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  1. Partly agree with this. Not keen on E Street Shuffle or Kitty's Back, but love Wild Billy and Sandy.
  2. Another in the long list of great songs rarely played by Bruce!
  3. Definitely one of the best songs on the album. I really like Into The Fire too. The live in Barcelona version, in particular, is really powerful to my ears.
  4. The songs you mentioned are good songs, but if tracks like Hungry Heart, DITD and Glory Days didn't make it to no. 1, perhaps it's unlikely that they would have either. Think it's just the case that a lot of Bruce's fans would just buy the albums, instead of singles. Pretty sure DITD, for example, would have made it to no.1, had it not been put on an album
  5. Agree 100% with this, the Live In Dublin version is fantastic. I'm a big Pogues/ Shane MacGowan fan, but still enjoy Bruce's Irish influenced songs.
  6. He doesn't appear to have dyed his hair on this photo, which personally I think is a good thing. A seventy year old man should have grey hair! Don't want him carrying on down the Paul McCartney route, just end up looking ridiculous!
  7. Thought that review was spot on, probably the best I've read so far.
  8. Same here, although strangely, got a trailer for BBTL! Started worrying I'd gone into the wrong screen.
  9. Think I'm correct in saying Racing hasn't been a regular on the set list since the Born In The U.S.A tour. Likewise with Jungleland, and Incident hasn't been played regularly since the seventies, I think. Have often wondered if Bruce is just trying to keep them special by playing them infrequently, he must surely know what great songs they are. He hasn't applied that logic to other classics like Born To Run and Badlands though? As a result of this still waiting to hear Incident 34 years after my first concert!
  10. Watching these great live performances, one of the things that struck me was what a great voice Marc Anthony Thompson has. On When The Saints Go Marching In, for example, he really is something special, and even puts Bruce in the shade. The look of appreciation from Bruce when Marc sings his bit shows he's happy to play second fiddle to him. Must look up his solo stuff sometime.
  11. Interesting to see his Dad say that Bruce doesn't charge much for his shows. That was always something I used to say to non fans, and was certainly the case up until 2013. Unfortunately, the River Tour brought him more in line with other big stars, and this continued with Broadway.
  12. Whilst most of the songs people have mentioned, are amongst my favourites and great songs, personally, I would put Incident, Racing, Thunder Rd, Jungleland, Born To Run and..... Western Stars in the masterpiece category. Would add Brothers Under The Bridge to the level just below these songs.
  13. Saw the show at Manchester's MEN Arena, and to be honest, it was a bit of a letdown. The sound where we were was terrible. Really loud, but really distorted, so that it was impossible to pick out any individual instrument, or even what Bruce was singing. Am not personally a big fan of preacher Bruce. One long bit of preaching, ok, but two, I found a bit much. Perhaps if the sound had been decent, wouldn't have minded as much. In contrast the show at Lancashire Cricket Ground, on the Rising tour, had absolutely perfect sound. There was much more interaction between Bruce and the audience (and the band). They all seemed to be enjoying it a lot more. A great set list, on a balmy evening, made for the perfect concert. Made up for the disappointment of 1999.
  14. Sorry, just realized there's already a long thread about this!