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  1. of course they have (health permitting of course), that's a given as far as I'm concerned - probably more than one (The Who, The Stones, Mc Cartney, Roger Waters even Queen for gods sake!!!........he/they will be doing this until they physically can't and that ain't yet!!!).........and as I've said before there will, during the next BIG tour be those 70th b'day shows in New Jersey!!! I don't know where anyone gets the idea that it's over, even Little Steven (who is closer to the horses mouth than others who are tweeting!!) has mentioned in interviews that they WILL be back out there!..........relax and start saving up!
  2. How many tours....

    Using Born To Walks model : Became a fan in 1978, aged 20, when a good friend loaned me the BTR and (new) DARKNESS albums with the comment "give these a good listen to I think you might like this guy!"..........the rest is "expensive" history!!!, (never more so than that Reunion Tour - 34 shows in 15 months incl 3 trips to USA and half a dozen other countries!)..........but no refunds required!!!!! 1981 (1) 1985 (4) 1988 (9) 1992 (7) 1993 (6) 1996 (6) 1999 (28) 2000 (6) 2003 (5) 2006 (2) 2007 (4) 2008 (8) 2009 (6) 2012 (6) 2013 (8) 2016 (6) 14 shows in the 80's, 47 shows in the 90's, 31 shows in the noughties and 20 shows so far in the teens - 112 shows in total across 14 countries, 16 shows in the USA in 7 States.........but oddly not New Jersey!!? (maybe those 70th b'day shows at the end of that ESB tour..........we KNOW it's going to happen!!!)
  3. YEAH - have to echo what others are saying - very happy to admire and appreciate both "artists" (the copying thing is quite minimal in the grand scheme of things)..........Van is an obvious influence and any music fan with knowledge of both would see that (even if we didn't have it from the horse's mouth "anyway" as Bruce, and Steven, have made no secret of it). Perhaps one of the main things that Bruce took and injected in to his own writing / music was to sing about / mention local surroundings and landmarks (and those of us who have been to Asbury Park & Freehold get a buzz from walking those streets / seeing these places!). My Uncle in Belfast lives a stones throw from Cypress Avenue & Hyndford Street, indeed for many years he managed the St Donards ("Sunday Six Bells") football team, and I always think it's great to be IN these places (if a fan of the work)............I loved doing all the Beatles stuff in Liverpool and even the Spanish City and Cullercoates & Whitly Bay - Knopfler.........I think that is something that Bruce picked up on, "liked", and worked in to many of his own songs........and it was a good's a good tactic ha! One of my all time favourite Van songs "anyway" (so evocative) is Sense of Wonder, and for any native of Norn Iron the talking bit at the end (about 5 min mark) will always take one home in ones head ("take me right back").......especially the "bakery" items : "gravy rings, wagon wheels, barmbracks, snowballs"...........Sense of Wonder indeed!!! TURN IT UP :
  4. Has to be shared..............."I wanna rock your gypsy soul"..................
  5. Sublime...........makes me think of home (and arriving back via ferry) brother is a massive Van fan and wants this song at his funeral.
  6. Good for you Eileen - that's a hand I'd like to shake and say God Bless Ya! I went to Live Aid (a week after 3 nights with Bruce) and the year after I went down to London and did that "I Ran The World" run (that Sting and others kicked off)........I've continued to support the subsequent Live Aid stuff.......was quite disappointed that Bruce turned him down (on the basis of being "tired") and he himself has subsequently expressed his regrets and says that he wished he thrown an acoustic in the trunk and driven up to Philly (which REO Speedwagon did on the day as a band!!)........wasn't too far from Bob at a U2 gig at the O2 in 2015 - was very tempted to go up to him (even though he was in the Red Zone - so there was a barrier in the way) but didn't want to intrude and it wasn't that long after the tragic loss of his daughter.........poor bloke has had his fair share of crap to deal with!!?
  7. Don't think I would ever tear up (!?) - but - there have been MANY goose bump moments over the years, several with no footage to help convey / share and this would be right up there with "those" the end of a tour that saw me do 34 shows in 15 months in half a dozen countries (incl 3 trips and 14 shows in the States) - from the opening 2 in Barcelona to the final 2 in MSG, had been quite a journey!!!..........and even if you were talking just THIS show, THIS night - this was the end of a gig that had a wonderful solo piano The Promise and the first play of Lost in the Flood for decades:
  8. Was at that one too fact, apart from standing outside Wembley Arena listening to the whole show (loudly!!) through opened windows in 1981 - didn't have a ticket!, there was about 60 of us I'd say - great atmosphere - THIS was my first Bruce show where I could SEE the band as well as hear them! ha! - Julianne stood there to the right, in white jacket, and Bob Geldof was too (he had come to do the hard sell to try and get Bruce at Live Aid a month later)..........again, drove up to Newcastle and back!!?
