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  1. just printed my auckland tickets, two points, firstly says 4.30pm start, presume would start earlier than normal due to support acts but that seems insanely early, secondly regarding support ticket only says Jet, presume the other support Marlon Williams is still on
  2. Well got my flights and hotel for Auckland anybody thinking about doing same I'd hurry up, decent price hotels hard to find.
  3. ive been sucked in, ive got tickets for auckland,always wanted to go to new zealand, long way mind, flights and hotel to find now hope theres plenty do for a week,
  4. presume these shows are a lot shorter bruce wise with these support acts
  5. vet report on boyo, very much on the mend, and miracle upon miracle nothing to pay lol
  6. your right dog got ear infection and lump in mouth just before Paris, £350 and counting is getting better now thankfully, back at vets tomorrow morning
  7. tomorrow its off to the kennels for boyo(first time with us even though hes 9) then off to Copenhagen we are crossing our fingers he will be ok, otherwise paris could be in doubt
  8. my previous dog Bayley took ill a couple of months before bercy shows 2012 so we had to cancel, going to bercy this year hoping it dosent happen again, poor thing passed away week of bercy shows, she almost brought my grandaughter up they loved each other to bits.
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