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  1. janeymarywendy

    Who's Drinking with me

    Watching the Champions League Final with ...
  2. janeymarywendy

    My Wish List for Next Bruce & ESB Tour

    It's a fantastic album - no denying it from this fan! I loved hearing it in full at the Olympic Park show! I wish my husband and son could've been there that night.
  3. janeymarywendy

    Songs that link

  4. janeymarywendy

    Just BRUCE!

    Answering myself here Yes, a mirror photo. It looks clearer on BTX. Plus earlier I was looking at it on my phone. Stupid phone. Do you see the parents' wedding photo too? Awww ...
  5. janeymarywendy

    Songs A-Z

  6. janeymarywendy

    Just BRUCE!

    Is it a "mirror" photo? Are all the pictures stuck on said mirror? Can't quite make it out. Love the John Lennon and the Imagine pictures.
  7. The acoustic, album version is like having a great book full of despair read to you. As it should be. The "live" version with Morello is full of anger and knocked my socks off the couple (?) of times I witnessed it. So, I go with both
  8. janeymarywendy

    Songwords (A-Z)

    Oh, I get a funny feeling when she walks in the room ... - Oh What a Night.
  9. janeymarywendy

    Songs A-Z

    Up Up and Away (In My Beautiful Balloon).
  10. janeymarywendy


    Both beautiful. I remember the first one. The programme has come a long way since then ... eh??
  11. janeymarywendy

    Sparks, 2017

    Was P61 in Kentish Town? In person??
  12. janeymarywendy

    Songs A-Z

    Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves.
  13. janeymarywendy

    Songs A-Z

    Oliver's Army.
  14. janeymarywendy

    Songs A-Z

    Down the Dustpipe.
  15. janeymarywendy

    Songs A-Z

    Zing! Went The Strings of My Heart.