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  1. MSG 2 from 2009 but that's not available as an official download. From 2016, I like the Portland show and LA2 and LA3 but there's not a huge difference on all the River tour 16 album sections, so maybe go with what other songs were played that you like.
  2. Old age creeping in. The above is from the night after the "official" recording which was mooted for release. I have this one Rock solid, just 8 songs. https://ace-bootlegs.com/bob-dylan-rock-solid/ I can't see this on Expecting Rain, I guess it's not allowed but I'm sure there's a link somewhere around.
  3. I'm looking forward to this release too. In the meantime, anyone missing the "cancelled" live album from 1980 will find it here. The original intention as I recall was to put out a truncated single live album. Links appear active. https://themidnightcafe.org/2016/06/19/lossless-bootleg-bonanza-bob-dylan-toronto-canada-042080-born-again-music/
  4. Agree with you. Seems to be a big favourite of many but I just don't find it entertaining or funny. Endured two episodes and never laughed once. So, there's nothing wrong with you IMO.
  5. Who are Wales playing, oh wait.
  6. Exactly. I always think of Dire Straits. saw them quite a few times, loved the music but Mark Knopfler isn't the greatest frontman so the entertainment was solely the music. The thing with Bruce is we get both - in long shows, win win.
  7. My vote for medley cast, thanks for the push .
  8. That Leipzig show was just great overall (and there's excellent complete DVDs around). Maybe my favourite of the shows I saw in 2013.
  9. Guess I'm having to make do with this. Pretty good quality and complete.
  10. Nice. What's your thoughts on the new album? For me, The Nashville Sound is a notch below Something More Than Free and will Southeastern ever be beaten, I doubt it. I really like the new album with one exception, Chaos and Clothes. I spent ages trying to figure out what it reminded me of and it was Elliot Smith. It's not that I didn't like his work (I have a couple of his albums) but it just doesn't do it for me on Jason's album.
  11. Thanks Silvia. Ljubljana looks to be really nice and we'll go to lake Bled too for sure. If I have any questions, I'll be sure to message you. One thing that is puzzling is that although it was a local promoter, Barley Arts seemed also to be involved. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks, Vienna is maybe my favourite city of all. We saw Bryan Ferry in the opera house in 2011 so yes I know it's special. Looking at the train time to Vienna from Ljubljana and back, it would mean an overnight stay. I'm sure we'll catch Steven some other time. Thanks for your help and I hope you have a great time at the Vienna show.
  13. Well that's disappointing to put it mildly. Mrs r and I are going to Slovenia for nearly a week and whilst the show was only part of the trip, it's annoying to find it's not happening. On the plus side, the weather is looking good and Slovenia has many beautiful sights. Still, a trip without a show, a rarity for us.
  14. In other Macca news, was this reported stateside? https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/3913191/sir-paul-mccartney-train-london-alone/
  15. Yes, I've done that a few times at airports, take the water and paper and stick the paper back on the pile. The daily circulation figures for so many dailies is constantly falling (for good reason I'd say). Quite how long they can keep giving papers away for free is anyone's guess but it's surely unsustainable.