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  1. Aren’t they? This is what Tara said: The residents were really impressed with how far it traveled and thought it was very kind of Bruce to make the monetary donation for the nanny. They looked at the photo album and banner for 45 minutes straight!
  2. Pictures of the banner and the photo album at the nursing home. Tara, the employee, did a PowerPoint presentation and told the story of the banner and then left it hanging up so that they could all look at it. She said that the residents were very interested and thought it was neat.
  3. The banner was presented at the nursing home last week. I’m waiting for permission from them before I share the photos but I thought I’d share this picture. If you remember the story, Bruce helped Michelle in the summer of 2000 when her police officer husband was killed in the line of duty and she had a young son and was pregnant with twins. Then Michelle remarried and was expecting a baby boy when we met with her and Steve’s mom in 2005 to give Steve’s mom the banner. Michelle told us that her son would have our friend Steve’s name as his middle name. That boy, Kyle Stephen, is on the left in this picture. Sgt. Dan (who is really lieutenant Dan) visited Michelle and her family last month. Michelle told Dan that Steve’s mom, Suzanne, fell and broke her hip around Christmas last year. She spent some time in the hospital, then a rehab center, and then went into the nursing home. She passed away in April. And as we all know, she treasured the banner enough to take it with her there. This picture is Michelle and her children with Dan and his daughters. (Michelle’s husband took the picture.) Dan says they are all doing well. From left to right, it’s Kyle Stephen, Will (Michelle’s older son), John (one of the twins), Michelle, Sgt. Dan, Dan’s daughter Brigid, Holly (the other twin) and Dan’s daughter Faith. This picture makes me feel so good, knowing that they are doing well and that Bruce’s kindness was just one of many in this story. I think of the many people who helped the banner travel from city to city, and of Steve, who was such a nice guy and a good friend back in the early days of the internet, and of Suzanne being reunited with her son, and of the nursing home employee finding the banner and taking the time to track down its origins. It’s nice to know that there are so many good people in this world.
  4. Thanks for starting this thread, Mikey. I remember watching the TV that day but also being on GL all afternoon, reading the “Unfuckingbelievable” thread and hoping for updates from our friends in the area. Like you said, without Facebook or Twitter or even text messaging, this place was our main way to find out about our friends. We all used the chat room in the evenings back then too. It was comforting that night to all be together, chatting and checking up on each other. I remember that Rich finally popped in briefly. He said he hadn’t been working that morning but had gone down right after it happened and he’d spend the day down there, looking for survivors. At one point, he was briefly trapped under some some debris but he was okay. He then told us not to tell the frying pan (his wife) that he’d been in any danger. I also remember when MiamiMark checked in. He ended up staying in the city for several days, helping people. He’d had a tentative meeting with someone at the WTC that morning but when he tried to get ahold of that person that morning, they didn’t answer their phone, so he didn’t go down there. It’s sad to think that both he and Rich survived that day but are gone now. @judyg Judy, weren’t you also living in Manhattan then? And I know that Ronday (Cindy) was too.
  5. I’ve been in touch with Tara, the nursing home employee who has the banner. She sent me a power point presentation that she plans to show the residents. She will have the banner hanging up all day one day next month and do the presentation for about 30 minutes. Because of Covid, Sgt. Dan and I will not be able to be there for it so I’ve asked her to have someone record it or at least take pictures. And Dan and I will meet with her outside the nursing home when her schedule frees up a bit. I’m not sure if that will be before the presentation or after. We want to take her out to thank her for getting in touch with us, plus we can tell her our Bruce and banner stories in person.
  6. Nice to see you! I don’t think we ever met in person back in the banner days. I’m holding a creation from BalloonMan in the picture above. I keep in touch with him and some of the others from the old days on Facebook.
  7. Thanks for the bump, Mikey! It was a great show. I listened to part of it today on ESR. Can’t believe it’s been 13 years.
  8. You were everywhere! I have a lot of pictures of you over the years but none with the banner. I’ll post them if you want... And the middle picture above was St. Louis 2002, not ‘03…can’t edit it.
  9. Looks like the presentation about the banner will probably take place in September instead of August. The nursing home employee is worried about the Covid numbers in St. Louis and the possibility of planning something only to have to cancel it for safety reasons. I’ll keep you all posted when it happens. I can’t find the pictures from when we gave Steve’s mom the banner in 2005 but I found a few from the early days of the Rising Tour. The first is in Detroit (Auburn Hills) on 8/15/02 and it includes GWN, me, and Jaycee (Joann) who sadly passed away in 2010. The second is it being folded up after the pre-party in St. Louis at The Hard Rock Cafe on 8/30/03, and the last one is in Milwaukee on 9/27/03. I also have some from Giant’s Stadium in 7/2003 but those have already been posted.
  10. The Facebook group is called “Everything Bruce Springsteen.” I’d never heard of it and only one former GL member belongs to it and spotted the post….edited to say that I joined that group and it looks like there were three former Greasy Lakers there. There are several Springsteen Facebook groups. I belong to a few. One of them, Spring-Nuts, seems to be a close group and I could see them doing something like a banner (they have t-shirts!) but I think Greasy Lake’s banner days are over. Like Mikey said, that’s not a bad thing…it’s just that times have changed.
