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  1. MichaelU1230

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Just release them all...It'll be a lot easier
  2. MichaelU1230

    The Bootleg Collectors Corner

    Wow...that would be AMAZING...thanks a lot
  3. MichaelU1230

    The Bootleg Collectors Corner

    Hi Can Anyone help with these shows in Flac Wembley Night July 10th 1992 Crystal Cat Sheffield Night 15th of April 1993 Crystal Cat The Lost TV Special (The Uber Version) And a long shot. Have been looking for these versions for ages... Earls Court 18 + 19 of May 1999, but the Piggham versions for these shows...
  4. MichaelU1230

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    This list should IMO be longer. During the 2007 leg of the Magic tour some pro-shot clips was put up his own web-page. Granted they were not the full songs, but if this list is based on what we know to be pro-shot by Bruce Inc. 10th avenue from Copenhagen was among these
  5. MichaelU1230

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    That's the one :-)
  6. MichaelU1230

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    At the end of the Barcelona dvd (I think...correct me if I'm wrong) there's a clip of Bruce and the band going on stage somewhere in the US performing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame".
  7. MichaelU1230

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    He went back to Stockholm in May 2013 and played 3 shows in Friends Arena, with the roof on the stadium, May 3+4 and 11th. Great shows by the way
  8. 5 Countries for me Denmark (14) England (3) Sweden (4) France (1) Germany (9)
  9. MichaelU1230

    Gothenburg full River album show

    Best show I've attended. GREAT performance and great crowd
  10. MichaelU1230

    Horsens is up

    Great....Haden't planned to go to this show, but my wife had gotten hold of tickets and arranged with my boss and my colleauges that I could get off work...all with me not having a clue before the day before the show Great night and great show....now we'll just have to wait for Gothenburg #3
  11. Now how could I forget this??? One of my favorite moments was meeting up with fellow laker Davina and her friend in Gothenburg. Very nice people
  12. Mine were: Pink Cadillac (Copenhagen) 41 Shots (Berlin) Dream Baby Dream, Frankie, You Nerver Can Tell and Follow That Dream (Horsens) Full River show Gothenburg # 3
  13. It would never have worked in Denmark. Too borring crowds that don't really care what's going on on stage. Last night was mindblowingly good. Still have a smile from ear to ear that will last for a long time. Can't get why someone would be dissapointed with at setlist/show like this