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  1. Haha, it was an insane night! No ones talking about LA night 1 anymore. Still such a good show!
  2. I agree night 2 and 3 were the best, but night 3 edges out because of Jungleland, and the sheer joy and looseness of the band. And that unbelievable Drive All Night with all the cell phone lights. .....crazy I just typed that, DAN and Jungleland in the same show! Amazing!
  3. This is LA 3, which I snagged. Id like to get my hands on nights 1 and 2 eventually.
  4. 3 hours and 46 minutes. Bobby Jean after Shout. Insane show. Insane energy. Incredible.
  5. We're first in line to go inside, mercy table right inside so hopefully I'll snag a poster.
  6. If anyone's able to snag a poster for tonight or has an love to buy it from you. We're on the way and i heard eBay hogs bought them all outside
  7. Last ever poster for the last ever show at the dump that jumps. Photo from Stan.