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  1. Eh, the Mona Lisa should be bigger. (Would be easier for tourists to see it that way at least).
  2. I have tickets for the Northern VA show in early June
  3. I'm very excited for this new album and tour!
  4. I don't think so! There are so many talented builders out there. But it is always cool to see Lego in mainstream headlines.
  5. Oh, awesome! I had heard of this show but hadn't see the trailer yet! Thanks for thinking of me
  6. Many of the songs I'd love to hear Bruce cover are ones where I don't think the ESB is necessary. For example, Johnny Cash's the Man in Black and I'll also throw in another vote for Tweeter and the Monkey Man. Or Steve Earle's Billy Austin? I'd also love to hear Bruce do certain songs with other artists - would love to hear him and Rod Stewart sing together - You Wear it Well perhaps or some old soul covers (Bring it on Home to Me?) But as for Bruce and the ESB, I would love to hear them do a complete Honky Tonky Women - medleyed into a complete Darlington County. Or how about AC/DC's Rock 'n' Roll Singer? I can just imagine Steve Vand Zandt sneering out that spoken part towards the end; "You can take your Nine-to-Five living and your collar and your tie..."
  7. Done, CK. Thanks again and always. I haven't been here as often in recent years, but I have a lot of history here and I always feel welcome back. I discovered this place around the time that Tracks was coming out - so Greasy Lake has been a place I call home for over twenty years now. Where did all that time go?
  8. This is a classic show - showing the ESB in full flight, as they start rounding off their '78 tour. Perhaps not quite very best show of the tour, but with outstanding individual performances of songs like Racing, Prove it, and Backstreets. And certainly the radio broadcast and the subsequent bootlegs made it into an absolute fan legend. One of the only LP bootlegs I own is a second hand copy of "Live in the Promised Land" - the pictures they used on the front and rear covers are some of my favorite pics of Bruce in the '70s.
  9. It's been a while since I listened to this show. I'm not enough of an audiophile to be sure, but I believe my impression was that Palace Theatre is a near complete show, sourced from a single show. Here are some edited notes I wrote for myself many years ago after I had done some lightweight research into this show: "21/8/76? 2 CD sourced from "Palace Theatre" Sound quality 4 out of 5 Terrific show, and one of my favourites from the 76 tour! This show has falsely believed by many to be from 25/10/76 in Philly, but is in fact not. This show is definitely from the second tour of '76, as it includes the Miami Horns. The exact date cannot be confirmed, but 21/8/76 is as probable as any other of the dates suggested (another possible date is 22/8/76). There is apparently an audience recording of a show also dated at 21/8/76, with the same songs as this one, but in a slightly different sequence. I don’t know if these are two different shows, or if they are the same one, one of which the songs have been “cut and pasted”. This show has been booted before under titles like "Streets of Life" and "Down in Jungleland", but never complete. Three of the songs from the encores are included on the "Deep Down in the Vaults" compilation. A part of this recording was duplicated on the bootleg "Arena Rock" and mixed with parts of the true 25/10/76 show to simulate a complete show. "Palace Theatre" makes all previous releases of the show pretty much obsolete. It is nearly complete, BTR being halfway through. Highlights include a great Rendezvous, a rare spoken intro rap before She’s the One and an alternate version of Something in the Night (a bit different from the one on the Palladium '76 shows). Top notch performances on Spirit, Sandy, Rosalita and You Can’t Sit Down. Very good sound, probably a soundboard. All in all, a very recommended bootleg. " Meanwhile, this source seems to suggest that "Palace Theatre" may possibly be partly taken from the 21st and partly from the 22nd.
  10. I don't download or upload things, I have all my music on CDs. "How did you guys get into my room" I remember that line but I didn't realize it was on both Streets of Life and We Gotta Get Outta This Place. The Streets of Life bootleg is incomplete but has been booted in a complete form under the title of "Palace Theater". That's the version I'd recommend checking out (unless there's been a sound upgrade since then).
  11. I hadn't seen this before. Obviously the video isn't matched to the audio all/most of the time, but tantalizing video footage! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Really? I had no idea. The "Streets of Life" show is available complete and is an underrated show IMO. That spoken intro to She's the One...
  13. Outstanding version of Growin' Up and the encores are Brilliant. We Gotta Get Outta this Place is a truly monster cover and it is surprising to me it didn't show up again in the setlist for so very very long. There are other shows from the late '76 era that are equally worthy of attention, but this is a show every fan should have in their collection, and it would be entirely appropriate for Nugs to pick this as an official release.
  14. I think it is very reasonable to expect Bruce Springsteen to have a lot more in him. probably more songs, more albums (hopefully more good ones), and definitely more live shows. What I don't expect is for the entire E Street Band to be able to keep up with him for long. Mortality is catching up on everyone - they could all live another ten years + but that doesn't mean they'll all be in shape to go on tour. You can lose one more core member or maybe two, and still have an E Street Band. But five - ten years from now, do we really want to see Bruce Springsteen and the "E Street Band" if there are only 3 or 4 people onstage who were part of the band in oh, 1999? (OTOH, if Bruce wants to tour some time with a band of various musicians including a few E Streeters and call that band something other than the ESB, I don't think anyone will be complaining.) Hopefully this next E Street Band album will be pretty good, and there will be a strong tour that includes new and old material. It doesn't have to average 3 hours+ every night, but I wouldn't be surprised if that is in fact what they'll do. That's how they roll. Even if it turns out not to be the last tour the band does, they won't know that. One last chance power drive. Of course, I could see them playing shorter sets. I could see them playing a more rigid, rehearsed show in order to keep things tight, or alternatively loosen up and play setlists that change up a lot, but perhaps sacrifice some of that tightness. They ain't that young anymore, and their fanbase is growing older too. It's OK - we'll still go and have fun. I could also see them playing just two nights a week, perhaps in select markets. Tickets could become harder to come by. We'll see. Tomorrow never knows. But I am looking forward to this.