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  1. Do you by any chance have the decryption keys for these shows?
  2. Hi Looking for these shows 2009: Philly 14-10-2009 "What Love Can Do" (Fanatic) Philly 19-10-2009 "All Shook Up" (Fanatic) Giants Stadium 30-09-2009 "Born To Run" (Fanatic) Philly 13-10-2009 "Little Bit O' Soul" (Fanatic) Philly 28-04-2009 "Philly Fire" (Fanatic) Giants Stadium 09-10-2009 "The Last Time" (Fanatic)
  3. MichaelU1230

    No E-Street Tour 2019

    My bank wil looooove this message
  4. Hi Can anyone help with the IEM version of MSG 29.06.2000... Thanks for ALL the great uploads
  5. MichaelU1230

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Just releae the lot...everybody happy...AND BROKE
  6. Uninstalled winrar, and dowloaded it again...problem solved. Thanks a million for this
  7. Thanks...it didn't work for me...must be something to do with my settings...tried different things, not great with these things. But thanks for trying and for all the uploads here GREAT WORK
  8. I was also there, and was SOOO wet it looked like I'd had been in the shower with all my clothes on.....but what a great show When trying to unpack the file with Winrar, I get the message that the file is either in an unknown format or is broken?? What do I do wrong?
  9. I'm beeing asked for a decryption code when trying to download??
  10. MichaelU1230

    Next Archive - Any Rumors?

    Just release them all...It'll be a lot easier
  11. Wow...that would be AMAZING...thanks a lot
  12. Hi Can Anyone help with these shows in Flac Wembley Night July 10th 1992 Crystal Cat Sheffield Night 15th of April 1993 Crystal Cat The Lost TV Special (The Uber Version) And a long shot. Have been looking for these versions for ages... Earls Court 18 + 19 of May 1999, but the Piggham versions for these shows...