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  1. must have a look at that i do love a good scandi, still ploughing through Homeland at minute mind cant leave it alone now
  2. RIP father at 72 stlll hope for me yet!!
  3. pretty boring last round, dont really like this new power game golf has become. wish Mcilroy could have a decent first round
  4. good god it sure is unpopular with me. as said one cracking album could have been made out of two decent albums but Tom Joad is pure genius
  5. think its worth persevering for a couple of episodes, the Fall was brilliant yes
  6. after passing after half an hour of Homeland, tried again now I love i strangely half way through season 2 in just over a week
  7. i love both Rainmaker gets better each time i hear it
  8. I decided for the sake of £50 I decided to get a years subscription, am watching a great travel doc thing with Ewan McGregor (turns out he’s an American citizen now) called Long Way where Ewan and Charlie Boorman travel from bottom of South America to La on electric Harleys, wonderful scenery and great quality picture, love a good travel doc and this is quality
  9. oddly i prefer the doc to the album, the doc feels like watching Bruce in concert and gives so much more feeling to the songs. normally the docs get buried not this one do hope it comes out on dvd. downloaded it to ipad not sure if it has a time limit on it
  10. missing Boyo badly but thankful that the interview and the documentary have helped immensely amazing what Bruce has the power to do
  11. maybe its just me but the film seemed to have better sound than the cd through same sound system
  12. if and its a big IF Western stars was a masterpice this should replace the Mona Lisa in the Louvre
  13. Quick thoughts, outstanding and an emotional rollercoaster love it
  14. doubt it, to much cash involved, even poor old man utd losing lots of money,Barca asking for pay cuts https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11667/12110069/manchester-united-lose-70m-in-revenue-due-to-effects-of-coronavirus Man Utd net debt increases 133 per cent to £474.1m; total revenue drops 19 per cent to £509m; losses of £23.2m after £18.9m profit in 2019
  15. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2020/feb/05/amazon-workers-protest-unsafe-grueling-conditions-warehouse https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/amazon-workers-strike-prime-day-22837197
  16. cancelled my Prime gone back to netflix, amazon are shit employers see to many times how they abuse their staff, besides which they aint that cheap anymore
  17. Thanks all Boyo was like that loved by everyone he couldn’t have been a better pet . Fluffy was special as well lost a leg 3 years ago with cancer this was her third cancer this time in the jaw both brave and stoic both will be greatly missed
  18. Sad weekend for our family, my daughter had to put her cat Fluffy to sleep yesterday and today we have had to put Boyo to sleep . Heartbroken
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