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  1. Cats in Crete at feeding time at our apartment in pics above. Kind of strays but looked after by locals
  2. Last great album was Darkness and there is zero chance of coming near that he just hasn't got that inspiration any more. Last great tour was the last one every tour is great with reservations sure. But I will never go to stadium show again either. The best album for me would be another tracks with stuff he wrote 40 years ago when his writing was at its best.
  3. Sorry Daisy money doesn't help your mental health when you are without family for long stretches
  4. Sorry Daisy but that's not the world we live in now. Not seeing my family for months during covid nearly destroyed me. Why should family life be wrecked over a bloody ball.
  5. he has clearly not made a lot of the sacrifices of not seeing family for weeks at a time that a lot of players in the world have albeit in some cases for a lot of money not Root mind
  6. only 2 episodes in but great start another Danish offering
  7. many many The River at Sheffield on seeger tour probably only time at a concert im not even a real big fan of the song any live version of Incident i'll see you in my dreams and probably more
  8. cardiff is the only uk stadium i would even consider going to
  9. it sure is well Harvey Elliott supported the appeal against the 3 game ban as he didnt feel it warranted a red card
  10. only watched it live didnt see much in it to be honest, just damn bad luck
  11. explaining the English language (from this side of the pond) would take more words than my fingers could possibly type, never mind the local dialects Eileen lives about 90 miles north of me and will speak in a different tongue,with words which woulsd often confuse me and so in a nutshell i cant explain. why do americans say math and not maths. now thats weird
  12. the song brings tears to my eyes everytime. makes me think of those i have lost over years, brilliant, would be surprised to see another E street tour mind
  13. as someone who is 67 it is a fact old age dosent always creep up it often has big leaps
  14. yea mentioned this a page or so back, definite worth a watch
  15. Sound like rehashes of the old stuff to me, very bland, hear winner takes it all, fernando and all sorts in there. they must have spent all the cash
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