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  1. Yes, there was a shout out for the Food Bank of Western Australia. I haven't read much of this thread, only just waking up, but for me, it was fabulous - much tighter than night 1, albeit with a few "mistakes" by the band in a couple of places, but as ever, Bruce turned it around with his great sense of humour. Right from the start, a much better night, Bruce and the band were more "together" and it was more of a "usual" show than Perth 1, which personally, I prefer, but each to their own. I enjoyed NYCS more at Perth 2, though. James from the Beach had an absolute ball, we were on the barrier (after queuing for several days, and in 40 degree heat at one point, so he deserved his place) right by Soozie, who smiled at him, and Bruce made his night (and mine) by giving him his guitar pick. He was elated all night, fist pumping and leaping around, godness help me if we end up at the back of the pit on Friday!
  2. I've got Bruce Fever. Summer's here and the time is right For racin' in the street
  3. Good luck with the jet lag! When are you arriving? Don't bother with a scarf or wellies.
  4. Hopefully we'll find out next week! Get ready for setlist vision...
  5. 22nd in sunny Perth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think he'll do one of these in Perth?! Or a book signing for those in the GA queue?!
  6. Which one? I'm with you on that, too (my son has joined that fantastic club!).
  7. Their loss! Sounds fabulous - anyone know if it'll be on in Oz?! Or is it for sale or downloaded to watch?
  8. Could go up to King's Park late pm to watch the fireworks - fabulous view across the Swan River and city, cafes, etc. there, huge, glorious park, could take music, picnic blankets, etc...
  9. Been off the board for a while - been doing a lot of charity work and coaching kids athletics (all voluntarily) for the State Relay Championships. My little seven year olds got Gold and Bronze but I'm going to have to get a paid job or there will be no Bruce! Please email me if there are Perth 2 drops...
  10. Thanks, guys! Yes, I need two GAs for the 25th but didn't get one for OH for 22nd. HB - I'll PM you. Thanks.