  9. So was was my 35th birthday that day...........had driven up from Norfolk and scooped up Damon Gough at services on the M62 on the way (he was just a student called Damon who used to ring me all the time to "talk Bruce" at the we know him as Badly Drawn Boy)..........drove all the way back after the gig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???
  10. Not just The Jam..........I've always thought of this song from first hearing of the guitar riff on My City of Ruins - and a Bruce song that makes me instantly think of Van is Mary's Place (turn it up, turn it up, turn it up, turn it up.........). WIESS as others have mentioned is probably the strongest "link" Van can be hit and miss live (which I could never say of Bruce) - but a few years back now (one of the years that Bruce played Hyde Park) my favourite gig that year was Van doing Astral Weeks (and more) at The Royal Albert Hall..........superb..........had seen him several times previously over the years but that gig was SO good I actually thought about quitting, (while I was ahead) but I've done another 3 or 4 since then ha!...........and to be fair nearly all of them have been good - the last being early last year at a small club venue (couldn't resist) - the one before that was the complete opposite, Bluesfest late 2016 with Jeff Beck - the O2 is NOT the place to see Van but it was fun sitting 2 seats behind Little Steven and watching him video Van on his phone!.........and it made up part of my 3 gigs in 30 hours ha!, Van, Bad Co and Little Steven and w/end. Few live albums better than It's Too Late (and what a band that CSO were!!!)
  11. FOR THOSE NOT FAMILIAR (may help with the listen): Holy Mother, where are you? Tonight I feel broken in two. I've seen the stars fall from the sky. Holy mother, can't keep from crying. Oh I need your help this time, Get me through this lonely night. Tell me please which way to turn To find myself again. Holy mother, hear my prayer, Somehow I know you're still there. Send me please some peace of mind; Take away this pain. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait any longer. I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait for you. Holy mother, hear my cry, I've cursed your name a thousand times. I've felt the anger running through my soul; All I need is a hand to hold. Oh I feel the end has come, No longer my legs will run. You know I would rather be In your arms tonight. When my hands no longer play, My voice is still, I fade away. Holy mother, then I'll be Lying in, safe within your arms.
  12. P.P.S. Another HIGHLY charged "moment" was Eric Clapton and his band with the National Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Michael Kamen) at the wonderful Royal Albert Hall and the most powerful rendition of HOLY MOTHER - in the year that my Mum was ill (we would lose her Xmas Eve later that year).............I think I'd get through SOB just fine!!!!! The bit from 3 mins hits!!!! (turn it UP!) - one of my funeral songs for me but THIS version :
  13. P.S. on those "moments" The Everly Brothers at Colston Hall (at their feet - front row centre) was something else as well (those harmonies!) and what a beautiful song Let It Be Me is (which of course they also did at that Simon & Garfunkel gig)
  14. If I lived in London Hammersmith 1975 I'd be doing exactly what you are!!!.........we'd probably be doing a few "together".........but aside from a few possible more local gigs (Norwich / Cambridge........Nils playing both this year) the vast majority of my gigs are London (then Birmingham) so nearly all of mine involve a round trip of 250 miles - setting off at 4pm (after almost a days work) and home at 1.30am. Amen to everything else in your post! P.S. there have been plenty of "emotional" moments (but no tears) at plenty of gigs (and Bruce may be the biggest contributor) but I have to say the gig that had the most "moments" THROUGHOUT was Simon & Garfunkel at the MEN Manchester.........but like you I'm there more for the being uplifted
  15. I think the vast majority of us look for the same things from music (and arts) and Bruce isn't the only source that I personally look for (or get) it from - I have no doubts that if I was fortunate enough to experience this that it would be everything that I would hope it would be..........and I would be both moved and fulfilled in the ways that I would not only hope to be, but "expect" to be (by Bruce)..........but I don't think it would reduce me to tears etc.........but that doesn't mean that I am looking for less than the next person. I've never had a bad experience when the name on the billboard / ticket has been Bruce Springsteen!, and I have no doubts that this "experience" would be terrific!