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  1. Oh how sad. I never met RJM but she seemed like a lovely person online. Condolences to those who knew and loved her.
  2. Hey Cokey! Wow, 20 years...crazy. I was the first female member of the ETC...there were just a few guys when I joined. The puppy and C told me about it in the chat room one night...I don’t know if I would have found it on my own. There were only a few threads then, one called “What is this place?” It was so funny over the years to see people wander in accidentally and try to figure out where they were. I remember we made up rules...No mention of B*$&#, no telling anyone about the ETC, and I don’t remember what else. So many fun threads there over the years...I have saved a bunch from 20
  3. Hmm...don’t remember that. Who recorded it? The phone I had in 2003 didn’t do videos or probably even pictures!
  4. They were rusty but not as bad as I expected after reading this thread. I know they wanted to play these songs live but I hope they don’t regret it. Not worth the risk, imo, with the numbers so high.
  5. Very sad news. Condolences to his family and friends. Great picture, Jimmy. Tom wasn’t from St. Louis, was he?
  6. When my daughter heard her sing, “I am just a rumble doll,” she asked me, “Did she say she is just a humble dog?”
  7. So sad. I didn’t know him well but he was one of the regulars here. Peace to his friends and family. And thanks @BillsBruce...I could never remember what bbb’s third “b” was for. I knew the Bills and Bruce.
  8. Hi Nicole! I remember you from the old days...good to see you. I agree that this was a special place back then. We were all so happy to have found each other. And with no cell phones, Facebook, or Twitter, we all relied on this board and the chat room to stay in touch. It was a fun time.
  9. It’s good. It reminds me a bit of My Lucky Day. Love the video...so nice to see the band together.
  10. I think it’s his best song about depression. Looking for an easy way out...”I knew she was trouble but trouble sure was looking fine.” Being stuck in a shitty place...the bags are packed but he’s frozen. The light turns from red to green to red...and he’s still there, listening to the clock, unable to move.
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