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    Waves, but I know it doesn't rhyme with plays!
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  1. janeymarywendy

    Songs that link

    The Last Waltz - Engelbert Humperdinck.
  2. janeymarywendy

    Songs that link

    Circles - Harry Chapin.
  3. janeymarywendy

    where i have been (a to z)

  4. janeymarywendy

    Songs that link

    W.O.L.D - Harry Chapin.
  5. Well, it won't be bacon unless mr jmw is around to cook it for y'all (I'm not a great bacon eater I'm afraid).
  6. janeymarywendy

    The Cry - Possible spoilers!

    Anyone watching The Sinner on BBC4? Really good.
  7. janeymarywendy

    Songs that link

    Dancing on a Saturday Night - Barry Blue.
  8. I was happy because I was watching during daylight hours No way could I watch just before bedtime!
  9. Are we worthy? One asks oneself An unwashed, dishevelled, unverified fan. x
  10. janeymarywendy

    Songs that link

    He Was Beautiful - Cleo Laine.
  11. janeymarywendy

    Songs that link

    Africa - Toto
  12. This just about sums me and my technophobia brain up. I knew my son had Netflix on his mobile phone and probably on his TV where he now lives with his fiancée. He was round ours for his dinner last week and I mentioned Bruce being on Netflix soon and could he help me? Could I sign up on my laptop for the free month? Would I be able to get it on our TV for a better picture? (yes, my usual inane questions). He picked up the remote control, pressed a few buttons and said, 'It's there ... it's been there all the time'. Seems he signed up for it when he was still living at home (and HE pays for it ). Result! Just goes to show how little I know about the inner workings of the TV/remote Now sitting here happily watching The Haunting of Hill House. Ready when you are, Bruce!
  13. janeymarywendy

    where i have been (a to z)

    Land's End.
  14. janeymarywendy

    Songs that link

    Ruby Tuesday - Rolling Stones.