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  1. Oh that is such a pet hate of mine! When I went to the 2 nights at Crystal Palace night 1 we were down on the floor in the crowd but on night 2 we had someone with us who just couldn't stand for that period of time (and is also short) so we were up in the seats. There were 2 guys behind us who had been chatting non stop - about bloody work (in the City I think!) - but A) for the most part the music drowned them out and B) I didn't want to start any bother (obviously) - BUT - when Bruce went in to Racing (always a gift) that was it - I turned to these two and said (with meaning and intent) "why
  2. I think I'm in the NO THANKS camp - especially if we are talking about these sort of albums that have been rife in recent years of taking an artist (usually a dead artist although not all) and basically just adding some strings to the original recordings!? Nah! A live concert with orchestral backing (maybe some years from now when E Street is no more) perhaps - that would be different I guess, that could be terrific in fact - but not just rehashing songs with strings on an album! There have been some interesting orchestra works (hell there's a couple of good WHO ones in Tommy back i
  3. Ha! - yeah we ALL bombed out.........where's my slice of that humble pie!
  4. Cheers for this! - you learn something new every day! I only watched the video for the first time yesterday and I was tutting as in what idiot has been tasked with uploading the lyrics and has put "Benny" King (as in that is how it sounds / could be interpreted if you didn't know Ben E King) - that said I've not looked at the stuff that came with the CD to know if there are album lyrics with it and if this was the same there "anyway"? Good to learn this fact!
  5. Yeah what a great week+ that was, I went to the shows in Antwerp, Cologne, Paris and of course the O2 in London where I had managed to secure about 20 (great) seats for family and friends on both sides of the arena in the lower tier blocks near the front/stage. Can't beat indoor shows overall and never would have thought (that night) that we would be here all these years later and Bruce & ESB would not yet have returned to the O2 Arena!, (mainly because their popularity has only increased in the interim and we are therefore stuck with stadiums & fields - and after all of this the desir
  6. From first hearing (few weeks back) Ghosts had show opener written all over it for me (dragging out the ending / transistion with that familiar battle cry "is there anybody alive out there") - and I'd like to see it go in to Prove It All Night (as a statement / commitment). Obviously Badlands would work really well but I'd like to see Badlands held back for later in the set next time out (either finishing main set or in the encores - perhaps starting encores - which YES, definitely need refreshing!). Once I heard the album (in fact not even then, when I watched the film Thurs evening - h
  7. That would fit the "indoor" aspect (no sunglasses reqd) - but then there are plenty of fine indoor ESB shows with LOHAD - as I said, not long until we are put out of our misery (or end up IN misery at the outcome!? ha!)
  8. I'm obviously not as much of an Inspector Poirot as a lot of you guys! ha! - I just told myself that the whole grab your ticket / suitcase clue was that LOHAD will feature in whatever show it is to be and that the leave your sunglasses was an indication of either an indoor show - or - one that it famously poured down at!?, (of which there are a few - hell I've stood through my fair share! ha!) - and I wondered about San Siro in 2003 perhaps (one of the best ones I got drenched at) but then doubted myself as to whether we'd already had that!? ha! (like I said - not the Inspector Clouseau that m
  9. Hi Davina Many thanks for the response - good to hear! Yeah they are (in a bizarre way) uplifting evenings, in my favourite venue in the world, and yet very sobering at the same time - but it's that communal feeling that you get at ALL good gigs "anyway" matched with the feeling of doing "good" that makes them such great nights!, (like a mini Live Aid - which I was also at). I have my 2nd row seats for the rescheduled WHO gig for the TCT next March (if it gets to go ahead then....!!?) but until then I'm looking forward to watching "most" of these UNSEEN clips and started last night b
  10. GIGS START TONIGHT - hope everyone finds something to enjoy in the coming days/weeks and more so I hope many will support this VERY worthy cause (which gets NO government funding!!) - as Roger put it, "the price of a cup of coffee". TURN IT UP!!!
  11. JUST RECEIVED: http://email.teenagecancertrust.org/q/1406XtaXs0eIsMllReQcq/wv Donate Teenage Cancer Trust Unseen We're launching an incredible archive of never-before-seen 20 to 30 min "mini gigs" exclusively curated by each artist from their Royal Albert Hall show for Teenage Cancer Trust. "Teenage Cancer Trust Unseen" is to raise vital funds to help us support young people facing cancer across the UK.  This content will be free to enjoy, but we are urging fans to donate to fill the gap in fundraising that provides a lifeline for teenagers with cancer.
  12. "PRICE OF A CUP OF COFFEE!" - 5 min interview with Roger on these UNSEEN gigs (I didn't know they had filmed loads of them over the years). On a side note - how good is he looking at 76.5 years young!!! (5.5 years older than Bruce) - here they are together backstage at a WHO gig half Rogers life ago!!! ENJOY THE MUSIC - DONATE IF YOU CAN - THANK ALL
  13. I know this isn't really Bruce related but I'm damn sure Bruce wouldn't mind and I know that there are a lot of good folk on here - AND - that a lot of us like many other artists - plus - we could all benefit from some "new" live footage / gig material right now, (and there is something here for everyone!). These UNSEEN concerts will be streaming free on youtube but it is hoped that people will make a donation to help yourng people dealing with cancer! I have been a longtime supporter of this charity and these gigs which normally take place at the Royal Albert Hall over the course o
  14. This is going to be a firm favourite in concert for years to come - and when(?) they do get out on the road (2022?) I wouldn't be shocked to see this open the show!? I'm starting to feel like Nils wasn't exaggerating when he gushed about the forthcoming album a while back - I'm starting to think that it will be reminicent of BiUSA in terms of a collection of mainly upbeat riffing tunes! Yeah I had to pause (on second viewing) to ponder if that was Obie. Does anyone know if Obie was at some of the Fleet Center shows in Boston in 1999? On some of my footage - shot from behind the stage -
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