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  1. its very hard not to be political with a small p. in my mind the dave mathews thing is not Political. as wikipedia says Politics is a multifaceted word
  2. generally i think the moderators do a cracking job on here generally and to keep this site going at all in these crazy times is worthy of all our thanks, as I have said before i have no idea who/why any bans took place but it seems their was fair warning. what is going on the states is beyond belief, both the act of murder and the reaction to it. i abhor any such crime against anyone. black,yellow.white., but as on here there is a right way and wrong way, what has looting got to do with the act. the fact that peoples lives are affected by the virus has now taken a back seat. I just hope that this calms down, but it should also be realized that politicians have no real blame here, racism is rife in the world including the uk. The high incidence of deaths in the black and other ethnic minorities is in my opinion not the colour but the fact they are more likely to live in poorer conditions. STAMP OUT RACISM
  3. surely what you talk about is immaterial, its when people go over the top, lambasting others peoples opinions that becomes troublesome, Bruce is a political animal, several albums show that, its not what you talk about its how, if people become insulting, over the top, which happens on many subjects, ban them not the thread
  4. Will be watching this over next few days
  5. no 1-10 Incident in its various forms, cant think past that im afraid
  6. is it just me but i cant generate any interest for football at the minute, certainly not watching it in empty stadiums
  7. Monty Don's lost his retriever Nigel, as much a tv star as Monty
  8. face is double of our Bayley who who lost about 9 years ago a proper Boxer
  9. yes the are private, our local council has been selling their own places for redevelopment for quite a few years
  10. bit annoyed that the album that was due to be released this month which i preordered last year is according to amazon now not due for release until 31/12/20,
  11. seems to be working fine now thanks very much