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    Guitars, Springsteen, Grimsby, Marah, Pianos, Cats, Summer, Winter, Hope, Football, Christmas, Ryan Adams, London, NYC, Soul, Rocky Balboa, Night time, Backstreets, Cleethorpes beach.

    My heart is the bums on the street...
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  1. East

    NFL 2020 Draft

    What is it you think you need?
  2. East

    NFL 2020 Draft

    Who's your team guys and who are you hoping they land? Can you see any shocks in the 1st round? I'm a big Eagles fan. We're desperate for a solid play-making WR. Don't fancy trading up for Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs if they're not there at 21 as we have too many other holes and so need the picks. Would take Jefferson or Mims.
  3. Just watched this. Loved it. Great story and perfect choice of songs and timing of them. Really good.
  4. can't be much more than a few hundered can it?
  5. There is a pit. Do you know the capacity of the pit ?100seriously?
  6. any have any thoughts on this? im wondering what time to get there to get as near to front as possible.
  7. thats great you live so close! I want to try and get slap bang in the middle - right at the front. MOT! Always love seeing MOT at the end of a post! He's in Cleethorpes though James so MOT just stands for Meggie On Tourhaha! meggie on tour / marching on together! where in lincs are you crusty?
  8. thats great you live so close! I want to try and get slap bang in the middle - right at the front. MOT!
  9. Hey folks. Just wondering what plans people have for the Leeds gig? Me and my brother will be getting there the night before. Has a wristband / roll call been mentioned? I can't wait! Manchester last year was the best I've ever seen the ESB and I think in this smaller venue it could be just as good if not better. Nick.
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