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  1. The strangest things keep him bothered. I have never known a person so absorbed with their perceived failings/flaws. This said we wouldn’t have so many great songs without his examination and over examination of his life.
  2. But has it been officially stated he was well under or simply the opinion of “someone with knowledge”? I can see dui thrown out but reckless being prosecuted. But mostly I am wondering why he hasn’t retained a big buck lawyer to make this go away.
  3. I thought burned out Chevrolet’s were burned out shallow graves... I was never going to New Jersey.
  4. Attending a kids game with the local authority on the game behind you. Really hard not to remind him it is KIDS are playing. Then he discussed why my kid wasn't playing. >:[
  5. Ok what happens when I leave a message here?

  6. hm hm hm hm hm hm hm hm come on

  7. Li, li, li, li, li, li, li, li - have you guessed what it is yet?

  8. Just realized we have comment boxes.... you start the little song and I will hum along;)

  9. Hallo, msib! Thanx for adding me as a friend. Am I supposed to post this message here? Do we get to sing a little song or something?!

  10. Welcome to the Lake. The sky is always blue, the grass green and the water is lovely. ;)

    Nice name by the way.... something familiar about it but I can't put my finger on it.

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