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    The Darkness on the Edge of Baltimore,Maryland
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    1982, give or take....
  • Does Mary's dress wave or sway?
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    Music-the way it's supposed to be (Whatever happened to the "roll" anyway?) I'm a huge fan of Keith Richards and The Rolling Stones. I believe GoodFellas is the best Mafia movie ever.I wear sunglasses 24/7 out of necessity-guess which kind? :). I know every single line of The Blues Brothers.
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    As often as possible.......I'm a guy.

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  1. Something I'll never have again.
  2. Something I'll never have again.... (Sorry)
  3. Having to switch away from E Street Radio,because they're playing the bejesus out of Working On A Dream.....and I want to sit down and listen to the whole thing in one shot,like I've done with every album. I haven't had a chance yet.
  4. Loved them... Is there an area or thread on this board on which to introduce myself?
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