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  1. it would be a full bucket for me especially times 2. i could have 3 weeks in the canaries or the greek islands for that, and at my age i know which i would pick
  2. the memory is great but i wouldnt want to see it again
  3. The show I went to was half fans and half look at me with my SOB programme in front of stage in my designer clobber types
  4. its only about the music now for me, not the man. the whole Broadway thing is just one big ego trip
  5. this stupid format after a tough season will possibly mean those with the best squad will be the winners, so for me that makes France clear favourites
  6. couldnt agree more and i think i met some of your friends/family when i came out
  7. So if we wanted to go I could(had Pfizer) but wife couldnt(astra) not only in UK do we have crazy politicians
  8. as we cant go anywhere in europe without quarantine on return crossing the atlantic seems a long way away, so may have to be very patient, especially if the indian(sorry delta variant) gets over there
  9. yea thank you Darkness you do a great job year after year
  10. the Pact on bbc was very good, just six episodes
  11. just finishing 1 so a lot to look forward to, remember watching the american version which is pretty good on amazon prime i think
  12. daughter wont be happy but another portugese will carry on the work
  13. think he would have forgone those golden boots for another bash at champions league
  14. possibly,the whole thing may be a feast of attacking football, but i wwont hold my breath
  15. having watched a lot of games, well i should say a lot of them only to half time. most of it was boring when goalkeepers are among those with the most touches it is not a good sign, this constant passing back drives me bananas
  16. i cant drum up any enthusiasm for the Euros, perhaps ive been bored enough this year already by the premier league
  17. not Bruces finest effort cant remember last time i listened to it, one of those albums that was ok at best with a few good things but soon forgotten
  18. im sure someone mentioned Stanger Things on here i am a bit of a latecomer as not a fan of sci fi stuff but this is brilliant, it has it all, great kids, great acting and a fair bit of humour recommended
  19. 2 scandis on iplayer now Darkness those who kill and Blinded those who kill both excellent
  20. if you dont like subtitles you are missing out some great scandi/german/french/italian stuff on netflix.c4 etc if its dubbed i cant watch it at all
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