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  1. Whilst most of the songs people have mentioned, are amongst my favourites and great songs, personally, I would put Incident, Racing, Thunder Rd, Jungleland, Born To Run and..... Western Stars in the masterpiece category. Would add Brothers Under The Bridge to the level just below these songs.
  2. Saw the show at Manchester's MEN Arena, and to be honest, it was a bit of a letdown. The sound where we were was terrible. Really loud, but really distorted, so that it was impossible to pick out any individual instrument, or even what Bruce was singing. Am not personally a big fan of preacher Bruce. One long bit of preaching, ok, but two, I found a bit much. Perhaps if the sound had been decent, wouldn't have minded as much. In contrast the show at Lancashire Cricket Ground, on the Rising tour, had absolutely perfect sound. There was much more interaction between Bruce and the audience (and the band). They all seemed to be enjoying it a lot more. A great set list, on a balmy evening, made for the perfect concert. Made up for the disappointment of 1999.
  3. Sorry, just realized there's already a long thread about this!
  4. Nice to see the clip on You Tube of Bruce joining Garry on stage at one of Garry's shows a few days ago. Always thought Bruce seemed to have much less on stage camaraderie with Garry than the rest of the band, but here, they look to be having a good time, and seem really close. Perhaps somebody more tech savvy than me, can put the clip on here!
  5. Have always thought this was one of the best songs on Devils and Dust. I listen to it regularly, along with Black Cowboys, Leah and Maria's Bed. The sound seems fine to me on the album version.
  6. You're right, that is really annoying!
  7. Having said all that, I like the repeating of "those were only the lies...." on Stones. Strange!
  8. Having said I like the rawness of Bruce's voice on Living Proof, I find the vocal on Streets of Fire, another song where he really emotes, a bit annoying. Think it's the repeating of a line over and over that I don't like. Similarly, the ending of Backstreets. I could cope with him repeating "hiding on the backstreets" a couple of times less!
  9. Have always loved this song, and the vocals don't bother me at all. Think the rawness of Bruce's voice fits with the lyrics, which are obviously autobiographical. He really sounds like he's feeling it, and I like the fact he's pushing his voice to his limit.
  10. Although I love Bruce's 2nd album, with the exception of Kitty's Back and the E Street Shuffle, I'm not that keen on most of Greetings and practically never play it.
  11. Whilst there are a lot of good tracks, which, as a whole, make for a very strong and coherent album, there are two tracks which, for me, stand head and shoulders above the rest. Both the title track and Moonlight Motel make my hairs stand on end, and despite Bruce having a huge back catalogue of great songs, this is quite rare for me. Songs like Stolen Car, Brothers Under The Bridge, Incident, The Price You Pay have the same effect, and I'd rate these two just as highly. Especially moving, is when the strings build to a climax towards the end of Western Stars. Am so glad, and surprised, that Bruce can still provide these moments of magic.
  12. Born in the USA, Roundhay Park, Leeds, 1985. We lived in Headingley, which was about 40 minutes walk from the park, so decided to go on foot. Just remember the anticipation, as we got nearer, and the crowds grew bigger. Was the first concert I'd ever been to... what a way to start!
  13. Saw a clip of one of Nils recent shows,at a winery, on you tube. Looks like he has tattoos down his right arm?
  14. Due to a delayed hip replacement operation, I am no longer able to attend this Patty Griffin concert. Am selling the tickets at face value of £22.50 each. There was also a booking fee of £2.70 per ticket, but prepared to lose that. Patty is a great singer songwriter, having worked with the likes of Robert Plant and Emmylou Harris. She has also done excellent covers of Stolen Car and Racing In The Street by Bruce! Please get in touch on 07768908701 if you are interested. Thanks.