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  1. I've got Bruce Fever. Summer's here and the time is right For racin' in the street
  2. Good luck with the jet lag! When are you arriving? Don't bother with a scarf or wellies.
  3. 22nd in sunny Perth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think he'll do one of these in Perth?! Or a book signing for those in the GA queue?!
  4. Could go up to King's Park late pm to watch the fireworks - fabulous view across the Swan River and city, cafes, etc. there, huge, glorious park, could take music, picnic blankets, etc...
  5. Been off the board for a while - been doing a lot of charity work and coaching kids athletics (all voluntarily) for the State Relay Championships. My little seven year olds got Gold and Bronze but I'm going to have to get a paid job or there will be no Bruce! Please email me if there are Perth 2 drops...
  6. Thanks, guys! Yes, I need two GAs for the 25th but didn't get one for OH for 22nd. HB - I'll PM you. Thanks.
  7. F***, yeah! Woo hoo! Well done to us all! Still looking for a job...OH not impressed!
  8. Keep trying, Daisey! And wish me luck for today! Bruce ticket stress is starting, less than 3 hours to go!
  9. I feel your pain, I missed it, too, after spending hours on the damn website...Some seats left, though...Still, it's our turn to get Perth 3s!
  10. Losses? Not in Perth! Need a third show. (And still looking for GAs for first show...)
  11. So what are you doing with your Perth 1 tickets, then?
  12. So, on page 26 of this thread you were complaining that my "family of 4" (which I don't actually have) would be stopping you and your wife getting tickets for Perth 1, but in your post above, you're saying that you got 4 tickets? Well, my family of 3 didn't get GAs to Perth 1 and you seem to have 4, but only you and your wife need tickets? So what are you doing with the other 2? I can take those off your hands.
  13. Things happen...people get sick, lots of reasons some might come up...hang in there, guys!
  14. And mine is to show that there is more than enough demand in Perth for a third show - just like last time! Sydney will get another, fear not!
  15. According to someone on BTX, Dublin IS on the cards... PERTH, please!
  16. Where are the GAs for Perth 1?! (No smart arse replies like, "I've got 6,", thanks...)
  17. A Reserve seats for Perth 1 showing on ticketek now...
  18. That's what we'll be doing if there are no Perth 1 drops... Perth 3 is gonna happen - just like last time - first two, barely anything left - no tickets, seated or standing left for Perth 1.