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    Bruce, travel, red wine, The Rolling Stones, Nelson deMille, movies, automobiles, vinyl records and ANYTHING FROM THE WORLD OF APPLE - I am late to this party! And my BB and his family!

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  1. The ONLY song that had not immediately grabbed me is I’ll See you in My Dreams. Don’t know about this one. A bit like a working on a Dream outtake. And, I really like Power of Prayer, but don’t LOVE IT. THE OTHER TEN tracks though, they’re just top shelf Bruce material. And recorded so SO well. This is how Bruce and the Band MUST record, always, in the future. Please. Bruce’s voice is just beautiful throughout too. I knew it would be from my first hearings of Letter to You, the song. Just his Roy Orbison stylings on “true” and “blue”...I knew he’d found a new voice. Wonderful.
  2. My Nanna, who had lived with my mum, dad and I since I was born, passed away after a rather long and exhausting illness late in 1995 when I was 41yo. The Ghost of Tom Joad would hardly have been thought of as music to grieve by/with, yet that album comforted me immeasurably through the rest of 1995 and 1996, a year I’d rather have forgotten. I was lucky in that I ran my own office. I played the album constantly for about a year or more! My staff, bless them, knew what and how that music was getting me through those times, they not once complained . When the bootlegs appeared t
  3. So I went searching for this as soon as I heard about the leak ..all I could find were a cpl of songs that isolated the vocals. Not the full record. So now I just wait and read the official and the fan reviews. Overall, it sounds like it’s going to be just fine...
  4. If Trump gets voted in again it would be a)unfortunate, b)inexplicable and c)unforgivable. I get him NOT being a 'politician' is his appeal and a reason so many vote for him But HIM? Surely there are other NON-Politicians in the US who are honest, compassionate and honourable that could appeal? But HIM? He has taken so many in and to the cleaners with his Chapter 11s, he cares about nobody (except a few of his family), he only cares about MONEY and he lives in his own, self created, alternate universe. I LOVE the way he bags out everyone who LEAVES the White House as not being very c
  5. Tehran, new spy mini series on Apple TV+, is so much better than The Morning Show
  6. Wasn’t a tour as such but he did quite a lot of shows on Broadway post-Trump’s unfortunate election in 2016. Unless I am mistaken, Broadway is in the US.
  7. I am the opposite. I much prefer LTY, it’s mature and majestic. There’s something a bit off with Ghosts. The tone of the guitar is a bit grating. The ‘shouted”, abrupt vocals. And it reminds me of Sing This All Together by the Stones on Satanic Majesties. The last couple of minutes anyways.
  8. Ain’t read the whole thread but I hear a lot of The Stones Sing this All Together (off the abysmal Satanic Majesties album) in this song, especially in the last couple minutes. It’s the phrasing...I MUCH prefer Letter to You.
  9. I LOVE it. I reckon, looking at the full track listing, the album is going to be about mortality. I "spoke" briefly by words to Ron Anielllo on Instagram about it last night - or rather he kindly 'spoke' to me after we had had intermittent messages over past 2 months or so where I was teasing him, and pleading for info...he kept mum though obviously as I knew he would until it was out! I think the sound of the single is lovely, throws back all the way sound wise to The River for me. And the song itself sounds like a mix of the songs Lucky Town, Western Stars
  10. Just to be clear....THIS ALARMS you? It's a VERY minor thing with the way of the world Daisy, isn't it? Hardly "alarming", just silly, surely?
  11. I thought you thought you were in the thread about Bruce's threads. Levis, or....?
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