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    I'm all about The Saw Doctors, Bruce Springsteen, Sir Elton John, The Waterboys and Meat Loaf!
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  1. Yeah I got and I can read it but it's taking ages for my reply to send!

    I don't think it will send

  2. it sent there for me so you should get it now

  3. No I didn't get it. I can't access my messages for some weird reason.

  4. hey drumbum, i tried send you a PM there it was coming up action failed, can you let me know if you got it?

  5. Haha! That's true actually...

  6. woops! sorry, you don't see "drumbum" in too many baby girl name books!

  7. Haha, "good spot woman!

    I didn't see your post but spotted your Roy Keane comment in the sports section.

  8. good spot man, i put up a post yesterday to see how many irish lakers there are but so far all i've gotten back is some1 talkin about gay cowboys. worrying...

  9. I was thinking by your username that you are Irish!

  10. 404 posts? I seriously haven't typed 404 posts?!

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