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  1. Did someone just light a torch?

  2. This should be fun, another place to interact. :)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

  4. Hoping we see you at SJ now that you don't have to work!

  5. Someone else might have won a bet, but you got the prize. ;)

  6. can't believe there's a hair in the middle of it...

  7. You, I love. It's just that simple.

  8. doesn't care what you think...Yup, I can be a bitch. What's your excuse?

  9. Missing you like crazy. Can't wait to do Dallas. We both deserve a do over on Texas. I promise I won't buy shoes. :P

  10. Missing you...just two more weeks.

  11. Man I love that avatar! Just so darn hot.

    Can't wait for Wednesday... mmm, only 43 or so hours. xoxo

  12. NikitaC

    That didn't last long. :(

    I'll keep your spot at the bar open for you.

  13. NikitaC

    Glad you came back, you've been missed.

  14. Figured we could use another "happy/upbeat" game I can't wait for the movie The Runaways!
  15. Hope all is well, I'm assuming you're training hard. :D Stop in and say hello one of these days.

  16. It's plain and it's simple: I adore you.

    111 hours and I'll say it to your face ;)

  17. Sending you warm fuzzies from the wrong coast... wwwt

  18. How in the heck can you top last week? I'm up for the challenge... are you? Fasten your seat belt and hold on.

  19. OMG, How did I miss your birthday??? I'm so sorry, and Happy belated Birthday!

  20. a brand new laptop with Ubantu installed on it (thanks Lightnng!)
  21. Have a great week, I promise to get back in flow after LA. Can't wait to update!

  22. I could wreak all kinds of havoc before you get online in the new place... better watch out! ;)

  23. You "get" me... and that's the highest compliment I have. You are a true gem and I'm honored to call you friend.

  24. Great to meet you and your daughters are wonderful people! Look forward to future sightings :)

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