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  1. Chin, chin, Roy. Will the mouse be having cheese with that there red wine?
  2. Have you been to see the dolphins at Chanonry Point, TJ? Lovely place!
  3. Abbey Road.
  4. X-rated films (remember when it was X instead of 18?)
  5. You beat me to it, D! I still like Scooby, though @judyg, what will your other GD think? And is your house big enough?
  6. Hope Bruce has done the trick, @shirlsdins!
  7. the mirrors in the changing rooms in Marks & Spencer!
  8. Sounds like Gracie Fields.
  9. Tomas, you were meant to turn blue there ^^^
  10. @Tomas T-B, I reckon we're on B Belfast.
  11. All of the instruments sound wonderful here. Nice to see you, @took me long enough.