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  1. There were a LOT of things that weren't particularly safe, including the queuing process at the old Wembley Stadium which saw thousands of people tightly packed on a series of steps! There was no other reason for the early start of that show, which was on a Saturday. There are plenty of "rules" around that area (Brent Council) indeed Bruce deliberately broke one of them (volume) and was reportedly fined £80K - but in terms of curfew this was a Saturday and the other 2 shows (which started 2 hours later) were Weds & Thurs (I was at all 3). That said Bruce did in theory leave a lot of his stage set up at Wembley as his gift (apology for saying NO) to Geldof for Live Aid the following Saturday (which I was also at and it certainly was the same 2 video screens - even though not much else was left of Bruce's, and certainly not his sound system!!!, but that's another story!), I'm fairly sure they had to get most of that stage down and re-erected in a field in Leeds!, (either that or the earlier finish was for band and crew to make the journey etc!?) - but - such is the life of a roadie (at times working through the night or very early mornings). Even in more recent times I have seen Bruce ending a show in Barcelona at past 1.30am (doesn't go on until almost 10pm) and about 50 guys in yellow hard hats stood around the side stage area both sides, literally waiting for him to take his final bow and then their work begins!!!
  2. Check it out! Could only find a non English clip on you tube but, hey, we're only here for the music! ha!
  3. Damn fine album too - Making Movies (and Roy is all over it!)
  4. Always makes me think of the scene in the bar in An Officer and a Gentleman when Richard Gere and Debra Winger are flirting by the jukebox and the breakdown in the middle of the song (Spanish City) is playing in the background - I thought it was a superb use of a song in a movie at the time (and still)
  5. Bruce was playing Roundhay Park Leeds the next day and this was before the 2 stage leap frogging set up that many bands have these days - the roadies had to tear the stage down at Wembley and haul it up the M1/A1 or whatever and set it up in Leeds for the show the next day!
  6. Isn't it!...….for me the better of the two tunes with the same title (although both are great)……...common denominator of course being Roy Bittan on keys!
  7. Personally I would have taken / preferred 4/7/85 at Wembley Stadium (for "this" type of show) - amazes me that they cannot get the crowd participation (when there is any) as loud and proud and representative as the good boots! YES I will probably play this now rather than the Crystal Cat Independence Day boot going forward, but if THAT show had been released...…………….!!!
  8. What I loved the most about the Berlin show was that they were putting it out with a slight delay and were censoring any of Bruce's more inappropriate (?) moves / behaviour etc (you would get long / boring "crowd" shots!!?) but what he knew they couldn't alter was his entrance / start and he came on and opened with Badlands (for obvious reasons) - a song that wasn't being played at all on the tour! Nuff said right there!
  9. Yeah I did all the UK shows (and Dublin) and the 2 nights in Sheffield were the best IMHO (plus my then girlfriend danced on stage on the Sunday!)
  10. I'm useless at remembering which version is on which boot etc (well - probably because for about the past 10 years I haven't played my old boots that much also) but I have always loved the one with the version of Sad Eyes were he does that "and you lied...….didn't ya" which I'm fairly sure IS the Winterland version that seems to be getting mixed responses on here (?). As for versions seen/heard well it's just such a killer song that there isn't really a bad one let's be honest - I've just referred to my anorak stats and seems I've heard it 23 times in all but one that does stick in my memory as a goose bump moment was the Thursday night show in Boston in 1999 (night 4 of 5, we did 'em all) when they came out and opened the show with it!...…...that was great! Not the best quality clip but you get a sense of it! :
  11. I was at that show (whichever one it was of those released on DVD as I did them both and some others more recently that weren't recorded, was it the one with Bowie in the encore?) - but yeah he can still play that thing and still has his voice! Saw him in there about a week or so after Prince died and he fused a bit of Purple Rain (with purple lighting) in to the solo at the end of Comfortably Numb.
  12. Depends what the goal is and what you are up for!? I have driven to Newcastle and back (1985) and also Glasgow and back (1993) for Bruce and have driven to Manchester and back for The Who and also Simon & Garfunkel, and also Portsmouth, Leeds & Brighton and back for The Who. When our daughter was very young we drove from Norfolk to Bath - dropped her at my brothers - drove in to London for AC/DC at the Hammersmith Odeon and then back out to Bath after the gig! If I lived in Falmouth I'm sure I'd be a regular at Cardiff and Colston Hall Bristol but hey - I guess it's the pay off for living in such a lovely area the rest of the year!!?
