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  1. I remember that night. The show was live on the radio and were having a going-away party for some friends that night. I was recording the show on cassettes and I kept standing by the stereo because I had to switch tapes and didn’t want to miss anything. This was back before I had any was a big deal!
  2. Stones is the one I keep going back to...haunting and beautiful in its simplicity.
  3. Hey, Jimmy...I think it’s corny. I thought that the rally squirrel was dumb too. It’s like St. Louis can’t win anything without some quirky divine intervention. But the hockey fans that I know are a superstitious bunch...if they think that Gloria helps the Blues win, then I don’t mind...but I’m not going to listen to the song, .
  4. Ha...yes he did, and it’s a good one! We used to sing it to my little sister because it’s her name too.
  5. My name is Mary, but I wasn’t named after a Bruce character since I was born before Bruce HAD characters. Bruce’s wife and I both go by Patty which is from our middle names, but she spells it wrong. I have a Julia and an Anne which together kind of make Bruce’s first wife’s name. We had a dog named Rosie but she came with that name. If anything, Bruce is naming characters and marrying women based on my life.
  6. Ha...thank you for your support!
  7. Are you going tonight, Andrew? If so, say hello to Tom Hart for me. Hope to see you guys in 2020!
  8. Yes, I know what you mean...time is strange that way. Also, I hadn’t talked to Mark much that last year or two, so it probably feels longer for me.
  9. Thanks for the reminder, Billy. I’ll always miss Mark and how he made me laugh. I don’t remember what I posted and deleted on that thread you shared...I was always deleting things after I posted back then. Time just keeps moving on, doesn’t it?