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  1. The live 75-85 versions of Johnny 99 and Reason to Believe are two of Bruce's most powerful and best renditions of any of his songs. For some reason, he chooses not to play them in this form, at least not for the last 30 odd years, anyway. Mind you, he didn't play The Price You Pay, in any style, for even longer!
  2. Bruce needs to perform this song as he did in 84/85. Far better than later versions.
  3. Always thought land of hope and dreams needed another verse. The "this train" bit just goes on too long, not so much when you're actually at a concert, but more on the album version.
  4. That was very informative, thanks for explaining it all very clearly.
  5. I really enjoyed the new documentary, and the Western Stars film. They were both well shot, with some lovely scenery, and great music. Maybe it's just me, but the way Bruce speaks in them, seems a bit unnatural. When he talks in interviews he always comes across really well, interesting, knowledgeable, but always modest and self effacing. Likewise when he speaks to the crowds at concerts. Maybe it's because he's reading a script, but the pontificating style of his commentary, just seems a bit forced and not how he normally comes across. I did think the Broadway show was similarl
  6. Excellent interview, maybe even better than the Simon Mayo one a few years ago. It definitely helps when the interviewer is a fan, although that's by no means a guarantee of it being good. 100% better than Graham Norton and his like.
  7. Personally, I find it interesting reading people's different opinions when Bruce brings something new out. The majority of posters seem to really like the new single, some are a bit ambivalent about it, and a few don't like it at all. Wouldn't be that interesting if every single poster thought everything Bruce brought out was brilliant. Having said that, it can be a bit much,when someone spends more than a year letting everyone know that they didn't like the last album!
  8. I realize they are different types of music, but a good song is a good song. Moonlight Motel and Western Stars are great songs, Badlands and Born To Run are great songs, regardless of what genre you put them in.
  9. Great to see the band all together in the studio, and the songs apparently recorded with them actually playing as a band. The single is ok, but if I'm being honest I'm slightly disappointed with it. Having said that when Hello Sunshine came out, I felt the same way, and I loved that album. Hopefully there are songs as good on this album, as 3 or 4 on Western Stars, which I would call some of the best he's ever done.
  10. As with all songwriters who've been around a while, you can find parts of songs that are in someone else's. There are well known ones with Bruce like Badlands, (We gotta get out of this place) We take care of our own, (life of Riley) and more recently Hello Sunshine, which someone on here pointed out was very similar to a song that I can't remember! Heard a song by The Band, called The Weight, on the radio yesterday, and a part of it was very similar to a bit of My City of Ruins. A bit more obscure, but I've always thought The Wall sounded like Fields of Gold, but that's probabl
  11. That would be my approach too, on the basis that he's probably sick of selfies and signing stuff.... even if he'd not show it. Always thought I'd ask him about another artist that I know he likes, that I'm a fan of too. As someone said on this thread, he's probably already heard every question about him, at some point, so might be more keen to chat about someone like Lucinda Williams or Shane Macgowan, for example.
  12. Without bothering to count up, it seems that Across The Border is one of the most picked songs. A great choice!
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