the CC boot!). Maybe part of the problem is my having played that boot for over 30 years!?
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