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  1. Thanks but I would want to listen in car not on phone and downloading audio isn’t so easy from youtube nowadays especially on iPad or iphone I shall be patient
  2. Very annoyed now in Ffestiniog on holiday album hadn’t come when we left, have just discovered I can’t listen on free amazon music as it doesn’t include auto rip for some reason so I have a weeks wait damn!!!!
  3. have to ring vet in morning before we go but hopeful now he is a lot better, vets are so young nowadays it seems u have to see an older more experienced vet before you get anything sorted nowadays same as gps Oscar sure likes his beach, boyo cant do a lot of walking now. mind weather forecast aint so good
  4. bought it for my holiday reading, can never settle long enough to read at home, maybe take "THE BOOK" with me and try to finish it. listening to cd that comes with, the cover is very much Western Stars, coincidence?????
  5. Boyo has done the usual pre holiday. its time i was poorly, arthritus got worse vets gave him some tablets which gave him runs so they said heres some tablets for his stomach which made him worse, finally seen an older vet, american as it happens, gave us some different stuff which has give us all a good night. so crossing fingers holiday nearly cancelled i know hes old and starting to struggle so one more holiday with us nice easy week. heres hoping
  6. i wish i knew, i was a year later with my first festival, Bath
  7. thanks for that Rachel, what frightens me on the cover is 50 yrs since Woodstock. 50yrs since i saw the stones and blind faith in hyde park. 50yrs where has that gone???????????
  8. i remember it well, miss them kind of record shops. Mckenzies in York back then i think
  9. that and the whole review makes me a lot hopeful than i was after hearing the first two tracks