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  1. Won't You Come With Me?

    Safe travels, Rachel! I'm sure it'll be a beautiful time of year to visit the boardwalk!
  2. Whatcha reading?

    Dear Frank, I sometimes wonder if you're pulling our my leg. Fair play to you though.
  3. " A Fear So Real.." my brother and greasy laker

    Roy, I've been wondering where you were. Sad, sad news. Donation sent.
  4. A Meeting Across the River(Pond)

    And our Leader is the sensible one with the suncream
  5. Just Patti

    Get a DOUBLE room now!
  6. Wot? No Bruce birthday fred?!!

    He still has a well-defined ... chest, doesn't he?
  7. Just BRUCE!

    I love this set of photos. It's around the time that @kingstowngirl met him on the red carpet at that film premiere thingy in London (but this pic could be from Italy or France, I'm not sure). He looked so bloomin' cool in those shades and that jacket.
  8. Wot? No Bruce birthday fred?!!

    Bruce looks a bit lonesome with his old deckchair plonked in the middle of the sand like that Billy no mates!
  9. A Bruce Fan Of A Lesser God

    Awww, lean all you want.
  10. Songs that link

    Softly As I Leave You.
  11. A Bruce Fan Of A Lesser God

    @diamondjacki, get well soon! Welcome back to the Lake!
  12. Awwww ... just cos ...

    @merlin a spooky old thing happened last night. I couldn't sleep at all, and Gypsy Woman kept going round and round in my head for some reason. I was trying to think of Don's full name, then it came to me. (My dad used to really like him). The song was like an ear-worm all night! Then I got up this morning and saw your post. I googled his date of death which was, admittedly, September 8th, but still ... I didn't have a clue until today.
  13. A Meeting Across the River(Pond)

    Only if the lighting is good.
  14. You can wish yourself a happy one then, Bruce Good to see you coming out of hibernation, warming up for the Broadway do!
  15. New Zealand - 6.1 Quake

    Same with mr jmw. He went to see the nurse to have a blood pressure check and ended up getting the flu jab! Not sure why. He said it didn't hurt and no after-effects. However, I am now waiting for him to get man flu.