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  1. Only on I play for another 8 days it says
  2. doubt if ill bother only got to 30 mins on flight back from usa last year, not my cup of tea at all, unless i fancy forty winks
  3. to be honest i thought he was older than that your right hes been entertaining all my life from "That was the week that was", he will be missed
  4. the world was a vastly different place then and the world was a lot bigger. it will be a long time before people will travel on a great a scale as before so the world will change again
  5. maybe wont work for your dpg but we give our golden Retriever Boyo a Piriton(antihistamine) a day seems to work well for all his allergies, it was vet recommended
  6. posted on this thread as a fair bit of Bruce content and SVZ as well in this doc one of Bruces greatest influences and a great character, good stuff
  7. Sadly with postponement of all the football and most of killers tour in football stadiums it has to be doubtful it will happen as it looks the football season is going to be extended by at least 3 weeks
  8. F1 bahrain with no fans, what fun! how much is that going to cost fans for flights etc
  9. many years ago as a teenager I was in the Kop about 20 times a season when it was full of local dockers I had family in Liverpool and also a cousin who played for em. But I have little interest in contributing to the corporate world football has become
  10. as an outsider it seems things are as good at anytime in the last five years or so, get rid of pogba and the future may be brighter