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  1. Attending a kids game with the local authority on the game behind you. Really hard not to remind him it is KIDS are playing. Then he discussed why my kid wasn't playing. >:[
  2. Because I haven't seen enough Bruce I stopped at Live in Barcelona. During Born to Run Patti had a pony tail. Then I see her hair down. Is the recording filled with out takes of other shows?
  3. Does anyone have a compilation of his tribute covers? I guess Royal isn't exactly a tribute but he has done some pretty fine covers.
  4. Party Lights and Jersey Girl... why does he have to say "that little brat of yours and drop her off at your moms."? *edit* actually I can't stand when he tells women to put their make up on either.
  5. Ok what happens when I leave a message here?

  6. And I hate office gossip. I don't care why blank bugs you. Don't tell me. I don't care. And I don't want it to bug me too so shhhh.
  7. When people think you "collect" something and give you more every year. Now I am collecting something I never collected to begin with.
  8. I was so certain today was the day. I didnt spread rumors to avoid jinxing myself. Dang.
  9. I heard there was some special track to be added. The outtake is the band whistling a round. Bruce cut from final release. Can't wait!
  10. hrmmm.Might color my hair that day since we are planning so far out.
  11. No updates? I feel it could be happening tomorrow. Or next Wednesday.