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  1. Tnx for the link. It's definitely the best version available, and a fine upgrade on the version that I've been listening to since forever. Indisputably, it's Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band's finest moment. I have an old CD boot of this and possibly a newer one (?) but I'm interested in the fact that a few on here (with a good ear) rate this version highly and wondered if anyone could upload the link again please as I'd like to grab a copy if possible - cheers!
  2. Yeah - barring any further (nasty) mutation of this damned thing (that would put us all back to almost square one!!!) I'm hopeful that as 2022 unfolds we will be getting back to something that is closer to normality, and that next Winter this thing will be viewed and treated much like the annula flu season with vulnerable and older members of the population being vaxed (maybe a slightly younger age than flu like 50 or 55 and above perhaps - but along the same lines as the flu every year) - and then 2023 being the first full calendar year in which "anything" could be planned and executed without postponement etc. ...........that's my hope anyway! Of course if 2022 goes REALLY well for us all then there is nothing to rule out any proposed tour "starting" (at home, in the US) before 2022 is out - but whether that happens or not I'm hoping that Jan/Feb 2023 will see the ESB in Australia/New Zealand and then Europe next Spring/Summer. Better days are coming (on many fronts).
  3. Cheers - thanks for the confirmation (I did wonder) - she will be in good view on quite a few tracks from that angle /night (and I'm sure she is in the same spot on my "high up" rear view from the opening night in Boston on the Saturday) - bet she was down there on the last night as well (that Candy's Room/Ties) - just a pity she obviously didn't attend on the Tuesday when the bulk of my footage was from!
  4. Quick question. On that compilation I had footage from behind the stage that features heavily and on 2 of the nights I believe (going from memory here) there is the same person front and centre (jump to 1.05 on the Adam Raised a Cain clip here) that I have often wondered might be superfan Obie - who as we all know Bruce reserved front row seats for for every show that were hers if she wanted them (but of course the majority of time they never were and I think those were the seats that the Men in Black used to give away to "someone"). Anyone able to confirm if that IS Obie (did she later on in life live in the Boston area perhaps!?). I suspect this person (whoever they are) were probably front and centre on the final night as well (the Candy's Room opening). Any thoughts anyone!?
  5. Yip! That is all my footage. Unfortunately I was sat very close to Landau's family & friends on the final (Friday) night so security were never far away and I was rumbled during the intro to Adam (3rd song) - so only got the walk on, Candy's Room and Ties from that night. There was also a European Tracks (mainly Earls Court, London footage) and a Southern Tracks from Dallas, Memphis, Little Rock & New Orleans (and then a More Live Tracks but a lot of tyat wasn't my footage). Under the circumstances (one man, one camera, not allowed to film etc) I was quite pleased with what I achieved - and of course the "equipment" compared to what you can get now! - BUT - because I did an "intro" to all of these compilations, on a VHS tape (which had 3 layers of sound) in order to over dub music (on said intro) you had to select the Mono sound layer - and then in order to get ALL of the footage that was on the 3 hour tape to play correctly (without the viewer having to try to adjust playback settings etc) I took a "copy" of the "original" compilation to give to those who were then going to produce this item as you show it here (I wasn't involved in that aspect or the cover etc). SO - "I" had (still have) the the original VHS tapes - anyone (like yourself) who had the above was actually watching a copy of a copy!!!.........and with VHS copying (unlike digital these days) you lose quality with each step along the way and start to get horrible ghosting etc. I'm guessing when tracks (from those said copies) are then uploaded to places like youtube they lose something else again..........certainly the Adam clip that is further down this thread (also mine) looks ropey compared to what I can view of that! I actually have the original camera tapes (as well as those original VHS tapes) - so the camera tapes I can put straight to DVD now via using an editing tool like Premiere Elements, for the best possible version to keep for posterity and in doing so I can already notice a slight gree hue in one corner now as the tapes themselves are obviously starting to slightly deteriorate! One of these days (and when i have time on my hands!!!?) I will try to perhaps cherry pick some tracks and work out how to upload to somewhere like youtube and then share on here - they are what they are and are of their time, BUT, they are available in better quality than what has been circulating all these years!
