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  1. That didn't last long. :(

    I'll keep your spot at the bar open for you.

  2. Glad you came back, you've been missed.

  3. Wow. The crowd is amazing! Holy shit.
  4. Hey P... Bruce played Jungleland tonight. Spoiler.
  5. If you want to feel some exuberance listen to the little "Louie, Louie" reprise at the end of Glory Days. I think that is so cool. Have they just started that or is there a history? One day they are going to blast into that song and it's gonna stick! One more for Los Angeles!!!
  6. I love post-Bruce exuberance.
  7. I think any of the PacNW cities make DMT, Mission Man, and Mikey almost sure shots... we gotta do it up right!! When I did Portland and Seattle I took Amtrak between the two cities and it worked out quite well. Nice scenery too.
  8. Yeah, me too. I saw Dallas on the Rising and despite Don Henley joining Bruce for "I Fought The Law" I thought the show lacked... could have been because A) I was in seats and B ) The person I was with is not really a Bruce fan and criticized the pacing/setlist of the show constantly. That said - like PRR... if the Fight Club meets up there, and I can swing it, I am there! (But I am still partial to the west... not only LA... everyone has to see Portland, Seattle, and/or Vancouver once in their life... great places!!).
  9. Yeah, I bet he hits Dallas in the fall... that ought to be an easy, one leg flight for most of us.
  10. I feel you on that one. Same boat here. It'll happen, though.
  11. There's no reason why we can't get something together assuming there's a fall leg. Hopefully westward flights will stay relatively cheap!!
  12. Awesome!! I think LA or Anaheim is a good bet... yeah? Things might be shaping up! Good way to go post-Bruce show... think about future plans!! Solid pics!
  13. Alright! And you can likely count on Kay, DMT, Mission Man, Mikey, LJ65, Nikita, and JB assuming it's in the PacNW (and maybe CA?). We need east coasters as well! midwesters... Guess I need to find a freaking job... stinkin' economy... P, know of any bike gigs down here!!! Good mini-review by the way!