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  1. BruceWho

    The 1984 Tour Dress Code: WTF!

    Only because he was already balding / thinning ha! You're right though he DID suit it! Lovely guy Mark - met him once outside the Albert Hall - salt of the earth!
  2. BruceWho

    Question re Live in Dublin dvd

    Yeah - could do a lot worse if and when they are considering another SSB show!
  3. BruceWho

    Question re Live in Dublin dvd

    Terrific gig!
  4. Still no sign of any trailer - indeed not even a photo to accompany this - BUT - it is on the Netflix website now and is suggesting a running time of 2 hours 33 mins which would suggest a little something extra over and above the full show!?, not a great deal but "something" more - maybe some "setting the scene" stuff beforehand and/or crowd reaction afterwards!? Only 2 months today until all will be revealed and I guess this will be his shot at hoping to get an Emmy next year and complete the set with Oscar, Grammy & Tony already in the bag!? Springsteen on Broadway 2018 2h 33m In this acclaimed show based on his best-selling autobiography, Bruce Springsteen performs acoustic versions of his music and shares personal stories. Genres: Music & Musicals, Music & Concert Documentaries, Documentaries
  5. Been thinking about Abbey in recent weeks (since getting back in early Sept) and wondering about that bell ringing!!? My wife is doing well now and our colleague here at work finished her treatment in mid Sept and her hair is starting to grow back now...…….and today I had to "search" for the thread - thrilled and delighted to have found it and the great news...…...what a picture...……..wonderful...…….so happy for the whole family. WELL DONE ABBEY!!! WHEN is the planned trip to New York?, does anyone know!?
  6. BruceWho

    The Official SoB Lakers' Calendar

    The setlist took a lot of patience and cutting and pasting of official Bruce setlists on Google Images I have a (couple I think) pucker set lists - from the stage - certainly one from Boston on the Reunion tour that had a few notes scribbled on there as well by Bruce, one that said: Highway Patrolman - Intro Danny they never did play it during the 5 nights there, nor the next 3 shows we did in Washington DC (we did 8 shows on that trip in and around sightseeing in Boston, New England, Washington DC and we had a few nights in New York in between - no shows - and of course Asbury / Freehold when moving from New York down to DC) - in fact I don't know if it EVER got an airing on that tour from that point on, but they obviously had been working on it during that 5 night stand in Boston! You just never know what / when...…….on the very last night of the 15 month tour they pulled out Lost in the Flood!!!?
  7. BruceWho

    Broadway extended... again

    It's like watching fireworks on TV. It's not really even close. Great example...…… are spot on...……….I was going to use any live DVD (by any artist) of a show (or tour) that you attended and then watched on a DVD or TV - I've seen scores of artists and I can't think of a single one whereby that "magic trick" has been captured...……..I guess it's an impossible task really, but I really do have my doubts about HOW this one will transfer!?………...the only teaser / trailer (and not totally fair as it wasn't his stage / lighting / setting / audience etc) was that performance of My Hometown at the Tony's and that definitely was NOTHING like what it was like to be AT the Walter Kerr!!! I'm delighted that it is being shown (I think!?) - but - I do wonder if it should be, or whether it should have remained a "you should have been there" like The Roxy, The Bottom Line etc...………..but then I guess the big bucks / final payday from it (well, until the DVD/CD package!!) outweighed keeping it to how it was "meant" to be seen & heard!!?, (let's face it a similar thing happened to the TOL tour 30 years ago when it came to Europe - that show, that "evening" belonged in arena's and the stadium setting saw songs get dropped and old war horses brought in - by the end it was almost BiUSA tour with horns!).
  8. BruceWho

    Broadway extended... again

    DITTO! Brilliantly put...……'s there and no one and nothing can erase it now (I know when I'm gone it will be amongst memories such as holidays and good times, including some gigs and her singing on stage with him etc for my daughter)…… regrets! I also know what you mean about going "again" (and I have that dilemma to face!) - because I know for a fact that I cannot replicate that night, not just the "first time seeing" etc (like a great movie!) but also the "moments" that I had throughout that evening - the eye contact at crucial moments (tough as it was at the time!) - that can never happen again (even just because of seat!)……… I get that "totally"...…….some things are best left alone!
  9. BruceWho

