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  1. Where are you, Greetings? Yes, I know you're in Barcelona, but ...

  2. Hey, you there! You with the glasses!

    1. robk1


      I've been wanting to do this for years !

  3. Hey, you there, you with the glasses!

  4. Ha, ha! Yes, I do! He's gorgeous, and shy, and loves the dried worms! (Confession: I googled the Latin!).

  5. Hallo, rossbird - I'm not on Twitter but I am a twitcher! (not a very professional one, like, but I can name quite a few!).

  6. Oh, well, seeing as I got you into this fine mess!

  7. Well, Joady, I have to try and have ONE cultured friend, don't I?

  8. When we become friends, do we have a dinner party? I make great .......... salad.

  9. Li, li, li, li, li, li, li, li - have you guessed what it is yet?

  10. Hallo, msib! Thanx for adding me as a friend. Am I supposed to post this message here? Do we get to sing a little song or something?!

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