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  1. False. Will go in the week when it's quieter. tpbm has naturally curly hair.
  2. why I put odd wellingtons on this morning! Must've been dark!
  3. True, a bag of goodies (wine, chocs etc) from the school! tpbm is a vegetarian.
  4. Hallo, msib! Thanx for adding me as a friend. Am I supposed to post this message here? Do we get to sing a little song or something?!

  5. having a good old chat with friends over a meal and a glass of wine!
  6. No. But don't you just love the Halloween scene in 'Meet Me in St Louis'?
  7. But Susan (hi!) it was black, it was black!!! (In my part of the world it was, anyway! ) I miss black! I'm thinking about lunchtime here.
  8. False (I didn't see it - doesn't mean to say I don't agree). TPBM is wearing a wedding ring.
  9. False - unless he comes back to En-ger-land! TPBM understands cricket.
  10. Under the Moon of Love - Showaddywaddy
  11. True - even though I do drive. TPBM thinks Eileen has a real problem about cars at the moment
  12. Yes, have no other choice with some my albums! I have two cassette players at home (very with it, me). Do you understand algebra?
  13. Ermmm, uhhhh, mmmm, am I? Am I not? TPBM has started buying Christmas presents already.
  14. Bruce will be back in the UK next year?
  15. What I have to do next in this school office - oh, yes, I'm back at work! Blaaaah!
  16. Hellman's (don't know Duke's) Osmonds or Jacksons?
  17. I just read a Jodi Piccoult - she's good. Have you ever been surfing (in the sea!)?
  18. No, never, but it's a goal of mine before I get too old! TPBM has worn their Bruce t-shirt to work?
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