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  1. Racist fired from job

    Well, there are more to terms than whether or not they happen to be abbreviations. See "paki". To answer your question, "Homosexual" is not offensive, but I would say it has come to sound a little old fashioned. Depending on the context, it might be perceived by some to indicate a little conscious or subconscious discomfort. I don't claim to speak for the LGBT people, but you'll notice that there is no "H" in LGBT.
  2. Racist fired from job

    You know, I know that in Norway the term "homo" currently is used and acceptable in mainstream non-homophobic society. I totally believe you when you say it is the same in Denmark. But please believe me when I tell you this isn't the case in the U.S. at all. and I'm pretty sure not the UK either. People here living in countries with English as the national/official/default most common language are taking issue with someone using it here - and I'd ask that you, Cosmic Kid, and anyone else who cares about not offending people unintentionally not use the term here. I don't that's too much to ask. These terms shift and change and take on or shed meanings over time. I remember years ago I called someone out for using the term "paki" - he was used to the term (according to him) being non-offensive in Australia, but it isn't remotely neutral term in any of the countries I have lived.
  3. Barcelona

  4. Racist fired from job

    I'm not losing any sleep over some newly outed Nazis of Klan members who just lost their jobs. But I don't like the fact that you can get fired in this country for your political or ideological views - I think it is way too easy to fire people, and that can work multiple ways.
  5. Strangely, I imagine that if Bruce were just doing one or two individual performances, a lot of the people who are upset wouldn't be upset. Doing a run of shows makes it feel like this is "instead of a tour" or as close as we get to a tour, and no good fan wants to miss a tour. OTOH he's played unique one and two night stands before and I was fine not going.
  6. You know, he probably isn't wrong about any of this. But this post would seem a little less smarmy coming from someone other than the very guy who charges an arm and a leg for his own work (that themselves are based on Bruce Springsteen's legend and the love we have for him.)
  7. I've been disappointed in artistic moves Bruce has made in the past (full album shows, High Hopes) but I've also learned to withhold judgment until I have had a chance to actually attend a new show or hear a new album. When I first heard about the WSO-SS album it sounded like the most boring thing ever, but I ended up loving that album and tour. Yes, these $850 tickets are very unBrucelike, but in its own way, so was the playing the Superbowl, the Nugs releases, sign requests being granted and encouraged, and the autobiography... We'll see just how many of the tickets are going for these kinds of prices - I am hoping that most of the tickets to these show will be going for less than $250. Anything more than that and I'll probably start feeling less than enthusiastic about buying them. I'd rather get this short Broadway residency than get nothing. I suppose if it does very well and Bruce really enjoys it, he might extend the residency or do it again, but doing an extended run of shows in NYC is no way to reach out to his fanbase. Bruce is getting older, but he is in great shape, loves playing live, and thrives on fan interactions all over the US, Europe, and further afield. I don't think this marks the end of traditional touring. What is concerning to me as a fan is that he hasn't written and released a strong album's worth of new material in a while. Whether we are talking about writer's bloc or hm second guessing himself on strong songs that really do deserve to be released - who knows? I'm keeping an open mind about this Broadway thing, and hope to be able to attend one of the shows - whatever these shows are like, they will be unique and quite unlike anything he's done before.
  8. Heat wave

    I'm just back from Norway, and loving this heat.
  9. What to learn from this?

    DC is pretty nice IMO. That said, I'm a financially comfortable, non-black, suburban-living, able bodied dude. There are plenty of people living in the area whose lives are very very different from mine. Certainly there are parts of town I've never been to, and I'm unlikely to ever go to.
  10. Hungry Heart dating idea

    No shame in looking for love among the likeminded. I think there may be an established FB group for this.
  11. Can People Change?

    People definitely change - we grow, develop. Certain lifelong personality traits are in place by your mid teens but I can't imagine anyone being "the same person" at 50 that they were at 25. But it isn't easy to predict, let alone, control which ways we will change.
  12. What do Democrats do on July 4th?

    I'm not even in America - on vacation in Oslo.
  13. Cosby Trial

    E, how do you explain a jury not finding him guilty? Is he just too popular of a guy? Are most Americans just hardwired to like him?
  14. Cosby Trial

    I think with Bruce, since the mid '80s there has been a gradual shift in how he has presented himself - he'd be the first to acknowledge he isn't a perfect man, and anyone who can write so well about the dark side of human nature must sure have some insight into this himself. You don't make something like Nebraska if your personal track record is squeaky clean. I think his autobiography was outstanding, and it is the most recent event in a much longer process to show the world he's just another guy doing his best and fucking up too. It is hard to imagine Bruce doing something like Cosby, but I have no doubt whatsoever that Bruce has done some major things in life that he regrets that have impacted others.
  15. Kensington fire