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  1. We've had a few in the garden - white ones mainly, on the buddleia bush. I like to think they're members of our families who've passed away. Who was the first Laker that you met?
  2. Let me be the one who's loving you tonight, let me be the one who really holds you tight I'll even bring along a magic moon just to make you feel alright. - Let Me Be The One, The Shadows.
  3. Port Grimaud, South of France. August (?) 1983. We decided to have a week there with another couple before our wedding in September. Relax, get a bit of a tan etc . We travelled by coach with Club Cantabrica. What a long journey! The couple we were with were well known for being volatile, but the fella was (and still is) a great friend of mr jmw and we all got on well. First night there, we were walking back to the campsite and the other couple were a bit ahead of us. To this very day I don't know what exactly happened but they got into an argument/fight with another group of men/women. By the time mr jmw and I approached, I just remember the girl we were with had her shoe in her hand where she'd been hitting someone else with it - dear, oh, dear ... Next evening, after a lovely day on the beach, we ended up in the bar on the campsite where, lo and behold, the 'other' people happened to be staying too. When we got up to leave, mr jmw noticed out of the corner of his eye that a few of the fellas got up too. He knew what was coming. All hell broke loose as we tried walking quickly back to our caravan. Our male friend ended up being beaten up and thrown in the pool, and what was really upsetting was mr jmw was set upon by two of the other group, even though he'd had nothing to do with what happened the night before. To cut this long story short the next morning we reported it, and I insisted I wanted to go home. I am a scaredy-cat. I was fit for nothing! I think they got us on a coach home on the third day. My memory's a bit fuzzy. Club Cantabrica was not very well run. The reps seemed (and looked) even younger than we were. We didn't get any money back, but maybe we didn't deserve it. I didn't care anyway! I remember the four of us spending a night in Rye, Sussex when we arrived back in England. I can't remember how we got there, because I'm sure the coach wouldn't have dropped us there. Then we came back to London and went our separate ways but I told mr jmw that we still needed a break after all that trauma. We rang our very dear friends in Newquay, Cornwall who ran a B&B where my parents, us, etc had been going for years and asked if they'd squeeze us in for a few days - any room would do. And that's where we went. I swore I would never go back to the South of France because of those bad memories. I still get a knot in my stomach thinking about it. I can even remember what I was wearing that night. Fast forward ... we got older and wiser. We've had some wonderful holidays in the South of France. We have been lucky, I know. And I realised our bad experience had nothing to do with the country but more to do with ... well, as I said mr jmw is still mates with the fella, but he DID sadly get divorced (not mr jmw, his mate ). I bet you're glad you asked, @whispered secret! Have you had to postpone or cancel a trip this year?
  4. Stand And Deliver - Adam & The Ants.
  5. Yes, apart from one bedroom window that mr jmw has to climb the ladder to clean Had a window cleaner for a while (only for the front of the house) but they tried to charge me twice for a visit (I knew I'd paid cash to the fella but I didn't get a receipt, silly me) so I stopped. Any family members have a birthday this month?
  6. Has anybody here seen my old friend Abraham? Can you tell me where he's gone? He freed a lot of people but it seems the good die young, yeah. I just looked around and he was gone. - Abraham, Martin and John, Marvin Gaye.
  7. I'm surprised you've never heard it, Dan. It got to no.3 in our charts in 1984 (I had to Google that bit!) and I always thought it was quite sweet - for children
  8. This Charming Man - Morrissey.