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  1. Hi Long timeĀ 

    Any spare Ga for the Oaklands gig

    I could be there slave for a week in exchange lol

    Hope all is well K

    Regards MarkĀ 

  2. Did someone just light a torch?

  3. NikitaC

    The Last

    Hmmm, that's tough, I guess the camouflage work gloves I bought because I thought my son would get a kick out of them
  4. NikitaC

    the question conversation

    I did a little Any holiday plans?
  5. NikitaC

    I love...

    My life
  6. NikitaC

    I wish

    It was summer already.
  7. This should be fun, another place to interact. :)

  8. Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

  9. NikitaC

    I Can't Wait For...

    I can't wait for our next real vacation.
  10. Hoping we see you at SJ now that you don't have to work!

  11. NikitaC

    the question conversation

    Two weeks ago. Tlt you belly laughed
  12. NikitaC

    4 word feelings

    love love love love
  13. NikitaC

    i wonder....

    where jmw is going on her trip
  14. NikitaC

    i hate...

    when people waste my time