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  1. Watching Inspector Montalbano on BBC iplayer. in Italian with subtitles set in Sicily. funny at times and entertaining,
  2. agree with the Denis Lillee,and Thommo was pretty good to but suffered a bit from some calling him a chucker .you probably wont like this but this is on I player at minute, featuring a possessed Bob Willis
  3. new Springsteen!!!! dont make me laugh none of them are fit to lace his boots
  4. i have had a LG external dvd/cd drive for 10yrs never given me any trouble dont know where you are but for £20
  5. I really dont get this separation of the premier league over what went before its almost like players like Dixie Dean and jimmy Greaves never existed
  6. strangely enjoying the crowdless grand prix maybe because tv is full of crap at moment but, todays finish was extraordinary,
  7. sending off was ridiculous but players are architects of the own downfall by going down like a sack of spuds when someone breathes on em, makes refereeing difficult, players really need to be more honest(some hope)
  8. from the ridiculous to the sublime??
  9. The pressure will be on Frank next season with the money they have spent and will spend, but I hope he succeeds the league needs a manager like Frank whos prepared to use young home grown talent as well as spending big money
  10. agree, its a book about how it was, you cant change history, if you try to airbrush it out than you cant learn from it
  11. yea thanks to @DarknessandHope dont know where you find the time, good job no relegation this year
  12. explaining cricket to someone across the pond is beyond my capability im afraid, its taken me years to understand NFL,
  13. The new stadium will be a disaster, I see no future for City up there, as for season tickets, will they sell them with no idea how many people will be allowed in, if any and when?
  14. think i will give that a miss usually can guess score from listening in back garden, although not so much nowadays I guess