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  1. Electric in 92/93. One of the few older songs (along with Light of Day) that the new band played incredibly well.
  2. Be True with horns is IMO hands down the best version ever. Every version before and since is underwhelming in comparison. Although the vocal delivery on Mary Lou is also to die for.
  3. Not sure there is consensus, but I would say those were probably the best live versions.
  4. I am sad and disappointed that this has happened, and I'm afraid I am not entirely surprised. I am guessing the general public will find something else to focus on within a few weeks. Drunk driving is sadly not so uncommon, and drunk driving is bad. We know Bruce likes to drive and we know he likes to drink. I've wondered for a while whether he perhaps drinks more than he should. I hope he gets the help he needs. I'm glad this didn't involve an accident where anyone was hurt. I also recognize that this touches a personal nerve for many of us for reasons beyond the fact that we're big
  5. Landau seems to be saying this was all sort of spontaneous and just felt right. "You never can tell.."
  6. I don't mind him being religious or spiritual or whatever, he isn't preachy about it. I don't mind his songs about it either. But to use religious imagery so strongly as part of a gesture to supposedly reunite us all - c'mon. We don't all have Christianity in common. Not to mention that using religious imagery to see cars is IMO dubious at best.
  7. Bruce hasn't released such powerful consecutive albums in a very long time.
  8. The more I think about it, the more the religious element bothers me. It is somewhat alienating to me as an atheist.
  9. Eh. If this counts as selling out, he's sold out before, to varying degrees. The ad doesn't bother me, and it certainly doesn't make me want to run out and buy myself a jeep. But I guess I wish it made me feel something inside, something hopeful or proud or something. I'm not sure that telling a divided nation that "we need the middle" is going to somehow unify us by nudging people further to the right or the left towards the center.
  10. I'd never heard of this guy but am loving these songs. Which albums are worth starting with would you say?
  11. Excellent show, and a very tough ticket. This was also Baltimore's first Bruce show since 1977, but he and the band would return in 2016.
  12. Great song and one of the best on the album. It has a '80s era Billy Joel feel to it, and I mean that in the best possible way. Also, I can't help wondering if the opening lines are a nod to The River. Could this be a possible distant future for the young couple from that song, many hard won decades later?
  13. Me too - my second fave on BTR after Thunder Road.
  14. I'm okay with a song being written in 1972 having lyrics that don't age well. But I do question the wisdom of putting that song on a new studio album in 2020. With that in mind, I think Janey and Song for Orphans might have made more sense to release on Tracks 2, where they would have been received in a more archival light. I'm not sure what 22 year old Bruce meant with: "The confederacy's in my name now/The hounds are held at bay The axis needs a stronger arm/Do you feel your muscles play" but these are lines that simply don't sound great being released in 2020 by a liberal
  15. The Way is a song about obsession, infatuation. This could certainly be romantic if the object of his desire feels just the same way about him, but what if this is a one sided relationship where she's doing all the lifting and supporting and he's the one who is coming on a little too strong? As for Fire, well that's what a lot of men might like to think. But the song, when sung by Bruce at least, is from a man's perspective, not the woman's. And yes, when it comes to dating in the real world, sometimes a No is in fact a delaying tactic. But if someone says No, you can't assume that they
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