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  1. where i have been (a to z)

    Isle of Arran.
  2. Songs A-Z

    Jack Of All Trades.
  3. David Cassidy Hospitalized in Critical Condition

    An old friend of mine is a friend of David's. She told me recently that every time she sees him lately, she thinks it'll be the last time. Seems like it's coming true. I have nothing but the most brilliant memories of being a David Cassidy fanatic back in the day - for years, not just months. He was my everything and got me through those (sometimes) awful teen years. What times we had, my friends and I! Drink has been a curse to him. Maybe it has contributed to the 'dementia' that he spoke of recently, but ...
  4. who or what are you thinking about right now

    My brother in law ... again.
  5. where i have been (a to z)

    Finsbury Park.
  6. where i have been (a to z)

  7. Songs A-Z

    Day By Day.
  8. ELO Comeback ?

    I didn't even know about next October. Don't think I'll bother, what with Bruce maybe bringing the Broadway show over here. I'll have to save the pennies!
  9. Songs A-Z

    Yes Sir, I Can Boogie.
  10. Songs A-Z

    Wild Horses.
  11. the person below me

    Not really. Husband's family is bigger. tpbm is superstitious.
  12. Yes, just as I expected - eyebrows to die for
  13. Post your pictures here,, but only ones you have taken.

    @BrilliantDisguise, I love all those pics! Time to put Tiverton on my 'to do' list