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  1. Good times. The summer that brought us 5 Bruce concerts and Brogan from Seattle.
  2. In no particular order : Incident - Bruce Marie- Townes van Zandt Obvious child- Paul Simon Paint it Black- Stones Lake Marie- John Prine Sitting- Cat Stevens Haunted- Sinead O’Connor & Shane The Night Visiting Song- Luke Kelly Life in Vain- Daniel Johnston Green Day- Good Riddance.
  3. When or if we get another tour I’ll be delighted. Until that happens I just hope everyone involved is ok health wise.
  4. Johnny Cash done a brilliant version of this on one of his last albums.
  5. Fantastic from start to finish. Point village in Dublin, decent crowd. The bits of talking between the songs added an extra lair to them. My partner isn’t a big fan but she was blown away by it. Can’t wait to see it again.