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  1. Like many, I remember watching it unfold live on TV. It was awful to watch as was Bradford and Hillsborough.
  2. It's also on Jungleland as DVD. http://jungleland.dnsalias.com/torrents-details.php?id=43042
  3. Just finished watching this, really enjoyed it, great performances from the two leads.
  4. I'd think if it was good quality, it was from Winterland 1978, or the early 03.09.74 Lost Radio Show (Houston FM radio).
  5. Remember seeing What's Up Doc and having a real crush on Barbra.
  6. For @janeymarywendy after you mentioned seeing her.
  7. This is like this which has been on the go for some time. https://www.mybosstime.com/
  8. My drumming would be like that.
  9. Haven't included Bruce, he's in a different category. These were all small venues. The Who - Glasgow Greens Playhouse 1970 ( I was 4 years underage but got in, the loudest show still I've ever seen. Tommy played in full) Billy Joel - Usher Hall Edinburgh 1979 (front row 52nd St album)) Dire Straits - Odeon Edinburgh 1979 (Communique album) Joe Jackson - Tiffanys Edinburgh 1979 (Fabulous Thunderbirds support) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Playhouse Edinburgh 1982 (Paul Young was support) runners up, Elton John 1978, Al Stewart 1978, Meatloaf 1982, Men At Work 1983 plus quite a few in mainland Europe that have been in great venues.
  10. I just found this, nothing to do with me ie I'm not a seller but if anyone is interested you can buy them here. List seems endless, bands, football teams etc.