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  1. LOL that is actually funny.
  2. Most underrated Bruce songs

    The Honeymooners
  3. How would you know? You have limited musical tastes and knowledge and only care about Bruce Springsteen.
  4. Tubes like you make me angry.
  5. There are some zoomers on this site. Adams is a massive Springsteen fan it was quite clearly a joke holy fuck.
  6. Don't be so feckin precious.
  7. Kendrick Lamar

    You have great taste HelleNewman. Surely we can't be the only people on this forum who appreciate a bit of K-Dot. too many people stuck in their safe 4/4 drum beat.
  8. Kendrick Lamar

    The most talented and important person in music today. has everyone got DAMN yet? so far so good, different vibe from TPAB but very very excellent. favourite song so far YAH.
  9. Springsteen book query

    Revolution In The Head is one of the greatest books around. a great book for reading when having a jobby.
  10. Rocky Ground

    It is gash.
  11. The Book

    True. but i always thought of Bruce as being a perfect superhuman with no flaws. the book was slightly disappointing. I wanted a whole chapter devoted to the drum break in Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own or similar. The book should have been called Adam Raised A Cain.
  12. The Book

    What happened at Bramall Lane?
  13. The Book

    Agree 100%. wish i'd never read it. Bruce comes across selfish, needy, arrogant, miserable. I still rate him though just not as highly as before.
  14. He sounds bored as hell. Cheer up Bruce, you are reading about Bruce Springsteen goddamnit. He is being very disrespectful to the author.