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  1. It seems Bruce and the Band are really feeling it during the Barcelona performance. Makes it all the more surprising that it's so infrequently played. The same could be said of The Price You Pay, when he finally played it.
  2. Definitely wouldn't mind hearing it, but would like to hear Brothers Under The Bridge live even more!
  3. Whilst Bruce's voice did go a bit towards the end of Hyde Park the next day, to me it still sounded better than Glastonbury. There it didn't sound strong at all, as though he was struggling to be heard. Don't know if it was down to the sound mix, but think that's probably the worst I've heard it, even on You Tube recordings.
  4. I think that Bruce realizes that the majority of people follow a particular religion, or are religious at all, because of what they were told in their formative years. He says that his Catholicism is down to indoctrination and habit. Seems likely he didn't want his own children to have their choices made for them.
  5. Great choice, surely has to be one of, if not the, best cover he's ever done. The guitar playing is magnificent, and the vocal too, the way his voice cracks at one point. So much emotion in this performance.
  6. I agree that Meeting is one of the best tracks on the album. Saw it played on the Rising tour at Manchester, followed by Jungleland. It was the highlight of a great show. Personally, I've always thought of 10th Avenue as being the weakest song on the album. It's great fun in concert, but I don't love it as much as the rest of the album.
  7. Have really enjoyed listening to Max answering fans questions. He comes across really well, and seems a really nice guy. In fact, all the E Street Band seem like nice people, when I've seen them interviewed. Would be great if Bruce would do something like this one day.
  8. Racing In The Street Johnny 99 Reason to Believe It's far too long since the last two were played in the style they were here. So much more powerful than in more recent versions.
  9. The opening post did say in no particular order.
  10. I was fascinated to hear what Bruce said about Shane Macgowan. These are my two favourite songwriters, but I'd never realised Bruce was such a big fan. He's so right about his songs being timeless, and a Rainy Night In Soho is one of the best. If Bruce ever does another Seeger Sessions type album ( hopefully with his songs, rather than covers,) he should consider getting the Pogues in as his backing band. With Shane now out of commission, they'd have the perfect replacement in Bruce!
  11. I mistakenly thought Gus was telling Jertucky to move on and get off this site altogether!
  12. I did enjoy the film very much, especially at the cinema with the terrific sound. However, given the choice between Bruce's musings between songs, or maybe 3 or 4 of his best songs from other albums, played with the orchestra, would definitely choose the latter.