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  1. yea seen him once at huddersfield in 70s must have been against Liverpool, great hairstyle great footballer like many others of his era who didnt get much international recognition, RIP FRANK
  2. didnt explain meself right i only watch on streaming now cant be bothered with this week between,at my age it takes me ten minutes to remember what happened in previous episode ha ha
  3. cant watch on tv live so to speak nowadays wi;ll have to try and ignore line of duty for a couple of months
  4. Bloodlands on bbc with the poker faced James Nesbitt, only 4 parts but good
  5. concerts are not even at the back of my mind im just waiting for the day i can see my daughter and grandkids again, nothing else really matters at the moment
  6. 3rd in series well worth a listen, love listening to Obama(apart from over use of "in some fashion"?
  7. that goal is one of those memorable moments of childhood RIP
  8. in what way? it will be missed, at least Line of Duty is back for series 6 on the 21st
  9. No have seen it somewhere meself
  10. yea the epicenter of corona, makes sense
  11. it is worth listening to but perhaps because I am a big Obama fan makes a difference, 45 mins of this or graham norton chat show. no contest. would make a great broadway show ha ha
  12. listened to first one loved it, better not say to much it might be too political
  13. odd its on mine cant watch it yet though cos i will just binge it straight through and i want to finish Spiral first
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