  6. I would have video / footage of quite a few of these!!!..........one of these days ha! (I need to retire ha!)
  7. Thanks for this - haven't seen that before - we were there that night! (one of our 34 Reunion shows) - that was a short trip that saw us take in shows in Dallas, Memphis, Little Rock & New Orleans - and of course we visited Nashville (no show) and Tupelo (for the Elvis stuff) along with all the Memphis stuff - Graceland, Sun Studios etc - great memories!
  8. I know that is defintely the case for myself - nad absolutely no regrets about it either - we broke the bank on that tour! We attended the (official) opening 2 nights in Barcelona and the closing 2 nights of the 10 night stand at MSG, NYC (the 2 nights from which Live in NYC were taken and therefore that Lost in the Flood and of course Blood Brothers). In between and overall we had taken in 34 shows in 15 months across 7 countries including 14 shows in the USA (3 trips) with nthe 5 nights in 1 week in Boston in 1999 being a real highlight...........as tours go it is right up there! I have some great footage taken on that tour, I really must work out how to upload bits and pieces (as I still have the original camera tapes - for now!!!).. GLORY DAYS!
  9. P.S. Lyrically / content wise I think DITD is a fine song - but was just lost in the radio friendly "pop" song backing it was given (as a result of Mr Landau saying "I don't hear a single" - when Bruce thought he had the album ready to go!).............the album that would go on to have about 6 singles!!!?.........and although some of those fair enough maybe weren't obvious singles (and were instead cashing in on the success of said album and the days of music videos and by including bonus tracks etc as the months unfolded after album release) - surely GloryDays would have fitted the bill for starters (if Bruce presenting his album minus DITD at that point!?). Done like this it's a good song!
  10. Yeah - for an artist that 95%+ of the time always surpasses the recorded version of his songs "live" in concert (one of the draws that has always appeled to me about him and The Who - similar - the recorded material almost always tame by comparison and was like fodder for the live expereince) - DITD is one of that 5% that "live" the ESB hasn't had the impact that the recorded version of the song had, (although never a favourite anyway). It's a little better these days in that they have long since given up on trying to recreate that synth sound and it is just a guitar song now - BUT - my favourite version of that song live, by Bruce, was in 92/93 (the other band) when he did pretty much like this lad has BUT with an electric guitar - that is best Bruce version for me. Enjoyed this, thanks for posting! P.S. I'd welcome the return of the acoustic BTR as well aka TOL tour - but I guess he'l' keep that for his slowed down live shows post ESB in yars to come!?
  11. Don't write yourself off!!!.....surely if he can be up there doing it (approaching his mid 70's) you can be in the crowd watching (in a seat?) at approaching 70!?...........I'll be 65 that year myself (had cancer 2 years ago) and I'll be there, god willing!!! Never say never!
  12. I did all 5 nights in Boston in 1999 (and 3 x Washington DC) on a 2 week East Coast Fly Drive style holiday taking in the sights on New England etc and with a couple of night in NYC in between the shows in those 2 cities - Boston shows were terrific (atmosphere was great) and there were some great rarities. I'd love to get a show or two from that run but the fact that we haven't had one up to this point makes me wonder if they have anything good from that week!? I filmed stuff most nights and I think it might have been the night that opened with Don't Look Back that I have the "most" footage from (was filming from behind - but close) and got as far as Light of Day before being rumbled so that would be awesome to have that to dub my footage with!! ha! I'm sure they will never pick the night that opened with Backstreets (what a way to start) - the Thursday night, penultimate show, as If I Should Fall Behind was a train wreck (quite amusing) and when over Bruce said "what the fuck was that!?" and yelled "follow me boys" and launched in to Ramrod - after which he said "it had to be done!" ha! The last night opened with Candys Room. I got a set list that had been taped to the stage on one of the nights that had Highway Patrolman and to side (in Bruce's writhing) it said INTRO DANNY and I seem to recall that it had been soundchecked. It wasn't played (and I don't know if it ever has been since!!?)
  13. Yeah - there's a big part of me that would be happy to see the bulk of the tour be in 2023 - when "hopefully" Covid will be more or less like a flu season - and we can ALL feel better about it and enjoy it more in the way we used to! I think (as long as things are starting to improve by Summer) that there is every good chance that there WILL be shows in the US this year - it would make good sense if doing any shows to not be leaving their own shores! (Just had an e-mail on Bon Jovi doing the month of April in US arenas - on sale next Friday). If that happens, even if it is Arenas after the Summer, then we could be on for that schedule of down under Jan/Feb and Europe next year Spring/early Summer and then back home for some stadium shows in US ansd wind it up on home turf around his b'day..........all sounds good to me..........."travel" for "everyone" remains a bit of a mare at the moment!...........I'm glad they (we) haven't been caught up in the whole re-scheduling mess!
