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  1. Due to a delayed hip replacement operation, I am no longer able to attend this Patty Griffin concert. Am selling the tickets at face value of £22.50 each. There was also a booking fee of £2.70 per ticket, but prepared to lose that. Patty is a great singer songwriter, having worked with the likes of Robert Plant and Emmylou Harris. She has also done excellent covers of Stolen Car and Racing In The Street by Bruce! Please get in touch on 07768908701 if you are interested. Thanks.
  2. Although it's generally accepted that outdoor sound is not so good, I found the sound at Old Trafford Cricket Ground on The Rising tour, was the best I've experienced. And that includes Leeds in 2013, which was pretty good. Old Trafford football ground, by contrast, on the Magic tour, was terrible!
  3. With you on preferring Bruce's darker songs Daisy. Give me a Wages of Sin over Darlington County every time!
  4. I know some people on here aren't that keen on this song, but I've always really liked it. Love the studio track, especially the start with the double count in, and thought the live version in 2012/13 was one of the highlights of a great tour. As well as sounding good, it looked great with everyone in a line, at the end of the song. Even Garry got to sing backing vocals ( wonder if he needs Bruce's permission!) Although obviously not one of Bruce's classics, in terms of his feel good type songs, that you just want to sing along to, I'd put it up there with the likes of Cadillac Ranch and Sherry Darling. Anyone else got a soft spot for it?
  5. A special night, hearing Secret Garden played, in particular, was amazing and such a surprise. Despite living in Leeds, haven't been to a show at the arena since, but have just booked to see Mark Knofler there in May. Haven't seen him live before, but hopefully should be good!
  6. My first show too. Roundhay Park holds special memories, not only Bruce, but sledging down Hill 60 with my Dad, and Bonfire Night in the arena. When we take our kids there, always have to remind them I saw Bruce here. Cue bored look and "Yes Dad, we know"!
  7. Voted for them both, and obviously BTR is a great song.If I had to choose one over the other, think I would go for Incident. Its one of those songs that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. There's a version from Paris on the Wrecking Ball Tour, on You Tube, that gets me every time. Bruce's guitar solo at the end makes a great song even better. Wonder if the fact that Bruce has not played it anything like as much as BTN has influenced people. Would I like it as much if it were played at every show?
  8. I'd add Shane Macgowan to the list of great 'non singers' It's all about conveying emotion and feeling in a song, and for a short period, Shane could do that.
  9. Anyone ever noticed how over the years, Bruce has changed the use of them, to those, when performing live. At some point he must have become aware of his bad grammar! For instance, lines such as "Them things don't seem to matter much to me now" and "All them things that seemed so important", changed to "those" when played live. I know...this is really trivial. Desperately need a new album soon!
  10. MacBruce has hit the nail on the head. It is the combination of lyric and melody that make for a great song- and in my opinion Black Cowboys' understated lilting melody is perfect for the great lyrics. There are very good Bruce songs, such as Cadillac Ranch, where the lyrics aren't that important. But if I look at my favourite songs, the likes of Incident, Racing, Jungleland, Atlantic City, it's the music and lyrics together that make them special.
  11. Love Black Cowboys, not only the mesmerizing lyrics, but the lovely melody of the song. Definitely the best song on the album. It's songs like this that make Bruce stand out from the rest.
  12. The last time was Leeds 2013, think the ticket was about £60. Brilliant show in my hometown, where I'd first seen Bruce in 85 at Roundhay Park. The River Tour - no new material and back to stadiums. Tickets now around £100. Just didn't think it was worth it. If Bruce ever does bring out some good new music, probably would be tempted, but not for more nostalgia. If Leeds has to be my last show, a good way to finish!
  13. 1 Brothers Under The Bridge 2. Across The Border 3 Loose Change 4 Gave It A Name 5 Streets Of Philadelphia 6 Secret Garden 7 Living Proof 8 I Wish I Were Blind 9 Blood Brothers 10 My Lover Man
  14. I'd certainly put it in my favourite top 10 of all time. It's the combination of great melody and particularly fantastic lyrics that does it for me. Just as Bruce does with Incident and Jungleland, it makes for something special.