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  1. And The Heavens Cried - Anthony Newley.
  2. Coat Of Many Colours - Dolly Parton.
  3. A Common Disaster - Cowboy Junkies.
  4. Maybe he just heard that Bruce isn't doing the world tour this year.
  5. Alright, Alright, Alright - Mungo Jerry.
  6. Saw it at last! It was on BBC i-Player. Renee was very good. She got Judy's mannerisms just right - the voice not quite right. But who CAN get that voice, apart from Judy herself!
  7. Take Another Little Piece Of My Heart - Janis Joplin.
  8. Seven Drunken Nights - The Dubliners.
  9. Rockin' All Over The World - John Fogerty.
  10. I Am The Walrus - The Beatles.
  11. Busy Doing Nothing - Bing Crosby.
  12. Something Is Happening - Herman's Hermits.
  13. Lost In Space - The Lighthouse Family.
  14. Here Comes My Baby - Cat Stevens.
  15. San Francisco - Scott McKenzie.
  16. On a long car journey recently we listened to these:
  17. A happy and healthy New Year to all my Laker friends
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