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  1. Surely you don't mean Clarence's cow bell (as in live versions!?)
  2. Ah well at least Kate gets a name check in My Hometown! (apologies if someone else has chipped in with that already). Our dog is called Sandy - and apart from the fact it fits her colouring (Tibetan Terrier) she was most definitely named after the song, my wife's favourite (especially the version on the 75-85 box set).
  3. Of course it will be 3/4 years on since the last run out by the time this happens so we might see a hike in ticket pricing by Bruce Inc. but up until now arena shows have NOT been "massively more expensive" than stadium shows by Bruce - they are just a hotter ticket, but they are SO worth it!!!...…..and that goes for ANY artist / show, I don't care who they are or how adept they are at putting on a "stadium" show, I've seen them all in both types of venue - Bruce, The Who, Stones, U2, Floyd, Pearl Jam, Queen, Bowie, AC/DC etc, etc and whilst they all were fine nights in a stadium (although weather and "sound" - especially Bruce I'm sorry to say!!! - were at times a bummer), the simple fact is that they ALL were a much, MUCH better experience in an arena - with a roof - a smaller room and the "lights going down" from the get go...…...not to mention the more basic elements such as "facilities" (loo's etc - Bruce has played some dreadful spaces - that obviously come cheap!! - in recent years that quite frankly are not in keeping with the majority of the demographic of his audience!?). Arena's all day, every day, ANY artist for me (as a music lover who first and foremost wants to HEAR that artist WELL?) - but - I strongly suspect that unless it is a bit of "mixed" scenario whereby there are a few arena shows mixed in (or a barnstorming leg!?) - that here in Europe we haven't got a hope in hell of the tour being an arena "tour". Also - to all the naysayers who (3 years ago) were telling us that they felt that was the end, and that Bruce was "saying his goodbyes", and then more recently were even suggesting that Broadway was a "goodbye" - I said it then (after my final ESB gig to date in Zurich) "what a crock" - that he/they (health permitting etc) would be back!...……..and I'll say this here and now (before a single guitar is strummed) that - health and key band members still being with us etc permitting - that even THIS tour, that has yet to happen, will NOT be the last one!!! If Wembley Stadium is in the mix this time around I'm going to try to be strong and avoid ha!...……..hate that new stadium for gigs. I'm there in 3 weeks time for The Eagles as it was the only Eagles show - my daughters fav band - that we could achieve in and around A Levels and us heading off on holiday (the day after) but I'm dreading what it might be like!!? I was intent on not going last time but someone said "so Bruce is playing on Sunday night 120 miles down the road and you are going to stay at home are you and watch Countryfile instead!!!?"...…...and I dare say I might buckle (under that logic) AGAIN - but - I really would rather spend the money that a (poor by comparison) night at Wembley costs on travelling to a "better" venue/experience! We did the Nou Camp & San Siro again last time out (and are ALWAYS high on the list) and in the UK Coventry was way better than Wembley - and of course we did Paris as it was an "arena"...…...think I need to tick the Ullevi box this time out...……..hopefully the tour AFTER this next one (when in mid 70's and the shows have shortened) WILL be an arena tour!!!?……….for now though we should all just be happy & grateful that a tour is on the horizon (even though I never doubted it these past 3/4 years, but, there is the "health permitting" aspect to be grateful for guys!!!!……….Bowie, Prince, Petty etc, etc). Ultimately it's ALL good in that sense!!!
  4. I enjoyed it - Bruce and Steve were the stars of it - like some others I would have liked a bit more on other venues and some footage of the intervening years ie. I first went there in 1988 and the Palace Amusements were still standing (in poor shape) but there was the Asbury Park Rock n Roll Museum housed in a part of the building (and the two guys who ran it were, along with Margaret Potter and Big Danny Gallagher featured in that "Wired" programme feature during the TOL tour). I thought Tillie was worth a mention and was surprised that Madam Marie only got a very brief blink and you miss moment on screen. There were only 7 people in the VUE that I was in and all bar one guy left during the credits!!!, and he was on his way out too as Stevie's song came to an end and it was only the sound of Bruce talking coming down the stairs of the Upstage that stopped him in his tracks right by the exit door (he stood with his hand on the door to watch it) and of course then the jam session footage started up and he sat down again! ha! 3 of us in there for the jam! Interesting watch!
  5. So many great posts / comments on here, well done guys, and what better way to honour the king of great posts!!? Never knew the guy, only his contributions on here (which were terrific) but I remember being shocked to hear of his passing and (selfishly) gutted that we wouldn't be reading his words any more...……..can't believe it's 4 years though!, scary! (when you have tipped the wrong side of 60!!!)