  13. Sadly not - 1974 was the year that (aged 16) I moved from Northern Ireland to England. It would be another year before I could drive and therefore get to any gigs of any real note (and back then the 110 mile drive to London venues from here used to take about 3 hours+, maybe 2.5 coming home in the "wee wee hours!?"). So my first chance to see The Who came in October 1975 (Who By Numbers Tour) at the then Empire Pool, Wembley (Wembley Arena) - ticket price £2.25 (about a month before Bruce would play the Hammersmith Odeon but I didn't know anything about Bruce at that point!). I could probably count on one hand at that point the number of gigs in total I had attended but that evening was life changing for me because it fanned a fire that had already been lit in me playing LP's in my bedroom from about the age of 12 and I have "always" loved live albums (still do) and would imagine myself AT these "events" (I'm talking albums like Live Cream, Live Taste, Woodstock, Rory Gallagher Live in Europe, Deep Purple Made in Japan, Stones Get Yer Ya Ya's Out, Hendrix in the West and of course The Who Live at Leeds...…..even the very first album I bought with my own money aged 12 was Slade Alive!). Charlton 1976 was my second Who gig and unfortunately the last time I would see the original line up - money was tight back then, opportunities were few and distances (or the roads I should say) made the gigs major undertakings from where I live (even now for a gig in London or Birmingham I set off at 4pm towards the end of a working day and get home at about 1.30am...…..the outing is the length of another working day!, and I've done hundreds and hundreds of them - scores of artists - for what is now 44 years), but that fire still burns and I do 15-20 such trips/gigs per year...…...may not sound a lot (and certainly wouldn't to anyone who lives in London and has all this stuff on tap, on their doorstep) but it works out about 1.5 per month, year in year out and will be heavier (and involve other countries) when Bruce is out on the road. Bruce and The Who are the main areas of fandom though - I've clocked up 114 Bruce shows and over 70 Who gigs and there have been many memorable nights from loads of different artists but in Who terms Charlton 1976 (and that first ever in 1975) still burn bright in the memory and in more recent times there have been some wonderful nights at the Royal Albert Hall and some "small" venue gigs like Watford, Portsmouth (Pete smashed the guitar!) and the return to Leeds University - that was a special night! (don't get me started on the Bruce high points ha!)
  14. I know when MY ear damage occurred ha! Charlton FC 1976 (I was 18) - stood right in front of the mixing desk as The Who took their place in the Guinness Book of Records for the loudest gig (and would remain so for a few decades). The sound wasn't the only thing that day - it was a health and safety nightmare as there were thousands of forged tickets and a lot of drunk punters (as people were told to either drink their alcohol they'd brought with them before entering of throw it in the skip!...…...needless to say most did the former, guzzling it rather quickly...…...this was real "early" outdoor gig stuff!!! I seem to remember reading a press item at the time stating that the volume from Entwistle's bass speakers alone were making a sound that was the equivalent of "X" number (can't recall) of jumbo jets taking off at the same time! ha! Two years after playing their first show at Charlton Athletic‘s ground on May 18 1974, The Who rolled back to the Valley for an even more famous show. It was here on May 31 1976 that they made it into the Guinness Book Of Records for the loudest ever gig, measured at 120 decibels from 50 metres away. That‘s the kind of volume that the other WHO (the World Health Organisation) can have kittens about: 120 decibels is what they call the ’threshold of pain‘. Guinness gave up listing ‘world’s loudest gig’ years ago, after it was deemed a somewhat irresponsible record to challenge people to beat.
  15. Yeah 1985 was awesome sound - I too was at St James Park and all 3 Wembley nights in July '85 which were the best sound I've heard in that old place (been to many - the new one is awful) - but - back in there 3 years later in '88 on the TOL tour and it was a pale comparison, and just not loud enough! 1985 has been the benchmark for "stadium" shows (for me) and I can count on one hand how many times it has come close - and oddly enough one of thee closest was in Benidorm of all places (the last time I saw Clarence on stage I think??) where even the volume was there - with bass and drums vibrating in your chest! Not enough time spent on it all anymore (and/or crap engineers!?) because it isn't ALWAYS the best even indoors / arenas, although miles better than his outdoor ventures. As I said in my previous post - venues themselves can't always be blamed because Bruce gets "shown up" when he is playing on the same bill as others - the two different venues (?) that I mentioned had 2 bands with plenty of players on stage (we are not talking 3 or 4 piece bands) and Dave Matthews Band in particular had a lot of different instrumentation going on and their sound compared to Bruce was SO much better (and seemed a tad louder too) - he really has dropped the ball on this front since coming back outdoors from Rising Tour onwards - and the sad thing is that it has got progressively worse IMHO as the tours go by!!? (ie. some Rising shows weren't too bad - in fact pretty good compared to the last couple of outings!). I wish the days of fields and stadiums were behind us (blimey how great / lucky were we on the Reunion Tour!!!) but sadly (after the longest break now for well over a decade) I think we will be putting up with it all again when they do come back out, and with possibly only 2 "major" ESB tours left we are stuck with it until the end now!!!, as those will be pension tours for the band!!!