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  1. it sure is well Harvey Elliott supported the appeal against the 3 game ban as he didnt feel it warranted a red card
  2. only watched it live didnt see much in it to be honest, just damn bad luck
  3. explaining the English language (from this side of the pond) would take more words than my fingers could possibly type, never mind the local dialects Eileen lives about 90 miles north of me and will speak in a different tongue,with words which woulsd often confuse me and so in a nutshell i cant explain. why do americans say math and not maths. now thats weird
  4. the song brings tears to my eyes everytime. makes me think of those i have lost over years, brilliant, would be surprised to see another E street tour mind
  5. as someone who is 67 it is a fact old age dosent always creep up it often has big leaps
  6. yea mentioned this a page or so back, definite worth a watch
  7. Sound like rehashes of the old stuff to me, very bland, hear winner takes it all, fernando and all sorts in there. they must have spent all the cash
  8. Watching The Defeated at minute set just after the 2nd world war in berlin, perhaps not for everyones taste but we are enjoying it.
  9. I very poste fro article/book I very possibly wouldn’t have gotten into politics. Would Mandela have gotten out of jail? Would the South African government have fallen? Probably. But we took years off both of those things. pretty much sums Steve up really
  10. where are you from? we cant go from europe(uk or schengen to be precise)
  11. would be surprised if netflix forked out more cash for a slightly rehashed version of a show they already paid for
  12. RIP Charlie, one of the best, will be sorely missed
  13. he did well and for a blind/partial sighted guy even better. me neither stumped me as well, i knew rest but whether i would have remembered sat in that chair is doubtful
  14. id almost forgot i had it, have never finished it
  15. otherwise known as the "verified fan " which we had for the first SOB, a nightmare three ticket issues before i was verified, but they appear on the secondary sites straight away a total con verified my a***
  16. think its doing a lot for the game overall, seen lots of families there at the matches cricket needs anybody it can get for the future, the lack of cricket in schools willharm the game, so seeing kids at games is encouraging
  17. RIP Una, always likeable in whatever she played, makes you think how the world has changed since Till death would never be made now but it carried a real message that i didnt get until later on in the shows history
  18. watching a bit of the Hundred competition lately, entertaining stuff, very impressed with the ladies games
  19. Am a big killers fan but the two i have heard dont impress at first hearing
  20. my top four predictions Chelsea( Lukaku may make the difference) Man Utd ( big chance i think, good signings, but need Pogba through the middle) Man city(need a 20 goal a season man) Liverpool(stuttered last season again lack of signings) relegation spots cant see past three promoted teams, but Palace and or Burnley may spoil that
  21. I think city may struggle this season, most pundits think the will top the league, but i think without a goalscoring no 9 im not sure.
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