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  1. another french one on bbc The Disappearance more twists than a curly wurly good stuff
  2. yes great series although the monster was a bit iffy, but you can tell it was directed by Ridley Scott, reminded me of Alien
  3. terrible news never met but obviously a special person, be proud to have been her friend Rachel yet again those three letters RIP
  4. yea it as so much more enjoyable to watch when players were allowed to play the game in their own way, 0-0 draws rarely happened or am i looking through rose colored specs
  5. yea seen him once at huddersfield in 70s must have been against Liverpool, great hairstyle great footballer like many others of his era who didnt get much international recognition, RIP FRANK
  6. didnt explain meself right i only watch on streaming now cant be bothered with this week between,at my age it takes me ten minutes to remember what happened in previous episode ha ha
  7. cant watch on tv live so to speak nowadays wi;ll have to try and ignore line of duty for a couple of months
  8. Bloodlands on bbc with the poker faced James Nesbitt, only 4 parts but good
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