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  1. Hi there. Are you done with all types of concerts or just big ones ? I know that 50 years of gigs is good going but I really hope I never get to the stage that I decide: that’s it, I’m done (unless it’s for I’ll health).
  2. Kilkenny has a population of around 25000. No famous horse races. There seems to be more rumours doing the rounds so hopefully an announcement is soon.
  3. I haven’t seen the full clip but I remember a story from the podcast. Bruce and Obama were talking about racism. Bruce told a story of going to a club with Clarence in the early days. Bruce goes ahead of Clarence and is talking to someone. He hears a commotion behind him and turns to see Clarence holding someone by the throat up against the wall. Bruce goes to investigate. It turns out that it was someone they both knew (either a fellow musician or someone who went to see the band) that had called Clarence the n word and Clarence understandably reacted. Maybe they had been speaking about this incident before the clip that was shown. Context is a wonderful thing.
  4. It has been changed to 2022 now. Fingers crossed.
  5. That’s just mean. It’s a really tough one to answer. You are right that an album would last forever but the memories from a show are things that will never leave you. The high from some shows that I’ve been to are hard to describe and if you are there with a loved one it adds an extra layer. I’m close to sitting on the fence and not answering but I think I’ll go with a tour. Hopefully it isn’t a question that will bother us for many years to come. I’ll be really interested to see what the general consensus is on this.
  6. I’ve really enjoyed reading through this thread. I’m glad I don’t cry during songs, that’s not to say that some lyrics really hit home with me. Around 10 years ago I met 2 Dutch couples who were huge Bruce fans. Really nice people. I’d bump into them at various Bruce gigs and say hello. The last time I met them was the second night in Kilkenny near the back of the pit and it was just the 2 lads. I glanced over towards them during Backstreets. There they were, arm in arm belting out the the song with Bruce both of them teary eyed and singing with so much passion. I think now as I did then : We are so lucky that Bruce’s music touches us so deeply and means so much to so many of us and how we take comfort during times of trouble in his words.
  7. I think the lyrics of this song pass a lot of people by because they are wrapped up in such a happy melody. If the music was changed or even slowed down I think it would hit more people.
  8. Hi Frank. This is going to be my last post on this as I feel the thread has been hijacked. I think it’s slightly unfair to compare a border that was imposed on a country 100 years ago to one which is nearly 1000 years old. If people don’t voice concerns about words or phrases that are sensitive nothing will ever change. Just because something has been historically acceptable it doesn’t mean it still is. Even something like a sports team like Washington in the NFL have fallen foul of how the world sees things now. Have a good weekend Frank.
  9. We have veered wildly off topic here. Uk and Ireland is bang on as it shows a distinction between the 2. There are plenty of terms and words that were fine to use in the past but are not acceptable now. There is no incorrect identification of British and English from me at all. The Portuguese/Spanish comparison is moot as the 2 countries have a land border and are part of the same peninsula. In regards to the Swiss people, although they are not EU members they live on a land mass known as Europe. I think we should agree to disagree as this could go around in circles for a long time. I’m not looking to fall out with anyone or get in to a long drawn out political/historical debate. There has been a huge amount of hurt and loss caused by the British in Ireland (to numerous to mention) and I always find it hard to reconcile when we get thrown in together by people as we are neighbours and mostly share a common language (the reasons for which are a whole different conversation). Conversations like this might help someone see a fresh perspective. What some might use as a simple geographic term carries a whole different meaning for someone else. We are all here because of Bruce and what his music means to us and should probably stick to that. Take care.
  10. The closest in size in Dublin is the Aviva which is around 45000. I really hope it’s not Slane as it’s a nightmare to get in and out of.
  11. Hi Rizla. I can’t understand how anyone can see this as a useful term. It’s as easy to say or type Ireland and Britain than to use it. I’m sure the vast majority of Irish people would have the same view given the historical context. There is no need to lump Britain and Ireland together. Enjoy your weekend.
  12. The British Isles is not an officially recognised term in any legal or inter-governmental sense. It is without any official status. The Government, including the Department of Foreign Affairs, does not use this term. That’s a quote from a former Irish minister for foreign affairs. I never said the poster said Britain , I just thought they meant Britain as I wasn’t familiar with the phrase British isles.
  13. I’d love it if it was true but as someone pointed out earlier it’s for 2 consecutive nights. He hasn’t played back to back gigs in a long while but fingers crossed.
  14. It’s a show in Ireland not Britain. We always have lovely weather in April.
  15. There was a concert during the football and hurling season in Croke Park a few years back. It resulted in a bit of criticism from players and managers who said the pitch wasn’t great after it. It’s a huge money spinner for the GAA who own the stadium.
  16. I’m not 100% sure but I think you might have to load them to iTunes on your MacBook and then drop them to your phone. iTunes file form is different to the files from Nugs so they need to be converted.
  17. I thought Leap of Faith was a song that was perfect to be played lived that wasn’t.
  18. I always preferred sways as I think it’s a more gentle movement. An enjoyable article and hopefully some people will get to hear Thunder Road for the first time as a result. Hearing those first couple of lines you just know that the writer/singer is really special and is going to take you on a magical journey. A life changing song.
  19. Fuck. I forgot all about that. Brilliant opener. Great show and great memories from that day.
  20. Hands down the best opener to any concert I’ve been to.
  21. They are a really good brand. Great for running. They are expensive but not crazy expensive.
  22. Would someone take the chance of putting it in his back pocket in the hope of meeting Bruce after the show ? A big risk but people be crazy.
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