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  1. Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own. what a fun tune. Good drums in middle. isn't Ricky a mans name?
  2. the drummer has an easier job than Max Weinberg. great band though.
  3. New York City Serenade from the Prodigal Son boot. HOLY SHIT this pisses all over the album version. What a performance! 17mins long as well
  4. I Want You from the Main Point (Prodigal Son). It isn't very good.
  5. everyone from Newcastle smells of chips and fags.
  6. Stuck in my head at the moment I have the song "This Life" from the number one hit album 'Working On A Dream'. What a beautiful song; most uplifting and thoughtful. Sad yet joyous - an enchanting paradox. Does anyone get the intro of this song and the intro of the song "Working On A Dream" mixed up? Sounds like something form Pet Sounds. Great playing from Gary W.
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