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  1. yes back when it was Emmerdale Farm i was a regular viewer. nowadays i dont watch any of the soaps, not our cup of tea. but a good age R.I.P.
  2. still in two minds whether to bother with dvd, having the cd and the soundtrack, neither of which do much for me, but perhaps oddly i prefer the studio version. i have all bruce dvd,s and never watch them so possibly wont bother with this, unless Santa brings it of course, which i doubt
  3. if you want to watch this in uk and i would recommend you do it seems first episode goes of I player in 8 days so hurry up
  4. have just binge watched all 4 series of High Castle have avoided it for a long time as no fan of science fiction, but it was one of the best brilliant series i have seen. almost like a series of short stories within one.Script, brilliant acting, extraordinary concept. and does make you think What if???
  5. stevie54uk


    yes apart from the ones that had died apparently
  6. yes you have to learn to adapt to your limitations and move on. i find as my responsibilities for kids etc has gone i always need something to look forward to. life can be very mundane if you allow it
  7. strangely more expensive in USA £19.99 here which is about $25 i think, but as i dont watch dvds very often not got blue ray dvd is £14.99, about $20 but i havent bothered at minute, maybe santa might be genorous
  8. we are the same i just work to travel nowadays we tend to go the opposite way to you mind, physically it is becoming a strain travelling, so maybe not many left, ruby wedding next year so looking for something special in june. we are not immortal and Bruce often reminds me of that
  9. Sky tv has already killed football offer at moment of £45 a month for sport included,wont pay that even if i never watch another football match on tv again. have amazon prime and doubt i will watch it. oh the days when i was a kid and go to york city and liverpool matches on me paper round money
  10. Wow have they all been taking something but nov next year that’s a long time ahead ain’t it will we be all still here ??
  11. if it was the Four Tops i would go in a heartbeat