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  1. these are bloody awful Kitty's Back Wild Billy's Circus Story Growin' Up Mary Queen of Arkansas Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street? The Angel
  2. I forgot about American Land....again lyrically great, musically - dross
  3. I HATE the "Irish-sounding" songs on the Wrecking Ball album - Easy Money, Shackled & Drawn and Death to my Hometown. I LIKE the lyrics, just detest the music. When I want to listen to Irish music I'll listen to someone like the Pogues, or Shane McGowan in his own right, The Irish Rovers, some Van Morrison or Christy Moore, or even some Thin Lizzy that has Irish sounding rock in some tracks - but from Bruce? Nup. To me HIS take on Irish music is bombastic and too obviously contrived to get the crowd's just not authentic.
  4. A post on Steve Hoffman Forums: This box set will be a box set of several lost albums from Bruce's career. That's all I heard. Now, I'm gonna guess that these albums include the 94 Hip Hop record, the Tiger Rose album, the sequel to Devils and Dust, '83 home demos... As well as an alternate Western Stars, the gospel album, the 2000/2001 ESB studio sessions. But that's what I've been told. Similar to Tracks in that they're outtakes, but instead of just 64 straight songs, the box will be like 4-6 different albums (with cover art for each one) packaged together.
  5. No. He's doing an electric Dry Lightning re -recording
  6. I'm down under too, but even still your picture is upside down!
  7. Whilst everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this is a nonsense, I am sorry. The title track alone is a magnificent song, and put it together with My Hometown, I'm on Fire and Downbound Train and you have the beginnings of a great record. YES, Shut Out the Light, Janey Don't You Lose Heart, Murder Incorporated and Sugarland would have made wonderful inclusions, I'd hate to drop any songs from the released BITUSA to make room for them. A double album WAS called for given the breadth of material. Interesting thought - If he had released the record as say: Murder Inc. Drop On Down And Cover Me This Hard Land Sugarland Stand On It Janey DYLH SIDE TWO My Love WNLYD Protection Shut Out The Light None But The Brave Man At The Top Follow That Dream ...would we all NOW be saying "What was he thinking leaving off tracks like Born in the USA, My Hometown, Cover Me, I'm on Fire etc"? I dare say, we would!
  8. I remember grabbing the album on release day and the guy behind the counter said to me "this is going to change this guy's career big time" . I quivered a bit, loving "MY OLD BRUCE" and asked him what he meant. He just said this will put Springsteen over the top! How right he was.
  9. I really REALLY dislike his vocals on this. To me, they sound both forced and manipulated. Just not natural...
  10. I must be odd. I like the words, but the fact he has to speed sing them to get them to 'fit' annoys, too many words.
  11. This list changes daily apart from the last two songs. I cannot stand the voice in Sundown. But I love the music. Sleepy Joe's, to me, just does not fit in this album in any shape or form. The other 11 tracks though? Wow... 1. Western Stars 2. Tucson Train 3. Moonlight Motel 4. Stones 5. The Wayfarer 6. Chasin' Wild Horses 7. Hello sunshine 8. Hitch Hikin' 9. Drive Fast 10. Somewhere North of Nashville 11. There goes My Miracle 12. Sundown 13. Sleepy Joe's Café
  12. Well, this is a problem I sort of have too. Except I'd say courage to listen to this new "product'... inverted commas change of location. Why? I DO like much of the new music, LOVE some of it too, but when I read in the Credits, Bruce thanking someone for the "package", and seeing all the lovely pictures of Bruce in cowboy/western attire/settings, it somehow SEEMS like a product/package, rather than 'just music' Bruce is not a cowboy or westerner. He seems to have allowed himself to be packaged and packaged up...'s hard to explain, I just wish the record had come out and we'd listened. rather than we'd been drip fed all the images that 'tied the package" together...there's just something eerily and, to me, scarily, calculated about this record. He's even gone missing, like the characters in the songs to a degree, since the record's been released.