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  1. Couple the clubs inability to hold onto one of their own in Scott Wright with the fact that Rangers are now back sitting pretty at the summit of Scottish football, no one can really blame McInness for accepting that Aberdeen Football Club will always be looked upon as something of a second rate club.
  2. ODDS & SODS (Crystal Cat 1079) As promised here is Crystal Cat's "Odds And Sods" from my original silver disc. Three formats to cater for all. 1 - WAV format. Ripped directly from my master / silver disc. 2 - FLAC format. Flac files created in the highest possible quality from the aforementioned WAV rip. 3 - MP3 format. MP3 files created in the highest possible quality from the aforementioned WAV rip. Links for the above and artwork - see below. ARTWORK: https://we.tl/t-eNLYN7Uf4V WAV: https://we.tl/t-BefcJoQ2AH FLAC: https://we.tl/t-5mcTNLTkO
  3. I have the silver disc at home. Will rip over the weekend and upload to WeTransfer and post the link here for all.
  4. Sorry Marnix. Meant to say I'll try with Google Chrome when I get home. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks. I've been accessing the web through Mozilla Firefox. Will try with Internet Explorer when I get home tonight. Appreciate your advise.
  6. Is anybody having issues with 'filefactory' similar to myself? When trying to download say a 1.5 GB offering it is taking 7 to 8 hours on average. Up until about a week or so back a download of that size would have taken only an hour or so. Anything downloaded via 'WeTransfer' is flying in comparison. I was wondering if maybe the 'filefactory' server is now slowing download speeds for non premium users.
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