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  1. You could be right!!!?........and much as we are all keen for news of a Bruce & ESB tour I have to admit I for one wouldn't at all be too disappointed if that turned out to be the case!, (as in the whole "early in the year for outdoorshows").
  2. One other thought on this (ref the whole "rather early in the year to be playing in some areas of Europe") - it could be a case of beggars can't be choosers - there will be a LOT of acts trying to book places to play as we (hopefully / fingers crossed) start to return to some form, or version of, "normality" post pandemic - and it could be a case of taking what you can get and WHEN!? It remains to be seen if there is no smoke without fire but the "smoke" certainly seems to be intensifying!!? ha! (but then we have been in similar "rumour" situations in the past!?)
  3. Very true! I see the story (Bruce & Garth Brooks) has been reported in the Irish Post now!
  4. I was at Stockholm 2 on that occasion - the think with Munich was the wet as well as the cold - apparently they came very close to cancelling and every member of the band (apart from Bruce, and I'm guessing Max) were wearing open ended gloves!.........it was bitter and miserable........technically in terms of temps I'm sure you are right that Stockholm was probably colder, but when you are soaked through "as well"..........horrible.........but to get back on topic we are all singing off the same hymn sheet in that playing outdoors in some parts of Europe at that time of year is not the best idea (and what gets me as well is that they must know what the demographic is of say 70% of their audience!!?
  5. Oh yeah that was VERY wet - soaked to the bone just getting the bloody pit wristband! Good gig though!
  6. P.S. besides "NOTHING" will be colder - or wetter - than Munich in 2013 (which was in May, although late May - 26th) so I guess this isn't TOTALLY out of the question! We have had several Dublin (and UK) shows in May ovewr the years - and then the likes of Spain & Italy are later (June/July) when - for those os us who know our climate ha! - it really should be the other way around!!? No smoke without fire as they say (or am I just off on the whole wishful thinking aspect now! ha!). P.S. in terms of "wet" Zurich in 2016 (my last ESB show to date) would take some topping, and that was July!!!
  7. Does seem rather strange at first BUT says "late" April and we have had Euro shows in "early" May before now I guess!, so it would seem that perhaps we should "watch this space" maybe - AND - that, you never know, there could be "tickets on sale" this side of Xmas!!!?
  8. Is that the 2 x Nassau Coliseum gigs on the TOL tour in '88 ENJ? - if so those were my first ever US shows and I didn't know that snippet of info ref the DM!?
  9. 113 and counting - 40 years - 14 countries 17 USA - 96 Europe 85 x ESB - 13 x 92/93 Band - 6 x SSB - 8 x Solo (GOTJ & D&D) - 1 x Broadway (and yet I'm still envious of County Fair ha!)
  10. Hi Jim Been a bit of a hectic time of late tbh (haven't been listening to much music) - apologies - fairly sure I managed to grab them (will have to check) but if I did I certainly haven't had the opportunity to listen / evaluate, sorry! I "will" get to them (assuming I did download them) and let you know how it goes Jim - many thanks!
  11. I watched it (again!) - have you caught the Mick Ronson (new) doc on Sky Arts - Gary Kemp - very good!
  12. No I always did hear "Come on Wendy" (I'm okay on that one!, phew!)
  13. I think (as always) he/they will play what he feels delivers what he wants to say at this point and what motivates him and I'm sure he will consider what he can and can't achieve (vocally) from the back catalogue that will fit in with all of that. As for "selling out" venues I think Covid has taken care of that (regardless of the set list)
  14. I haven't heard (or read) that interview or comment
  15. Funny how we are all different (but that's good) - seems to be overall a lot of positive feelings for the LTY album - but - several saying they don't like Rainmaker, and then you get the odd person who isn't overly enthusiatic about the album but likes Rainmaker! I'm one who - overall - really likes the album, and also doesn't mind Rainmaker - the song that I struggle with a bit is House of 1000 Guitars - that line on repeat just doesn't work very well, it's like too much to try and say/sing, and is repeated too many times. Ghosts will surely open the show when they finally get back on a stage, and I'll See You in my Dreams will round out the evening / send us home.
  16. Don't see that there can be any plans for a 2022 tour to "start" down under!!! (as I thought any tour might at one point) : https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-58182418 I'm sticking with my hunch form earlier in the week that "IF" a tour happens in 2022 it will be that it may "start" during 2022 but on home soil ans probably another year from now - with any overseas dates being in 2023!!?
  17. Whoa! Did not know that! Wild it predates that far back, but took almost 2 decades to get released And that some revues said it was about Trump!
  18. Blimey - I "hear" and "sing along" with THROUGH..........what a turn up! Oh that and you being another Jeff! ha! I'm Geoff with a G
  19. Not sure what you are getting at here - I too want RnR - you've lost me!!?, oh, and are the Stones NOT RnR then!!!?
  20. Yeah you are probably right although Tony Bennet is going on tour at 95 and Sir Mick at 78 is half way through that decade she refers to and is a lot more energtic on stage than she! I guess the book is still being written!!
  21. I haven't gotten around to ordering this show yet (I don't buy them "ALL") but this, confirmed by others also, has SOLD it to me!!!! - so THANKS!
  22. Not actually a Bruce song, but a performance - PURPLE RAIN at the Nou Camp, Barcelona (Nugs) - last time played (first Euro show, had been played at the last two US shows in Brooklyn before a short break) - so glad I was there to hear it (and my wife is Prince fan) - killer song!
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