  6. Yeah - it did get a reasonable airing throughout the Reunion Tour - it shared that slot (which featured pedal steel guitar and accordion every night) with Mansion on the Hill. There's a lot of great stuff on Nebraska that deserve more regular outings than they get!, (Highway Patrolman...……!!!...….Used Cars would be great to hear as well...…...he should have given us that Unplugged in 1993!!!)
  7. Haven't read everyone else comments / responses. Just wanted to say, great post and speaks for me in many ways other than I never did end up hating either the albums OR the shows - YES I was delighted when the ESB reunion came about (and I filled my boots on that reunion tour, 34 shows in 15 months in 7 countries, incl 3 trips and 14 shows to USA - from Barcelona openers to last 2 nights at MSG,NYC) but I have fond memories of fun times at the 13 HT/LT shows I did in 92/93. YES - I felt there was a cracking / strong album if the best of both had been taken and put on just one album - with some of the "almost made it" as tracks then made available as bonus tracks on CD singles (and the dross - none more so than Pony Boy - never seeing the light of day!!!) - AND - I wish he and Landau hadn't wasted / denied us all the opportunity for Bruce Springsteen Unplugged (and instead took that vehicle / exposure / opportunity to shamelessly try and sell product!)……….but those issues aside I was happy & grateful to be at a Bruce show 4 years on from the last one (TOL/Amnesty 88) - and if I don't listen to those albums in full I can cherry pick!
  8. Both the Mums and Pam - waiting for an encore with the rest of us!...…...smiling as always!!!
  9. Lovely! Both her and Patti's Mum were sat together at one of the great pair of shows (around 4th July) in Paris we were at several years back now (although not "that" long ago...…..must have been just before this awful disease set in!?). Bruce drew attention to them and said something along the lines of "that's some strong women right there" and they got an ovation. He danced with Jessica at those shows too (that stuff aside they were 2 fantastic shows and hot as hell one night when the venue air-con packed up!).
  10. What a debt we all owe that fine lady!
  11. I'd heard The Hollies version before I'd ever heard Bruce's version (which made it not so bad!) - AND - I saw The Hollies play it live before I ever (finally - in Dublin) heard Bruce do it live...…… it's perhaps not as painful for me as it is for some. Similarly I heard Manfred Mann's Earthband version of Blinded by the Light before I ever heard Bruce do it (and it is SO radically different anyway...…...still like it tbh……...guy had a great voice, love Davy's on the Road Again as well). Fairly sure I heard them do Blinded live also before I got a Bruce version live...… when these acts get to you "first" it ain't so bad - and they obviously have a great deal of admiration / respect for Bruce (and WAY before he was mainstream!!!). RESPECT!
  12. Interesting stuff Olli - await further news of this!? How much of a "full" show will you be able to achieve!? I was at the 2 final shows at MSG,NYC from which LINYC was culled and great as they were (with some real high points like Lost in the Flood, The Promise and of course Blood Brothers) for me they weren't as good/memorable as the 5 nights in Boston the year before. As we were shuffling out of the venue on the final night an American fan overheard us talking about the show and picking up our British accents said "over for the show?" - we said "yeah" - he said "what did you think of that" - we said "it was great" - he said "if you thought that was great you should have been in Boston last year" - we said "we were" - he said "oh really, what night?" - we said "all five" and with that he shuffled off, conversation over! ha! U2 had a live DVD out (quite close to LINYC - within a year or so I think) of the Elevation tour, which was shot in Boston and one of the extras on that dvd was a documentary about the making etc and at the end of it the narrator said something along the lines of "within a couple of weeks of the Boston shows U2 would return to New York and play MSG and did a show that has been since referred to as one of the greatest nights of their career...…….just goes to show that the camera's are not always there when you need them!"...……….and I have always thought that both Bruce & U2 on those releases picked the wrong, and "opposite" venues to document their tour...…….but...…….those 3 songs I mention above do compensate! Be interested to hear further news on this one Olli - good luck with it (hope you can improve the audio as well - never thought that was the best on the dvd?)
