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  1. Would someone take the chance of putting it in his back pocket in the hope of meeting Bruce after the show ? A big risk but people be crazy.
  2. I bought the coolest baseball cap at a Tom Joad concert but unfortunately I was drunk one morning and left it on a train. I’ve tried in vain to find one since but no joy. Would love it if they produced older merchandise again.
  3. I completely agree that it’s about the small details that make every show unique. Do you think it will get to a point where there’s not enough people buying the shows for them to continue ? We’d really have something to complain about then.
  4. That’s some really good analysis. An excellent summary. Thanks.
  5. Hi Rachel. I’m very sorry for your loss. I didn’t know Marsha at all apart from her posts here. There’s a lot of genuine grief here which shows you what type of effect Marsha had on the people that came in contact with her and the love they have for her, that’s a reflection of the type of person she was. I hope it’s of some small comfort to you in the tough days ahead. Take care.
  6. I was lucky enough to be at the second night. The best opening to any show I’ve ever been to. The crowd were brilliant.
  7. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. If it wasn’t for foreign oppression there wouldn’t be the need for freedom fighters.
  8. That’s great. Thanks very much. Really looking forward to it.
  9. Hi there. If anyone has a copy of July 20th 2008 Barcelona to share I’d really appreciate it. The best opening to any show I’ve ever been at. I’ve looked through a load of pages but no sign of it. Thanks.
  10. Thanks very much for that. He looks and sounds really well.
  11. I’ve always liked Sea of Heartbreak with Rosanne Cash.
  12. Yes, it’s the film version. I think the extra orchestration transformed the songs completely. Each to their own.
  13. Hi Jimmy. I was fairly underwhelmed by Western Stars too, I didn’t hate it but wasn’t blown away by it. I then bought the updated version with the orchestra and it completely changed the album for me. I still listen to it often.
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