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  1. You’re right of course.... but my mind always go back to the ToL tour, where Bruce felt the need to ditch a lot of the stalwarts that he’d built shows around for years (Badlands, Prove it all Night, etc) and bring in some lesser played tunes that perfectly fitted the theme of the show he was trying to convey (Adam raised a cain, Roulette, Be True). That was such a great tour! Particularly the encores that were pure rock n roll and soul..... that was the thoughts behind my list. As always though, SO many great songs to choose from, it’s inevitable that some would be left out...... loving t
  2. My fantasy set list, for the first show back would be..... Burnin’ Train Better Days Where The Bands Are Ghosts Save My Love Last Man Standing Darkness... You’re Missing LOHAD If I Was The Priest NYC Seranade (with string section) There Goes My Miracle (with strings) Tuscon Train (with strings) Sleepy Joes Cafe Rosalita Song for Orphans Promised Land How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times Rainmaker Badlands Born To Run I’ll See You In My Dreams —— Encores——— My Beautiful
  3. Lots of regional lockdowns of various degrees..... a national lockdown won’t be far away. At the moment, for the last week, we’re averaging twenty five thousand new cases each day. most people wish we had your Prime Minister in charge.....
  4. The world record for the longest show by a single artist or band belongs to a Canadian singer called Chilli Gonzalez. His longest gig clocked in at an incredible 300 song, 27hour marathon show!
  5. I think that’s a very good point indeed. i don’t profess to have all, or even any, of the answers. I think (maybe naively) that once the material is officially released the “crime” of sharing something that you have purchased pretty much evaporates. The material is out there on the date the artist intended. Once you’ve purchased the material, sharing it then almost makes you part of the Bruce Inc marketing team! On the other hand, maybe I’m just talking nonsense.... wouldn’t be the first or last time!
  6. But the point is, it’s not yours to do that with until it’s released officially. Might as well say that there’s no harm in taking somebodies car and going for a drive as long as you return it with fuel in. Or buying a bootleg DVD and justifying that by saying you’re going to pay to see the movie officially when it hits the cinemas....
  7. Personally, as desperate as I am to hear the album, I’m rather enjoying the anticipation. It’s like the build up to Christmas Day when you were a kid! lots of thoughts and opinions on here regarding the rights and wrongs of leaking and sharing the album. From my perspective, until it’s released officially, unless you have permission from the Springsteen camp to share it, you shouldn’t. Doesn’t matter if you’re going to buy it anyway, it’s not yours to share yet.
  8. Yeah, I would have said that the JAMC only really paddled in the shallows of the Shoegaze pool. I was lucky enough to see The Jesus and Mary Chain play in the early 90’s on a fantastic 4 band tour. It was them, My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr and Blur, with each band taking turns in headlining each night. The most abiding memory is just how damn LOUD MBV were. An incredible band. Im a massive Shoegaze fan.... thank you for starting this feed. FWIW, my fave SG bands are: Slowdive Ride MBV Curve Chapterhouse Lush Galaxie 500 The Telescopes
  9. Ask me today, and it’s these.... Thunder Road Backstreets Racing in the Streets Tunnel of Love Devils Arcade Gypsy Biker My Beautiful Reward Empty Sky Open all Night Shut out the Light .......Ask me tomorrow and it’ll be a different list!
  10. If this is the correct track list for the new album, it wouldn’t surprise me if “Orphans” was an edited, rewritten version of the original 70’s track. The opening lines are so relevant to what’s happening in the states at the moment (“The multitudes assembled, trying to find a voice”), but the rest of the track is so “wordy” it doesn’t suit Bruce’s more concise style of writing thats developed over the last 20years or so. Its purely a guess, nothing more, but Bruce does have a history of occasionally taking inspiration from earlier tunes to write something that’s more relevant to him
  11. If you do a YouTube search for “Springsteen backing tracks” there’s dozens available. All have the vocals and lead guitar part removed, enabling you to sing and play along
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