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  1. Oh, fiddlesticks!
  2. Well ... I'm gonna put my neck on the block now (I'll wish I'd never asked this question, but here goes ...) Bruce has appeared a few times at the Count Basie Theater (I spelt theater right, right?), hasn't he? So why are some people poo-pooing this Broadway theater rumour? I'm not pointing my finger at you, Dan, just ... anyone? Is the Count Basie Theater considered more rock'n'roll? I know this is the Underworld/Fight Club, so don't all bloomin' shout at me.
  3. Wild Billy shook some dust out of his coonskin cap ... Didn't Davy Crockett wear a coonskin hat?
  4. I don't want to de-rail this thread, but thought @newcastle roy might like this one. When I was at secondary school we were taken to see this film (I can't think what subject it would have been for - maybe humanities? Don't remember) and I always remember this wonderful song. Jimmy's voice is a bit lower here
  5. Coonskin cap?
  6. I'm referring to Setlist Vision on here - you know, when Bruce is touring? AMIW usually starts them off - woe betide anyone else who starts one!!
  7. Setlist Vision!
  8. Ah, Dan, those Broadway Brucie shows will be a doddle now.
  9. I investigated further (the things I do for these people!) and wish I hadn't I still like Dan though.
  10. Sorry, Roy, but I really like the original. It's OK though, put the pliers down, cos I like Bruce's version as well
  11. Spirit In The Night
  12. Signs? SIGNS?? In a posh THEATRE? How very dare they!!
  13. Tipperary.
  14. Remember the non-River River Tour? This could turn out to be the non-reading Book Reading Tour