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    Bruce, travel, red wine, The Rolling Stones, Nelson deMille, movies, automobiles, vinyl records and ANYTHING FROM THE WORLD OF APPLE - I am late to this party! And my BB and his family!

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  1. Just to be clear....THIS ALARMS you? It's a VERY minor thing with the way of the world Daisy, isn't it? Hardly "alarming", just silly, surely?
  2. I thought you thought you were in the thread about Bruce's threads. Levis, or....?
  3. May be in great shape, but, ahem...., at her age, she looks just ridiculously like a pantomime of her young self when she's on stage now. I actually squirm at the very sight of her acting out her youth in the type of garb usually associated with Rhianna or any of the other 20-30 yo female artists who feel they have to have as little on as possible to be relevant. Can't any of them make it without just relying on their talent?
  4. ended up just getting one on discogs for about AUD66 shipped from the US. Don't know why I have to have it but I do. Can't understand, still, why/how this happened and why it's not a semi-valuable collector item. But with the number on discogs at low-low prices, it sure ain't!
  5. A/ How WAS it that on the original Born to Run vinyl LP Jon Landau's name, on the back cover, was mis-spelled as John Landau? What a mistake! B/ How many were pressed and printed before the error was realised? C/ How many 'got out' without the sticker being placed over John as Jon? D/ Are they worth anything without the sticker? Surely collectors would want them? E/ About to start looking.... Tks Rod
  6. I have just heard from a friend that there will be 2 shows in Perth "late 2020". And it's also been on radio here...trying to find out more
  7. Tkts purchased for Sun 8 Dec 3.30pm session at Readings Cinema Belmont, Perth
  8. Per title of your thread, IS this an official live release?
  9. Seriously, you're need to commentate and opine on everybody else comments is just too much.In such a short space of time you appear to have taken over this board...I have to block you. I hope I can. Sorry.
  10. EXTRAORDINARY post mate. And some perfect, valid and wonderfully delivered observations and reflections.
  11. Wow. I've been on Lake for nearly 11 years. At the rate you're going, you'll pass my post count, probably tomorrow! Why would the barn known as the Brisbane Entertainment Centre remotely interest you? No-one IN Brisbane cares about it ;-)
  12. I got this as well...FANTASTIC! I have to brag cover looks in much better nick than yours. No ring of wear!
  13. Pet Sounds, to me, is one the biggest turds that ever existed music-wise. I fail to hear anything that remotely could see it, as an album, be classified as good let alone great or masterpiece. It's self indulgent drivel, made by and for adolescents. Yes, God Only Knows and Wouldn't it Be Nice ARE superb. Utterly so. The rest, though, is crap.