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  1. Free Electric Band by Albert Hammond Jr. Just think it would suit the band perfectly, especially Roy's piano playing.
  2. This is more like it. Dermot is a Springsteen fan, and Mark is an excellent broadcaster. Once went to see Shane Macgowan in Manchester and was a bit surprised to see that Mark and his band were the support act. They were actually not bad!
  3. Unfortunately, it seems that everything connected to Bruce has shot up in price the last 2 or 3 years. The River Tour tickets went up roughly 40% from the previous tour, Broadway was astronomical for most, and I've just looked how much tickets would be for me and my son to see the new Western Stars film.... nearly £30 for two of us. A normal trip to the cinema for us would be no more than £10. I'm thinking the same as you Silvia.... dreading how much tickets will be for next year's tour. Does Bruce no longer have a say on ticket prices, or perhaps it's not as important to him as it used to be?
  4. Will definitely be watching, but can't help thinking that an in depth T.V interview with Simon Mayo would be much better. He's a great interviewer, and did a fabulous job when he spoke to Bruce a while back. Despite being a big fan, there was no fawning, just interesting questions. Bruce seemed to really be at ease with him.
  5. With you all the way about the album, and especially The Last Resort. Surprised that Hello Newman not responded to this, as he's a massive fan too!
  6. Partly agree with this. Not keen on E Street Shuffle or Kitty's Back, but love Wild Billy and Sandy.
  7. Another in the long list of great songs rarely played by Bruce!