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  1. Probably but isn't that something which has to be agreed by the artist/their management?
  2. riverdude2

    Anyone love Keane as much as me?

    Setlist at Battle Abbey Disconnected Bend and Break The Lovers Are Losing You Don't See Me Nothing in My Way Everybody's Changing Snowed Under (Tom solo) Try Again (Tim & Tom) Quicksand (Tom Chaplin song) Tear Up This Town (live premiere) This Is the Last Time Is It Any Wonder? It's Not True Bedshaped My Shadow Silenced by the Night Somewhere Only We Know Encore: Sea Fog Sovereign Light Café
  3. Sounds like good news. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-45133094
  4. riverdude2

    Another Stroll Down The Backstreets

    Great stuff thx ENJ!
  5. riverdude2

    Its Wembley June 5th 1981! holy shit!

    It's apparently Bobby G from Bucks Fizz (and no I'm not joking).
  6. riverdude2


    https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2018-08-08/alexander-vlahos-confirms-versailles-will-end-after-three-series/ https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/devastated-versailles-fans-petition-series-13042508
  7. riverdude2


    Fantastic series, such a pity it's been cancelled due to poor viewing figures.
  8. riverdude2

    Gigs 2018

    I do for loud gigs. These are pretty good. Filters sound but it's still clear. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Etymotic-Research-Fidelity-Earplugs-Polybag-Blue-Tip-Clear-Stem/dp/B00G0PPTAK/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1533479927&sr=8-9&keywords=etymotics
  9. riverdude2

    Its Wembley June 5th 1981! holy shit!

    Press clipping.
  10. riverdude2

    Its Wembley June 5th 1981! holy shit!

    You say there's pacing problems, to which I'll return. This was a different era and for Europe, the first real chance to see Bruce and the ESB. The people that attended these shows really wanted to as opposed to nowadays when it's the thing to do for many to brag about on social media. To get tickets for these Euro 81 shows it was either a queue all night outside the venue or it was to send off a postal order and pray that tickets came back in the mail. It took dedication and real effort to get in the door given the size of the venues. The venues were tiny by today's arena standards, never mind stadiums. I saw three shows and the combined attendance was full capacity at 8000 total (2000 + 3000 + 3000). The people next to you weren't holding drinks, they didn't get up and go to the bar/toilet every five minutes, they sat (or later stood) absolutely transfixed by what they were seeing and hearing. This brings me back to your pacing comment. At one of the shows I saw, Bruce opened with Ties, then Out In The Street followed by Prove it. He then played Darkness, Factory, Independence Day. Johnny Bye Bye and Thunder Road. On opening, Bruce had shown the power of the band, his and their performance and then knowing he "had" the crowd (we all knew that before he stepped onstage) he slowed things right down with great story telling and of course fantastic contemplative songs. I somehow doubt if you'd been there, you'd have been thinking about pacing, I think you'd have been as rapt as we all were. It's only my opinion, but I believe Bruce maybe was at his peak on the 78 tour but that summer of 81 tour Bruce and the band hit theirs. As far as this release is concerned, I think it's fantastic.
  11. riverdude2

    Albums You've Listened To Today

    New album and it's very very good.
  12. riverdude2

    30 years ago today

    You beat me to it and your YT embedded properly!
  13. riverdude2

    30 years ago today

    Just as well for us that you went to the show! Did you see Bruce busking too? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQzpefkdPl0
  14. riverdude2

    Gigs 2018

    Saw Paul Simon in Glasgow last night. fantastic show (2 hours 25) and setlist spanning his entire career. Sound was superb and with a large amount of musicians on stage Paul's vocals were crystal clear. Loved it all!
  15. riverdude2


    I'd guess you'd have to use his TM account and C card too.