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  1. riverdude2

    Andy Murray

    Agree with all of this. Andy didn't play as well as the night before and Lopez played better (in fact he was immense) but at the big points Andy had the experience over the opponents. I still can't see Andy coming back in singles to anything like his best but I hope i'm wrong.
  2. riverdude2

    Andy Murray

    3 Grand Slams, 2 Olympic gold, ATP tour finals winner, Davis Cup winner vitually single handed. Not bad really, a better win record than say Newcastle United. and $165 million career earnings and his wife ain't bad looking.
  3. Welcome salgari! My experience of seeing Bruce in Italy has been that there are very many young fans of your age at the concerts.Hopefully you will get a chance to go and see him and I'm sure you'll meet many fans like yourself. Oh and The River is still my favourite Bruce song ever.
  4. Well I'd say yes. you're getting 14 CDs and a really informative booklet for just over 50 quid. The sound quality is excellent and many fans including me think it's was Bob's peak as a live artist. The material is great, Bob's voice is at it's best and the musicians superb.
  5. It's an official release. Re Black Diamond Bay, Desire wasn't released until 1976 although Bob played some of the songs on the Rolling thunder tour in 1975. I'm not sure BDB has ever been played live see https://www.expectingrain.com/discussions/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=7574
  6. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/sport/vars-in-premier-league-will-not-order-penalty-re-take-if-goalkeeper-comes-off-line-next-season-ffd6h0qbq?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1561017788
  7. England under 21 penalty save last night - allowed.
  8. Yeah, love it too. I think it has the best intro of any of the songs. I can just imagine if it was played live with the ESB, Max hitting those drums.
  9. I would lay the blame solely with Shelley Kerr. The team is 3-0 up and looking very tired. Argentina bring on 3 subs ie a third of their outfield team but Kerr eventually puts on 2 subs at 3-2. The penalty retake was a farce as was the lack of extra time but the blame lies with our manager who displayed yet again tactical naivete.
  10. My last memory of Clarence was in Buffalo in 2009. I guessed this might be the last time and sadly it was but that recreation of the BTR cover always remains.
  11. Still the title track for me, really can't see that changing over time.