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  1. July 4th 1985, Wembley stadium. My first time seeing Bruce and the band
  2. It might be The Wizard Of Oz or The Sound of Music? Only because they're on TV a lot I don't own the DVDs or anything. Do you ever feel completely out of your depth when you upgrade or buy a new phone? I've just done it this morning - really nice, helpful girl in Carphone Warehouse - wrote all the instructions down for me to transfer old phone stuff to new phone and now here I sit at home ... perplexed
  3. Ah, so it's them who sang Black Is Black! I was Googling because I thought you were referring to their name ... which means The Brave in English ... which could be another bone of contention
  4. And me, I have my father's voice, to the coast of Wales I sing And I cherish these remembrances on the road to Aberdeen. - The Road To Aberdeen, Nanci Griffith.
  5. Will The Beatles' White album be next, I wonder?
  6. I'm going to have to miss this one so I really hope @Born To Walk has nothing better to do than post a running commentary and the songs again Please and fanx.
  7. Bruce has had some great gospel/blues songs on his radio show recently. I don't think he's played this one, but I reckon he wrote Land Of Hope And Dreams in answer to it.
  8. Leaving On A Jet Plane - John Denver.