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  1. Well worth watching if you havent caught it, just watching it made me feel how good the beatles were at melodies but at times particularly Mccartney not so good at lyrics https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000qq7t/paul-mccartney-at-the-cavern-club
  2. f1 has for many years been about the best and fastest car, Red Bull, Ferrari, williams have all been dominant at some point. anybody in the know will tell you Hamilton is one of the best drivers there as been. along with Senna, Prost, Alonso etc, there is no doubt about that, does he deserve a knighthood , a big fat no to that
  3. very rarely listen to new music these days I have enough to keep me going i am a bit of a stuck in the past sort musically but I hear some good stuff on radio 2 sometimes but it dosent stick with me, get under my skin if you like, only Bruce can do that, as i get older my attention span gets less and less maybe my hard drive in my head is full and cant take any more!!!
  4. I am a big fan of Lewis and is probably more worthy than most but i would prefer to see more of the people who plod through life improving other peoples lives without recognition, yes i know they honour some, just think its to waited towards celebrity And i hate celebrity. what is the point of honours for Jimmy greaves years and years after he maybe should have a reward. Lewis Hamilton earns £40 million a year and a experienced nurse will be lucky to make 30k. the world is lopsided
  5. agree with all that, the deserving get lost in the sea of the undeserving
  6. the whole honours list thing is a shambolic load of crap
  7. the improvement in utd in the last few weeks is amazing, very much title contenders in this strange season. although it wouldnt surprise me if the season is stopped for a few weeks soon
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