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  1. Flowers In The Rain - The Move.
  2. I wonder if Bruce is aware of how many plans WE all have for him on the next tour?
  3. It wasn't until Lorraine Kelly mentioned it on breakfast tv this morning that the penny dropped. Why did it take me so long?
  4. Well done, Sam. They're just like any other proud parents. And doesn't he look like Bruce from the side?
  5. Rib eye steak, very lah di dah today Waiting for mr jmw to come home from work first. Have you got a record player?
  6. Just watched the first episode of Deadwater Fell. Really good. Hope it keeps up the momentum.
  7. Oh, I meant to start watching this. Channel 4? Hopefully I can see it on catch-up.
  8. Really good. I thought Nicholas Cage was great. Another true story that I knew nothing about.