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  1. Did the doc charge him an extra $50? Rumour has it that it was just Southside looking for the lyrics to "This Is Your Sword" ahead of that covers show he played recently.
  2. For that you get liner notes and artwork as well.
  3. Landau has been quoted as saying that "Bruce looks forward to continuing his ongoing conversation with his fans as soon as he can remember what it was about. He knows that it partially involves him being onstage and staring into the middle distance defiantly but the rest is a blank at the moment"
  4. There was one particular track which interested me on the mistaken Sony release I was fortunate enough to stumble on. Whilst unfortunately I didn't get time to listen to it a contact of mine did. Entitled "You Using The Whole Fist There, Doc?" it was described to me an "uncomfortable listen" with internal themes quite similar to some of those present in the Scandinavian "art house" movies my friend had enjoyed whilst growing up. As has been Bruce's want in recent times it seems he has revisited and "re imagined" previously released tracks also. "Cover Me (With That Tartan Blanket)" and, in a touching ode to his battle with incontinence, "Wetter Days" both feature in stunning new arrangements. The "short film" initially planned to accompany the release has seen him forgo the customary horse in favour of stannah lift. I'm assured he still looks suitably wistful, if slightly confused.
  5. So it was true about a country album. No. He revisited the fabled Hip Hop album although, in recognition of his growing physical issues, it's now known as the Hip Op album.
  6. With the obvious exception of United I always want British sides to do well in Europe. Found it impossible to get behind Chelsea tonight though. Costa in particular possesses all the charm of Peter Sutcliffe. Horrible team, horrible advert for the sport.
  7. State Trooper from Luglio, Arena at Harbor Yard 2005. I have to say it's a shocker as well. A funny not quite full voice but not quite falsetto. He usually killed that song on that tour as well. Oh, hang on, he's just redeemed himself with a magical Racing and an absolute peach of a Lost In The Flood.
  8. Oh God, this post made my day! Thanks, man! I think it's bogus. Throoper has always been 100%. This reminds me of that fake "leak" just before the "real" "leak" of Devils and Dust. I call foul.Not the Sushi though, sushi is fish, not foul. Yeah, you're probably right. "My Back Hurts Like A Twat First Thing In The Morning" is too good a title to be true. Damn, I thought this was a real deal... Well. I'm afraid I can prove you both wrong. All it will take is a banana.
  9. Sony released a copy in error just after my lunch. I have it. It's a 12 track album. Entirely acoustic aside from the 7 full band numbers on there. Having heard it described as "classic Bruce" I'm pleased to report this is true. There are vocals and instruments present which harks back to the fact there was vocals and instruments clearly present on his greatest work. And his shittier stuff too to be fair. It deals with a number of the issues vital in his current life. A blessing and a curse really. We've long craved the return of a Bruce writing first person and "letting us in" to his inner turmoil and challenges. In truth though songs such as "I Find Myself Urinating More Frequently During The Night", "My Back Hurts Like A Twat First Thing In The Morning" and the jazz funk number "How Much Botox Be Too Much Botox" never really find the spot. First person to send me a banana will have it in their inbox before Easter. I had sushi for my lunch incidentally.
  10. Vibes

    Andy Murray

    I'm not a big tennis fan but it just seems to me he's competing in an age of all time greats. Federer, Nadal, Djokovich etc. hard to win consistently in that company. Like being Ricky Hatton with Mayweather and Pac Man in their prime.
  11. Vibes


    Ronaldinho was just incredible. One of the most amazing talents seen in the game. Never tire of the you tube highlight reels. As a huge fan of the older Brazil sides (82 in particular) he was a real throwback to those artists.
  12. Vibes


    Yeah. It's like placing Thunder Rd ahead of, or behind Born To Run for me. Diego for me.
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