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  1. for some reason couldnt put any words above but it is a dog out in storm Dennis in the uk
  2. my wife bought it for me xmas/birthday cant remember which i played it once and thought i hated it and put it away . months later i played it again and i loved it and have loved it since and maybe without devils there would have been no seeger sessions possibly
  3. personally i think anything live bruce does would always top notch, connecting with the music and the audience is what its about, he could do a set of madonna covers and still be brilliant. he is probably the greatest performer i have ever witnessed
  4. thankfully live a mile or so from river, wont be venturing out, river level forecast seem to say 1.5metres from record levels at expected peak, we will see. going to venice in a couple of weeks so will be good practise
  5. excuse me while i cry over players earning over 200k a week, absolutely no sympathy with them most of them just chase the money, again it will be the fan who loses
  6. dont worry about next year, live your life for the present, tomorrow dosent always come
  7. one of the funniest books i have read by one of the funniest men the world has seen
  8. we all know that Bruce has a right do do what and when he likes but quotes about tours in 2020 and all this instagram crap and other cryptic comments do get on your pip a simple news item on is not rocket science is it, and it appears he owes his fans nothing
  9. also Undercover on bbc missed it when it was on but on player, well acted and i think with an eye on true events but not connected if you get my drift
  10. the new series of Top gear on bbc is brilliant great mix of presenters and so much better than the clarkson era which i gave up on
  11. makes me remember how generally crap 70s music was
  12. the whole show was brilliant, , highlights for me in Sheffield was a version of the River that had me in tears and a rousing Youngstown in the steel City, would much rather he did another similar tour than a greatest hits show probably unpopular but there you are
  13. if the melody dosent pull me towards a song then i have difficulty even bothering about the lyrics