    Broadway extended... again

    Maybe not too well...……...I have my concerns on that!?
  10. BruceWho

    Broadway extended... again

    We are ALL different, as human beings, as in how things might (or might not) touch us - there's no getting away from that "fact". I'm a lot "softer" (if that's the word) than I was even 10 years ago!, I find myself in "trouble" ha! a lot more when watching some movies etc than I ever would have been - and a large factor of that equally is having been through crap (and loss) that life has thrown at me in the past 20 years or so! All I know is that it DID connect with me and whilst I know he is doing it night after night it did feel very heartfelt, genuine and just about as personal as we are EVER going to get, as the guy isn't a personal friend and never will be - but - has been a companion for a long, long time and there ARE a lot of parallels (just in the song The Wish alone!) - lots of ESB shows meld in to one another (although several stand outs over the years) but this is a show / experience that could not be compared to ANYTHING else that I've ever seen, by anyone. Hard to convey - when it HAS touched you. deep inside - a lot easier I guess when it hasn't, and I have serious doubts about HOW well it might transfer to the screen in December!! (could be a lot of folks wondering what I and others were banging on about!!?...……….just hope I don't feel as bad as I did after watching Springsteen and I?)
  11. BruceWho

    Book Tour extended to include London

    JOYFUL I'd go with Rachel...………....and we already ARE!...…… it can only grow more so with the passing years (especially when it is all over!)
  12. BruceWho

    Broadway extended... again

    I thought it was priceless! - and in 10, 15, 20 years from now (when it's ALL over) I think only then will the true value be realised by those of us who were fortunate enough to experience it! I felt it was a privilege and never thought twice about the price afterwards to be honest! Maybe it depends on the seat you have in there!? (don't know where you were, and I don't know "how" connected one may be a bit further back, even though it is small in there!) but from my 3rd row centre seat (and the sod making regular eye contact, and always it seemed in the most poignant moments, including when he shed a tear) it was an evening / experience that was worth every last dollar IMO (and I picked up 2 seats the day before for my wife and daughter - a further $1700 spend whilst over there! - but absolutely no regrets whatsoever). That's a shame that you obviously didn't feel how 95% of those who have witnessed this did (that it was just "good") - hopefully you are having a great time in New York as well (and don't feel that it was a wasted trip!). I was eagerly looking forward to your comments this morning and didn't see THAT coming!
  13. BruceWho

    The Official SoB Lakers' Calendar

    Don't blame you - I wouldn't be up for it (too much to do and see in NY) - "if" in the general vicinity go back there 5'ish and if you can get "second row" so to speak - fine - that's what I did and just reached my photo over to be in front of him and he happily signed. If it's too busy, abandon - and if you really are keen to get something signed my best advice (although this is hard to do / tear yourself away!!) would be to make your way out of the theatre whilst he is taking his bows and the barrier that is theatre side is kept free al the time you are in there (people can queue up the other side during the show but not theatre side) - if you can make it to the barrier or second row the wait will be less than an hour for him to emerge! Good luck but most of all enjoy that wonderful experience INSIDE the Walter Kerr theatre, that will live longer in the mind and heart than getting a scribble on something! ENJOY!!!
  14. BruceWho

    The Official SoB Lakers' Calendar

    Oh blimey, that's a shame (would be a tad miffed, especially in the cold) - I can only speak of what I witnessed in August (a couple of times, and before & after show!) and also some clips I've watched on youtube - he did the whole front row, both sides on each occasion - I did post a clip that I shot myself of the other side (after he'd done us) where he even did two arm signings (it's on here on one of these SOB threads) - that showed what he was doing - he was a good 10 mins every time working the line!