  14. Didn't make the Sunderland gig but remember that fine week of rock n roll well. Monday night Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at the Royal Albert Hall, Tuesday my daughter b'day, Wed & Thurs 2 nights with Pearl Jam at the MEN Manchester and Friday Bruce & ESB at the Etihad (and yes it WAS bloody wet!, biblical rain!) - quite a week - Pearly Jam only band I've seen that outdo Bruce on set list changes on a 2 night stand - I think there were only about 4 or 5 songs that featured both nights in shows that were 27 or 28 song sets!
  15. What a 10 days in life that was, from 3rd to 13th of July 1985 - attended all 3 Bruce shows and then back a week on from his final Wembley show for Live Aid.........up and down the A11 with assorted companions in the car........Glory Days!!! Have seen Bruce 114 times in all now but at that point those 3 Wembley shows (and 1 x Newcastle a month or so before) hadn't even taken me in to double figures yet!, in fact I could count them on one hand.........what a journey it has been!
  16. I personally don't think that this next tour (whenever it happens) will be the last ESB tour - obviously health permitting for all concerend etc, etc (that goes without saying) but if they are intact as a unit I think there would be another beyond this next one (if Bruce retains his rock voice) - they could have another couple of tours before they would be at the age of The Stones, The Who, Macca, Roger Waters etc..........so I won't be dwelling on whether my last show (of any next tour) is my last ever ESB show........obviously it will cross my mind, and indeed fate (for ALL of us) may mean that does turn out to be the case, but in terms of "all being well" and their business plan etc, I would expect "another".........and then of course (as long as he stays fit and well) we can look forward to "other" types of shows/tours from Bruce (and on that front he is luckier than all the aforementioned - and we are lucky too!). We could (fingers crossed) be buying Bruce Springsteen tickets (for some type of show!) for another decade yet...........hopefully those "blues" are a little way off yet!!?
  17. Yeah - even before Covid - when it was just "the next tour" - my hunch was always of any tour starting in Jan/Feb "down under" maybe some arena shows in the US March/April - then on to Europe for May/June/ early July - then a holiday in Europe - and back to the States for outddor shows in late Summer and in to Sept (and then possibly some more arena shows in the fall - but maybe not, maybe just ending in New Jersey around his birthday!?) - I still see that as the best game plan but of course to stick to that it is all about what year can you kick that off (in Jan/Feb) and for now that would be all eyes on 2023 and the world being in a better place to accomodate.............personally I think that would be the wisest decision all round...........I don't see any tour (on the scale that they are probably hoping to achieve when it DOES happen) being pulled off in 2022 without some degree of aggrevation and disruption (re-scheduling). For fans of which there are an element that travel / follow around, that is a major headache (although a minor problem in the grand scheme of things). I'm itching to see Bruce and the band again - but - I want it to be back to being as close as possible to what that expereince is/was.........just in the same way that I'm keen to be going to WDW / Florida with the Grandchildren again - but what we hold as memories of what that "was" simply isn't available right now - it's a messed up world at the moment! It feels like a rock and hard place scenario at the moment - on the one hand I'm gagging for live shows but feel that the above itinerary would make more sense and on the other hand I can imagine that they are possibly considering kicking things off in Europe this Spring/Summer (and if so an announcement in the next month or so) and I don't know how I'd feel about "that" experience!!!?...........what I "do" have control over is that family trip to Florida and that is NOT happening before 2023..........simply not worth it!
