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  1. many many years ago but seeing him in nashville next month, looking forward to it,in the Ryman as well
  2. i remember years ago people used to clap when the plane landed, thats if you had room with all the donkeys people brought back
  3. thanks will have a look but have to be at heathrow at 530am on tuesday but will check if near hotel
  4. memphis from tuesday, nashville from following sunday thanks and one night tupelo in middle
  5. for me the concerts are the one offs every one different. the book- still not finished will start again i think. SOB musically brilliant,verbally- not my cup of tea. western stars album 50% great, aint seen the movie and unlikely to.
  6. as it happens i couldnt if i wanted to, am in windsor on 28th, where i can not find any showings, then of to memphis/nashville of which i havent a clue if its showing or not
  7. just looking at vue cinema The Joker is £5.74. also note western stars is classed as an event only 50 seats in recliners and none sold, but nobody has answered the why so expensive?. why would i pay nearly £43 for me and mrs to watch this. also general release is a bit rich its only on one night
  8. as someone who never goes to the flicks are these prices normal? if not why are they so expensive
  9. thats the trouble with it sorting the wheat from the chaffe, with radio generally i guess
  10. i very much doubt he would come here to york
  11. Just had a look at local vue showing only one showing on the 28th only(on holiday anyway) but its over £21 a ticket and it says q and a, i presume that will be a recording of london Q and A. bloody expensive just for a film