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  1. Thanks! Which is the best of these? I do like audience participation...
  2. Thanks so very much! If you had to have 1, can you recommend one to me? Thanks for all you do!
  3. Which did you feel was the loudest Italian crazy crowd LOL
  4. These 77`s...wow. Thanks soooo much everyone!
  5. Amen...I get chills in my car driving everytime!
  6. Thank you so much! Love these shows. Hoping there's a few where Sting comes in during Bruce's set to sing The river. I remember Bruce duetting on 'Every breath you take' on a boot...
  7. What was really fascinating about the first show was the piano part Roy played during Rosie. I've never heard that live in these early boots. Thanks so much for these 76 shows. Love em!
  8. Fantastic cover from a fantastic new artist!
  9. Not sure. I think it would be interesting in that he is such a creative force and practically everything he does is cool and he draws from all styles. He is also a huge Bruce fan, i remember reading that the River was 1 of his favorite albums of all time. PS: I am an older Bruce fan and a huge fan of all Taylor eras. She is a phenomenal talent and a massive Bruce fan can certainly be a Swift fan, no problem. Dive into it, you'll like it!
  10. Good God. Antonoff is 1 of the greatest of this generation. The stuff he has produced is spectacular from the latest releases of not only Taylor but Dixie Chicks, Lorde, Lana Del rey...he's a musical genius powerhouse. You are truly missing out. Bleachers 'Strange desire' is beginning to end awesome.
  11. Not saying she is the new Bruce either but comparing the talents of Madonna and Timberlake against Taylor Swift is like comparing Bieber to Bruce...listen to the last 2 Taylor records and marvel...
  12. I remember seeing an edit of the London Calling album cover with Bruce on it years ago but cannot locate the image. Does anyone know or have this image? I'd love to potentially get it on a tshirt. I think it would be cool. Also, any areas where there are some cool images to download? I googled separately but cannot locate many hq or neat ideas to print on a shirt. Thanks guys!
  13. One of the most talented artists of our time. Not listening to her stuff and you guys are missing out in my opinion. This is from a 30 plus year Springsteen fan....
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