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  1. as i thought https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04xdrrb/meat-loaf-in-and-out-of-hell also a hard talk interview thanking Steve but dosent seem to be on iplayer yet https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m001484z
  2. Larger than life in every way RIP there was a good doc on meat loaf on bbc i think no doubt they will bring it back
  3. its ok i really dont know how you manage it
  4. a bit premier league related Ian Wrights grandson D'Margio Wright-Phillips was playing for Stoke yesterday. makes me feel old again One of the greats Ian Wright always fun to listen to.
  5. we are all hoping for that, but too late for Bruce
  6. two games tommorow cant find anywjhere Burnley19:30Watford Brighton & Hove Albion20:00Chelsea
  7. i admire everyones optimism but all signs are that it aint happening anywhere. more chance of another Broadway rip off than a tour
  8. from this snippet of a stevie interview it seems tv is his aim for 22 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SFevOLoqJktkn-qy_gxUaPQiV7NbXkCN/view
  9. this chap needs to catch up a bit, zero chance for glastonbury
  10. shame you didnt turn away the English cricket(???) team
  11. just watched Oliver Stones doc on JFK assassination. interesting stuff but i am a sucker for anything JFK related
  12. one4 reason i never watch such so called entertainment
  13. is DITD the most covered Bruce song???
  14. agree thats why im not a fan of the BITUSA album. prefer the accoustic versions of most of it
  15. found this over on Btx I love it
  16. I dont think the postponement/cancellation is really the problem, most of us on here understand that, i mean even panning for holidays can be a minefield, the problem is the interviews and obvious hints of tours are not followed by an official announcement from Bruceinc that there is no tour and what there future plans maybe. not surprising re Bruceinc but still annoying
  17. sadly the heads wiling but the body not so able. if it was an indoors arena perhaps and congrats at getting through the big C
  18. by the time 2023 comes round will be almost 70 so it likes Philly 2016 was my last but what a set list to finish with https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/bruce-springsteen/2016/citizens-bank-park-philadelphia-pa-6bfc6262.html
  19. should clarify the thanks is for this not another Broadway run
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