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  1. Thanks all Boyo was like that loved by everyone he couldn’t have been a better pet . Fluffy was special as well lost a leg 3 years ago with cancer this was her third cancer this time in the jaw both brave and stoic both will be greatly missed
  2. Sad weekend for our family, my daughter had to put her cat Fluffy to sleep yesterday and today we have had to put Boyo to sleep . Heartbroken
  3. feeling this may have been mentioned but Unbelievable is a great based on a true story
  4. RIP great great singer and a big part of saint Bob Marley
  5. tried free trial of apple tv+ twas a nightmare to get it on sony so called smart tv as you cant get app on telly
  6. just finished the Fall again still brilliant and Gillian Anderson well whats not to like
  7. des (denis nilsen, if you are old enough to remember) and Honour(murder of daughter for honour both on itv hub and both true stories, short series but good.stuff
  8. in my opinion Bruce wrote some of the best pop songs in the 70s and 80s never on general release until a lot appeared on tracks, this album has partially it seems been originally written years ago, perhaps it could be a forerunner of tracks 2, simple,generic maybe but still brilliant
  9. I know what you mean, the getting together to make album in 5 days for Bruce is extraordinary as well, don’t like to make predictions but I think no more tours
  10. Difficult to get good internet out here but finally managed to hear it. Radio Nowhere on steroids for me love the lyrics it is a fact as you get older you dwell more in the past. It is perhaps A bit generic but still brilliant. It’s Bruce and could be no one else can’t wait for the album
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