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  1. riverdude2

    Which do I go for?

    Any good picture framer in a decent sized town near you should be able to do it for you, possibly while you wait. I've had this done for Bruce items I wouldn't let out of my sight!
  2. riverdude2

    Which do I go for?

    Even in a room where direct sunlight doesn't hit, fading will happen over time. I know from bitter experience. I'd get it pro framed with the UV glass.
  3. riverdude2

    Which do I go for?

    Whatever you choose, pay extra and get UV protecting glass. Daylight and worse direct sunlight is a killer for precious framed items like this.
  4. riverdude2

    Jason Isbell New Album Live At The Ryman

    Original email sent to me omitted Vampires, website says it's included.
  5. riverdude2

    Jason Isbell New Album Live At The Ryman

    Revised track list. Track Listing “Hope The High Road” “24 Frames” “White Man's World” “Flagship” “Cumberland Gap” “Something More Than Free” “The Life You Chose” “Elephant” “Flying Over Water” “Last Of My Kind” “Cover Me Up” “Super 8” "If We Were Vampires"
  6. On October 19th, Southeastern Records will release Live From The Ryman, the new live album from four-time Grammy Award winner Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit. Live From The Ryman was primarily recorded during the group’s six sold out nights at Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium in 2017. The album features 13 live versions of songs from their last three critically acclaimed, award-winning studio albums - Southeastern (2013), Something More Than Free (2015), The Nashville Sound (2017). Track Listing “Hope The High Road” “24 Frames” “White Man's World” “Flagship” “Cumberland Gap” “Something More Than Free” “The Life You Chose” “Elephant” “Flying Over Water” “Last Of My Kind” “Cover Me Up” “Super 8” http://www.jasonisbell.com/live-from-the-ryman/
  7. riverdude2

    Springsteen - Tony awards

    A VPN is a virtual private network which routes your internet thru a server (encrypted and secure) from another country. In this case I chose USA but good VPNs allow you to connect via servers based all over the world. To all intents and purposes, when connected, you appear to be based in that country based on the IP address. There are free ones but I have a paid one. It's invaluable when you are using free wifi anywhere. You connect to the wifi, then your VPN and your connection is then secure.
  8. riverdude2

    Springsteen - Tony awards

    A VPN and you can view CBS upload on youtube.
  9. Nobody seems to have mentioned this on here so here's the recently released YT video of the first song performed after Danny passed away. Amazing and moving performance. This footage has been held for 10 years but now the whole show on DVD is shared and available on Jungleland. http://jungleland.dnsalias.com/torrents-details.php?id=41604&hit=1
  10. riverdude2

    Broadway ticket wanted

    See http://in.ticketmaster.com/springsteen/
  11. riverdude2

    June 4th 1985-2017

    I was at Newcastle too, I posted that video in the original post on YT. I bought the complete VHS video at a record fair back in 85 quality isn't great but in those days, I was thrilled to have anything.
  12. riverdude2


    Thanks, I was there too. First time Bruce had played Scotland since the Joad tour I think. Clarence came on via a Clarencemobile to great cheers I recall. Sound was poor at that show but getting Incident made it all worthwhile.
  13. riverdude2

    Pink Floyd

    I think you'll be blown away. One of the best, most visually/audio stunning, thought provoking shows I've ever seen and Mrs r thought so too. Two weeks on and I'm still reliving the show in my head. Stays with you.
  14. riverdude2

    Anyone love Keane as much as me?

    I always liked Keane, great melody and Tom Chaplin's voice superb. I saw him last year (supporting Jeff Lynne/ELO) and he was well received. I like the Wave but haven't heard the Christmas album yet (good reviews though). If he swings by I'd definitely try and catch a show.