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    It's on the floor, isn't it?
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    travel, kids, music, spirituality and the guy of my dreams. I build kitchens as a job, I geek out as a past time and I love as a sport.
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    Over and over and over

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  1. Hi Long timeĀ 

    Any spare Ga for the Oaklands gig

    I could be there slave for a week in exchange lol

    Hope all is well K

    Regards MarkĀ 

  2. Did someone just light a torch?

  3. This should be fun, another place to interact. :)

  4. Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

  5. Hoping we see you at SJ now that you don't have to work!

  6. Someone else might have won a bet, but you got the prize. ;)

  7. can't believe there's a hair in the middle of it...

  8. You, I love. It's just that simple.

  9. doesn't care what you think...Yup, I can be a bitch. What's your excuse?

  10. Missing you like crazy. Can't wait to do Dallas. We both deserve a do over on Texas. I promise I won't buy shoes. :P

  11. Missing you...just two more weeks.

  12. Man I love that avatar! Just so darn hot.

    Can't wait for Wednesday... mmm, only 43 or so hours. xoxo

  13. NikitaC

    That didn't last long. :(

    I'll keep your spot at the bar open for you.

  14. NikitaC

    Glad you came back, you've been missed.

  15. My kitty didn't pee in the house so i could let him sleep here at night
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