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  1. For me spurs would have to pay the 100million
  2. leeds Arena or Sheffield yes or anywhere but that Sxxxxole in London
  3. Absolutely no interest in Olympics nowadays professional tennis players and others like cyclists. Much better in the amateur days, not to mention the drugs etc. Money would be better getting vacs to the the world that can't get or afford them
  4. I thought the podcasts were great. But I am a big Barack fan as well as Bruce reading A Promised Land by Barack. Dare I say it much better written than Bruce's book
  5. agree Rice worked his socks of all through, but i also thought Stones had a good tournament better than mcguire i thought, thought Kyle Walker was lucky to get in that team good chasing back but is passing was awful most of the time
  6. is it really that long ago? memorable for several reasons, 1. what a stadium,amazing to see it so full, 2 wife had a migrane all day, we only arrived that morning in reus, still had it the stadium standing Bruce came on and it went, miraculous 3 only buses were running when we came out and it was a Long Walk Home to the center of Barcelona got to hotel about 4am i seem to remember,
  7. sadly social media is an almost made to fit platform for the sort of people you describe, and they can hide behind the anonymity of social media. sadly for me is how people feel the need or even feel this way baffles me i just dont get it. no better than physical abusers of animals etc makes me mad
  8. forgetting how it happened the best team in the tournament won it. end off
  9. very very true sadly
  10. translation often difficult but seems more than overbooked, although i think Trotta is not the most reliable "Bruce will not be able to play at San Siro in 2022", with reasons "partially understandable in some cases", in others "more questionable" T
  11. died aged 68 great player good old fashioned center forward RIP
  12. Radio2 only any good when Ken Bruce takes over, I am perhaps old fashioned but i always thought radio2 was about playing music not so much of the annoying chat you get on zoe balls show radio is so rubbish nowadays, if you want to listen to chat 5live and the other bbc radio stations are available
  13. I always use bruce concerts as part of a holiday , so dont factor in that kind of expense, but been to New York several times and dont feel a need to go back. for me i paid the seat price once for SOB in a six day trip and wouldnt want to do it again,
  14. some of the sourest grapes i have ever come across on this thread
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