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  1. final should be in london another pathetic decision by uefa
  2. pretty much the same really but we usually build a holiday around the gig, hence why weve seen many places in the world i otherwise may not have gone to, dont have a railcard but have a pensioners bus pass which is not a lot of use lol
  3. and football was much more entertaining then, some of the matches this season have been dire
  4. agree it had bits of great tv but the end was a damp squib I thought, but shows how desperate we are to be entertained. ps couldnt binge it as it was always mentioned on the brilliant Gogglebox
  5. yea watching that in bits, she sure had it tough, and yes one of the great performers
  6. what use would my interpretation of Bruces music be, I have my own thoughts which would differ from a lot of people, and as said above the such books are already out there in fact in my book case
  7. yea and always gets away with it, so much of what is wrong with football.
  8. Kane is the biggest cheat in football
  9. it wont happen but a lot of stuff will change, it seems to be blackmail by these clubs and it wouldnt be surprising if the powers that be pay a ransom to stop it happening, wages are so high now clubs can barely cover them without a massive explosion of income from the far east. they have let wages get out of hand the current model will not work for much longer
  10. where will he go next to wreck players and clubs and play crap footie, certainly wont be Celtic
  11. i will go with that but I might regret not having WEISS as well
  12. one of the best on the album, good old pop song much underated i always felt
  13. another french one on bbc The Disappearance more twists than a curly wurly good stuff
  14. yes great series although the monster was a bit iffy, but you can tell it was directed by Ridley Scott, reminded me of Alien
  15. terrible news never met but obviously a special person, be proud to have been her friend Rachel yet again those three letters RIP
  16. yea it as so much more enjoyable to watch when players were allowed to play the game in their own way, 0-0 draws rarely happened or am i looking through rose colored specs
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