  13. OMG this saddens me - I don't know you but from some of your past posts I feel like you are a similar type of Bruce fan to myself (ie. love the man and most of his work but not everything that he, or his set up "do", ie. the sun doesn't shine out of his backside! / don't hold him up as he can do no wrong etc) and we are part of a small group I think that travelled to Turku (and yes - I too was at SoB and happy to pay the price!)………..but to see the effect this has had on you really does sadden me, such a shame! I would just say (not in his defence as such) that I really do wonder sometimes how much Bruce (and other artists) know about this sort of thing - these type of decisions - ie. I don't imagine Bruce sitting in on many "business" meetings and/or being involved in decision making a lot of the time. That said I'm under no illusion whatsoever that it is all about making money / big business (and that includes U2, who I also am a fan of) and Springsteen's camp have disappointed me regularly on recent tours with their choice of venues at times (that obviously came as a bargain and offered greater returns) with no true consideration for the demographic of a huge proportion of their audience! However I have not (nor can I) found myself reaching the point that you quite evidently now have (which is why it saddens me - that ANY artist could piss off a GOOD fan to this degree!) - it is in part because I "am" a realist and I'm under no misapprehension that this isn't anything BUT big business now (I'm a huge fan of The Who and Pete T, brutally honest as ever, doesn't even pretend - he says The Who are now a "brand" not a "band") - my days of seeing Bruce as a working class guy who cares deeply about us in the audience are long gone, and it was more personal touches and about things that REALLY matter (to me) and which I felt "were" his domain / within his control and none more so than the "sound" at his shows and the often lack of a proper sound check etc. I loved the guy who was quite anal about stuff and would go and stand in all four corners of a venue to check that it was good enough - I call out the guy who stays back at the luxury hotel a little bit longer and has a "tape" of Spirit in the Night do the sound check and under the control of guys who must be deaf because the sound on recent tours (well I say recent - about 30 years now!) has been dire at times...…….I'd say from my experiences GOOD 10% of the time, PASSABLE/ACCEPTABLE 25%, POOR 50% and DOWNRIGHT AWFUL 15%...……..pre 1988 it would have been EXCELLENT 60%, GOOD 25% and PASSABLE 15%...…...THAT is the thing that matters most to me because Bruce Springsteen (like The Who) are most important to me in a live concert setting - THAT is what I'm a fan of the most (yes - great albums etc as well, but fodder for the stage) and THAT is where I feel he is letting fans down...…..and I don't see the point in putting on 3.5 hour shows that punters cannot hear in quality sound!!! (Don't get me started on TicketBastard). BUT - I obviously haven't been pissed off to the degree that you now have been (which is sad) - that and/or a mixture of the fact that I couldn't / wouldn't cut off my nose to spite my face...…….I will still be going to see him in concert (where he comes alive) and I'm okay with the fact that a large part of it is a "magic trick"...…….I like the trick...…….but I'd prefer to observe the trick in decent venues and with great sound, because "sound" is surely the biggest factor in presenting the trick!? There's one thing in your post that I would love to be right (but which unfortunately I suspect you may be wrong in) and that is that his days of playing stadiums in Europe are over!!!...…...oh please let that be so...…..that would be a massive step in the direction of better sound (and conditions) but I fear that it will be old stadia and random fields / open spaces (with a few iconic stadiums mixed in) yet again when the E Street business machine fires up next time!!!...…...the 4 year gap since last time (and a whole new bunch of teens then who are now early twenties - mixed in with us older fans worrying that this could be the last time!!?) - along with a reasonable ticket price (compared to some) will see them fill these places once again...…….but how I hope I am wrong and you are right! Very sad to hear someone like yourself feel this betrayed today...…….not a post I wanted to read. Shame! (but don't lose sight of the fact that "he" may be oblivious)……..maybe the only positive to take from it (given last w/end in Asbury Park) is that we are going to see "several" official releases soon - concert videos - and this aggressive approach with regards you tube etc is to clear the way / create a starvation (sounds like something Landau & Co would do) and then take down an uploads "from" said official releases (trying to force people to buy the product). Who knows? - but does Bruce even know ALL? I may not like or agree with the way they present the drug at times (well - I know I don't) - BUT - as an addict I'm still going to take the drug!, and I wish you every success with your cold turkey, I really do...…….and I find it a real shame / sad that any fan has found themselves at that point of disillusion!
  14. We did about half a dozen of those 21 Nights shows (my wife is a fan) - we got front row one night and he smiled and nodded at her (she came away with a guitar pic) - nuff said! ha! We were also at that final night - quite a sight when the lights went down with 20,000 (free) purple glow sticks waving in the air - the first 2 numbers went out on Sky News as I recall. Not so good later on when idiots who had obviously had one sherbet too many thought it would be a good idea to throw said glow stick from the upper level down on folks below!!!...…….remember one landing very near Prince when he was doing his solo piano medley and he just said in a real deep voice "that's rude!". Of all the folks we've lost in recent times (there was that hideous year a couple of years' back) I have a job realising sometimes that he is dead...…...same with Tom Petty (and of course Bowie - but he had been ill, those guys were a shock!!!)
  15. Well done gal. Give yourself a big pat on the back! (Told you I thought you might get lucky - but it surpassed what I was thinking...…….result!!) New adventures await (us ALL) further on up the road...……..start saving!!! Welcome home!