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  1. riverdude2

    Jason Isbell New Album Live At The Ryman

    Was that for vinyl? The Isbell CD is on Amazon for £9.99.
  2. riverdude2

    Top 40 Best Selling Studio Albums In The UK

    I have over 5000 albums (mostly on CD) so yes there's some "variety" in my collection.
  3. riverdude2

    Top 40 Best Selling Studio Albums In The UK

    I have 24 of them.
  4. riverdude2

    Eagles Make SOB look a bargain....

    Maybe but with shows in Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham too there's a choice to be had whereas Glasgow has no tickets currently available. It's interesting too that ticket sales for Glasgow on Viagogo have been brisk for a show that only went onsale last week.
  5. riverdude2

    Still Missing Him

  6. riverdude2

    Still Missing Him

    What an amazing collection An American Treasure is, even if tinged with sadness. Straight Into Darkness, an acoustic I Won't Back Down and a live Southern Accents are just some of so many highlights. My favourite release of the year by some distance.
  7. riverdude2

    The "Eagles" on Tour

    The £600 plus tickets are a very tiny % of the total made available and of course there are £96 tickets for sale at Leeds.
  8. riverdude2

    The "Eagles" on Tour

    Well high prices or not, I'm going to see them.
  9. riverdude2

    Still Missing Him

    An American Treasure Deluxe arrived an hour ago. really nice CD sized all bound together book package with great liner notes although the CDs are tight in their sleeves. And the music, so far - fantastic! I still can't believe he's gone though.
  10. riverdude2


    They had a unique style which appealed UK wide (which might have seemed unlikely). Always enjoyable and entertaining. R.I.P. Chas.
  11. riverdude2

    ABBA Gets the Cher Treatment

    I'm not a fan of anyone covering ABBA songs nor of these movies. If I did have to listen to an ABBA cover it would be Erasure's Abba-esque EP, they did the songs pretty well.
  12. riverdude2

    Albums You've Listened To Today

    I'm Lester the Nightfly Hello Baton Rouge
  13. riverdude2

    Albums You've Listened To Today

    One of the best ELO allbums and includes the fantastic Shangri-la.
  14. riverdude2

    Guide(s): The Best of The River Tour 2016 - 17

    Love all the work you've done on this. I was at both Paris shows and although I was (at the time) desperate for the full album, night 1 was better although the power cut and alarms were a bit scary at the time. Just my view though and thanks again for all your time spent.