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  1. I need to hear "How you doing out there?" and maybe "C'mon Steve" Actually I don't need to hear it today.... I would like a promise that I will hear it again.
  2. Where is he going? and...... I hope when I am trapped in a chair in a nursing home I am not trapped watching Bruce looking 15 years younger than me selling classic music of the 80's.
  3. Wool socks...... never thought I would wear them. I don't like socks but today I broke down. This seems like an old person thing.... hrm.
  4. I could really stand to hear someone sing "I just can't face myself alone anymore" One hell of a long day.
  5. I can't remember if I have confessed this already but Mary Queen has finally grown on me.
  6. People who judge other's gaffe as if they never make their own.
  7. don't wear socks..... tpbm is waiting for slv from Asbury Park
  8. I heard It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City in Walgreen's today!
  9. that a year ago I was on a flight from Cincinnati to Buffalo. Had to transfer there because all other flights into Buffalo were FULL!
  10. the frozen gingerbread cookie dough....
  11. that the snow on the ground came before the leaves were off the trees.
  12. everyone wanted all kids to succeed.
  13. yeah..... tpbm got their box last week.
  14. same thing the rest of you can't wait for...
  15. same reason we are all here.... sometimes words touch us. And I wonder..... how is it I am the only person who knows someone in the family is insane?
  16. Wondering if tart cherry juice concentrate really relieves the pain of arthritis.
  17. I really really want the Yankee's to lose.... almost preferred the Tomahawk Chop and strange chanting with Ted and Jane.
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