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  1. An important and serious poll :P

    You could always start another poll, P!
  2. A great night. We were up in the gods. I'm certain this was the first time I'd heard it live. Very emotional.
  3. 7, 8 and 9 listened to this evening. So good! Enjoyed them all. Very talented Lakers.
  4. Listened to 4, 5 and 6 this morning. Great stuff! I really like hearing "your" voices I have to go out now, but will carry on later today.
  5. Hopes Set On High..well wishes for Abbey

    Thinking of you, Abbey. Hope the coming week brings a smile. We are all rooting for you, as ever.
  6. Ladies of The Lake Do Lunch

    I know a pretty little place in Southern California down San ... Oops!
  7. Most Successful Other Band

    You jest of course, young Growin' Up.
  8. Blood Brothers is not the easiest song to sing, so I tip my hat to jo. Not that I don't tip my hat to Junglelander and bhogg. OK, I'll listen to more tomorrow!
  9. I've just listened to numbers 1, 2 and 3. Damn you, climbing_jo, Junglelander and bhogg. Just damn you!! And I have only consumed 2 glasses of wine.
  10. Most Successful Other Band

    I wouldn't be able to vote. When I saw Bruce with the other band at Milton Keynes in 1993 (sat up on that grassy knoll we were, Bruce but the size of a pin) I realised I knew all the words to Thunder Road (yes, yes, I know I was LATE learning them, but still ...) and I loved that show. The next time I saw Bruce? Fast forward to 2006, Wembley Arena with ... the Sessions band. And I loved that show
  11. Ladies of The Lake Do Lunch

    I'm saying nowt. The thread would be good though - "New Zealand - Born To Walk Visits yet ANOTHER country".
  12. Some of them are too busy thinking about food. (And maybe even Prosecco).
  13. Ladies of The Lake Do Lunch

    Only kidding. I am afraid of throwing sickies because knowing my luck I really WILL be sick on the day I go back! Guilty conscience and all that! I work in a school, so I'll be on Easter school hols on the 6th
  14. Ladies of The Lake Do Lunch

    I'm not, as you can see from my first post on this fred.
  15. Ladies of The Lake Do Lunch

    Well ... Ann could bring Oscar ... eh? I'll get me coat.