  11. This has been crazy. This picture is the banner hanging in a St. Louis nursing home yesterday. (We’ve been told that it still stinks!) My friend Sgt. Dan and I gave the banner to Steve’s mom in 2005. I’m so touched that she kept it all these years and that the employee went to the trouble of finding us and has offered to send it back. Sgt. Dan has kindly offered to tell the story of the banner and its history to the nursing home members in August and I hope to join him. I went to 8 Rising shows. I first signed the banner in Auburn Hills and then just added the dates of the subsequent shows as the tour went on. I have many pictures of the banner in various cities that I can add later when I get home. I hosted it in St. Louis and then passed it on in Kansas City. For those of you not familiar with this story, this is a synopsis that I sent to the nursing home employee: Steve Ponath, Suzanne’s son was known as Brilliantly Disguised on our message board, Greasy Lake. It wasn’t a huge board back in 2000 and Steve posted a lot so we all “knew” him. In the summer of 2000, Bruce got a lot of flack from police officers after he performed his song 41 Shots about the police shooting of Amadou Diallo in NYC. The song was perceived to be anti-cop which it really wasn’t. Shortly after the song was performed and the controversy erupted, a St. Louis police officer, Robert Stanze, was shot and killed in the line of duty, leaving his young son and his wife who was pregnant with twins. Sgt. Dan was the police office assigned to assist Stanze’s wife, Michelle. Sgt. Dan is a huge Bruce fan. As he assisted Michelle, he got to know her best friend, Steve Ponath, our GL member and Suzanne’s son. About this time, Dan wrote a letter to Bruce through his manager telling the story of Officer Stanze and his widow. He told Bruce that he was a police officer who understood that the song was not anti-cop. He asked if there was anything that Bruce might want to do to help Michelle and her son and unborn twins. Bruce’s manager, Barbara Carr, called Sgt. Dan and said that Bruce wanted to donate money for Michelle to hire a night nurse for the twins. He sent her several thousand dollars through an anonymous fund. Now, Steve’s health was never good. He had colitis and what he thought was pancreatitis but it turned out to be cancer. In February 2002, I randomly looked at the obituaries in the Post (I didn’t do this regularly) and there was Steve’s obituary. I posted about his death on GL and the comments and tributes to him poured in. I knew that Steve’s mom would probably love to know how many people thought highly of her son, so I printed off the comments and brought them to Steve’s visitation. I met Michelle and and introduced myself to Suzanne and gave her the envelope of the comments. Then that summer, 2002, Bruce released The Rising and we at GL decided to do another banner that would travel from show to show. As you’ve read, there had been a banner for the reunion tour. We decided that this banner should be dedicated to Steve so it included the quote of his in the center. As it traveled, fans met each other and signed the banner. Friendships were born, and many people got to know who Steve was. Someone got Bruce to sign although he really didn’t know what it was. When the tour ended, Mary Beth Hunt made a scrap book about the banner and its travels and we all decided that it should go to Steve’s mom. In March of 2005, Sgt. Dan and I met Suzanne, her husband and Michelle Stanze at a restaurant and gave her the banner and scrapbook. As you can see in the linked Greasy Lake threads, Suzanne logged into GL to thank us. We knew that the banner meant a lot to her and the fact that she still had it in the nursing home 16 years later confirms again how much it meant to her. Also, when Bruce came to St. Louis on the Rising Tour in August of 2002, Sgt. Dan again contacted Barbara Carr and he and Michelle got to meet Bruce after the show and Michelle was able to thank him in person. They also told him about Steve. Steve’s favorite song was Thunder Road. That night, when Bruce played Thunder Road on the piano, something fell onto the piano keys and made a loud noise. Bruce paused and laughed. Many of us think that was a sign from Steve.
  12. Yes…get out of the queue and start over. Takes me right in.
  13. Oh how sad. I never met RJM but she seemed like a lovely person online. Condolences to those who knew and loved her.
  14. Hey Cokey! Wow, 20 years...crazy. I was the first female member of the ETC...there were just a few guys when I joined. The puppy and C told me about it in the chat room one night...I don’t know if I would have found it on my own. There were only a few threads then, one called “What is this place?” It was so funny over the years to see people wander in accidentally and try to figure out where they were. I remember we made up rules...No mention of B*$&#, no telling anyone about the ETC, and I don’t remember what else. So many fun threads there over the years...I have saved a bunch from 2004 and 2005 that Karsten archived. I wish we could see them all...they were a time capsule of those early years of us all becoming friends and meeting in person, etc. Glory days for sure.
  15. Hmm...don’t remember that. Who recorded it? The phone I had in 2003 didn’t do videos or probably even pictures!
  16. They were rusty but not as bad as I expected after reading this thread. I know they wanted to play these songs live but I hope they don’t regret it. Not worth the risk, imo, with the numbers so high.
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