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  1. when someone stops in their lane on the freeway to "think"
  2. if I should let the kid buy a new pokemon ds game.....
  3. When little kids say they are bored. Had one here for 20 mins that I said could stay 3 hours. My head already hurts.
  4. I can't believe how happy I am for that cheeky little mouse about me!
  5. Well that little mouse above me is happy it is spring and I can't believe it says -3 degrees F out now. With a stiff breeze even.
  6. how much I love to hear kids laugh. Mine are giggling from the tips of their toes right now.
  7. I am thinking that I have so much to do and don' t know where to start......
  8. to get rid of some of these things I thought I needed.
  9. at home small economical gas saver or pick up truck
  10. Been on a live run lately. Up next Bobby Jean then Thunder Road.
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