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  1. This morning I texted someone close to me about Bruce singing Manifesto. He replied, "Pleased about the song and someone remembering the forgotten 9 11" He then then me this poem. 40 Years in Nowhere-land The 9/11 attack on democracy Shocked me. Aged only 20, I lay down by Leopoldplatz U-Bahn Station In West Berlin And wept. This was the 9/11 of 1973 When the Government of Chile Was overthrown by a military coup. Those who expected The U.S. to condemn the Chilean army. Discovered the U.S. had fingers in the pie, Demonstrating a belief in democracy Only if it provided the approved result. 28 years later, On another 9/11, When terror hit the Twin Towers, Few observers recognised the historic coincidence Or realised a brutal irony Had built a bitter road Between the two Septembers. Many acts of violence line that road, Each granting planning permission for the next And revealing the ruthlessness, short-sightedness And shooting-yourself-in-the footedness Of he-hit-me-first politics. I was left with nowhere to go And nowhere was precisely where I had to go. I became a nowhere man, Sitting in his Nowhere-land, Drawing all his nowhere maps For nobody. Ive spent more years writing in cafes Than Keats lived, But Ive made it to 60, Happy with my whereabouts. Im pleased to be nowhere With an eagles view of everywhere. On a clear day, you can see forever. Aidan Clarke April 19th 2013
  2. The British tabloid press, and others, for the hounding and lynching of John Terry. The hypocrisy of it all stinks. Hate them. Passionately. Hate also the fact that they public, with few exceptions, have generally allowed themselves to be played like 3 dollar banjos. It's utterly appalling. The press have been allowed to set the so called moral compass. They journalists, and I use that word loosely, are contemptible. I am listening to Bruce to cleanse myself. If you fall behind for Terry. It's fitting.
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