  18. I've been resigned to this "fact" for quite some time and have seen it play out with my other main musical passion The Who (I have a wide and varied interest in music and have seen 100's of acts - many of them in double figures as to how many times - but Bruce and The Who are my main two, with Bruce on 114 shows and The Who 76 shows). It was even more inevitable for The Who as their act used to be SO physical and energetic - they basically made a rod for their own backs in that regard - and Bruce is lucky as he can, in time, choose to do a different type of show/tour (and I'm sure it will be great). Bruce is 5 or 6 years (2 tours) behind the likes of The Who, Stones, Macca and I am a little concerend that he is not as mobile / agile as those guys were at 72!? With the exception of Jagger (and if we analyzed his performances I dare say he has slowed to a degree) all rock bands / performers - just like the rest of us - have no choice but to slow down and perform to the limiations of their bodies, they are, after all, only human beings at the end of the day! Interestingly even great acts (that have been fairly stationary) like Eric Clapton and Paul Simon are giving up on "touring" (not performing - but touring) as THAT in itself (travel etc) takes its toll when you are in your mid/late 70's. Pete doesn't do as many knee tucks/jumps these days, or as many windmills and Roger doesn't swing his mic as often as he used to or prowl around the stage / march on the spot picking his kness up high - but - in terms of performance they still kick asses 30, 40 years their junior. Bruce is on a similar path (has been for a few tours now) - no knee slides, no going right down backwards holdinmg on to the mic stand, not jumping on pianos much - and all of that is fine as long as the sound is as good as ever. My main concern - especially at the age he was at when this globally enforced "break" in touring came about - would be his voice, his "rock" voice - he and the band will be able to "play" as great as ever but so much will depend on his vocals. My biggest reservation (disappointment) will be the fact that they almost certainly will be playing stadiums and outdoor fileds (again!) - especiallly in the cash cow for them that is Europe - and that is where the reduced physicality and (?) voice could be exposed the most. YES - plenty of other (ageing) acts are still playing large outdoor shows but it's fair to say that a lot of those (all the way along) have also put on a big "show" with lights, lasers, explosions, blow ups etc, etc - Bruce has always just been about the power of the music and "his" physicality. He will be mindful of his set list choices I'm sure to pace the shows / build in breathers (and on that score he may even go back to "talking" more than in the past 20 years or so) - he may even go back to an interval like the old days with a half time massage and whatever lubricants for the throat as I'm sure he will want it to be a good long evening for the fans still (even if in reality his time on stage actually "performing" is circa 3 - 3.5 hours, as opposed to 3.5 - 4 and with no let up!). I'm very much looking forward to seeing him and the band back on stage, but I'll be quite happy not to be at the first show (or even first dozen) as they go back up through the gears and Bruce gets his second wind - I'm sure the shows will build up to what becomes the length to expect after a few weeks on the road.........fingers crossed on the voice and that it holds as he starts to exert it again to that degree!? "WHEN" those shows will be however remains uncertain IMHO!!?
  19. Thanks for posting - good to see! (and yet looking at that environment a little part of me is thinking "hope no one gets Covid as a result!?").
  20. Why do they do that!!? Goal of the Month on MOTD does my head in!!!
  21. Absolutely - well said. I filmed some shows back in 1999/2000 on the Renuion Tour and I did a better job - where possible - with my one camera "live" (so no "edit" available or multicam even as is achievable these days with boot dvd's - just one camera!) - but because I am a fan I was able to focus my attention where focus was due! The other day I was watching my own opening to the final night of 5 at the Fleet Center, Boston in Aug 1999 - Candy's Room opening and seond track Ties That Bind and with my one camera I zoomed out (from a close up of Bruce) in readiness for Clarence's solo and then zoomed right in on Clarence for the duration of his solo - just zooming out a tad towards the end in order to zoom in on Max for his drum fill before Bruce comes back in............I did a better job of representing the ESB players than this!.........it's not ALL about Bruce!!?
  22. Nice! Thanks. I'd be fine with him choosing to going back to setting some songs up with an extended intro (or even going back to a bit more "chat" than there has been for the past 10 years+) as a way of him/them building in breathers for themselves on the next tour! Could be the "Magic Trick" to still achieve 3 hour+ shows and maintain his reputation (we could even see the return of the 20 minute interval - so they can all go to the loo etc. - quick massage even if needed!)
  23. It was not an uncommon thing back in the day (if the artist in question was a smoker) - I've seen Eric (Clapton) not even put the cigarette out but put it on the machine head at the end of his guitar sticking upright, still burning/smoking (brought a whole new meaning to a "smokin' solo" ha!) - I've never smoked in my life but that did look pretty cool - even Billy Joel used to light up whilst playing the piano. Keith Richards another regular.
  24. Wonder why this version got the nod over the one from the other night considering that Bruce fluffs the line in the opening verse "The Rat pulls into town, rolls up his pants" and sings "The Rat pulls up his pants" instead ha! (why were his pants down!? ha!)
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