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  1. Hey, young Promise! Are you gonna be able to understand Bob's mumblings? Oh, hold on a minute ...
  2. Jen, you go for a morning walk before work? What time do you bloody well get up?
  3. Just finished my third listen. As @westcoastgirl said above, what has Bruce done?! This is magical. On a less important note, I'm loving the album cover more and more. Much better than that WOAD one, and I've never quite worked out the Joad or Rising ones either As for the title, I like to think it can mean either the sparkly things in the sky or the old movie stars in the westerns. That's the way my small mind is working
  4. Message To Martha - Adam Faith.
  5. It's ok, @rosiejaneymary, I'm living in la-la land hope! Just a dream ...
  6. After hearing this new release I'd pay (quite) a lot of money to see an indoor (yes, fussy me!) show of JUST this album from beginning to end. It'd be short but Bruce could waffle a bit if he wanted to make it longer . Can you imagine? Then he could get on with planning that great big stadium BITUSA/Sunny Day tour next year
  7. Has anyone thought that he's got his boots on because he sleeps outside, under the stars? It's possible, I guess
  8. Woke up with the same song in my head, Jen. It's beautiful, but there's such sadness in the music. It easily makes a short film.
  9. I always thought HR Pufnstuf was weird. Witchy Poo and Jack Wild were in it, weren't they? Very strange.
  10. They said it was conjunctivitis on the Eurovision song contest, but that was weeks ago. Maybe recorded at the same time?