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  1. Hi Long time 

    Any spare Ga for the Oaklands gig

    I could be there slave for a week in exchange lol

    Hope all is well K

    Regards Mark 

  2. sidanymac

    Leeds Pictures

    the gig & the arena
  3. So what does the 19th date stand for ? I'm not sure. I can see that it says 5th of November for Dream Baby Dream. Maybe the song will be available on the 19th. I think 25th will be way too early for a full album without any announcement.i was on about a new album only last night with one legged Dog I said the album would be out just before Christmas Seen as Christmas started in October it's a bit late I had high hopes for 2live box sets the other day Olli crashed and burned that one Has he anything to do with this? :-) :-)
  4. one step up and 2 steps back,Its time to walk like a man :))

  5. Just joined the Q and have 10 on my hand I have had it on good authority that GA will have a golden circle limited to 600 GA ticket holders And probably a few VIPs Roll call 10am sunday
  6. Sound was terribleThe place was empty don't think you can compare with Bruce's setup and sound check The sound system was adequate Thought the first band on where a bad choice Didn't stay for the last band Awesome arena
  7. That'll be Scots not scotch (though we export a lot of that) and irn bru not iron brew. You've obviously not been eating enough meat so no pudding for you! i liked the ex Leeds United Jock Stein, think he was Scotchish every male from South Yorkshire area are known as Judd,a character out of Kes wouldnt understand them if they were offended,probably gi mi sum shoe thats what they'ed do thanuz
  8. Stay up all night it's going to feel alright Even after the rush up from Cardiff Adrenaline will get me through
  9. be good to have one so he can get on the miniature stage just infront of the seatsAnd surf back to the stage I hope that is the case Come on Bruuuuccceee
  10. Stockholm tonight got BtR in its entirety.Will Leeds get BITUSA,I think someone said there will be a box set released of a DVD of the 85 Roundhay Park Gig and the Leeds Arena Gig.could be some truth in this,If he says he will play The Rising at Cardiff or Coventry Ill be going
  11. Leeds Ticket office.jpgLeeds Ticket office1.jpg at the Leeds Ticket Box office prior to the General Sale of Bruce Springsteen tickets thanks ONE LEGGED DOG Sid, I took a quick look at those two photos and thought you'd started the pit queue already LolIll be there about 4am on the day if we don't sell our Cardiff tickets That when they arrive of course Love Cardiff but this will be the best uk gig in a lot of years and Leeds is the one to GA queue loads of bars etc within view of Clay Pit Lane The best Pit ever going to be awesome
  12. at the Leeds Ticket Box office prior to the General Sale of Bruce Springsteen tickets thanks ONE LEGGED DOG
  13. Very nice. Sidanymac,is there anything fast food joints very close to the arena. 2 min walk to McDonalds, 2 min walk to probably 20 pubs.Yates Witherspoon Walkabout,ONeils £4.50 overnight parking at the Merrion Centre car park for those landing from Cardiff in the early hours.Ideal location theres a Bar called Reds about 300 yrs away who are doing a Bruce Burger the week of the concert if that gets you salivating
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