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  1. Only about 6 weeks until more setlists! :-) Trying to look on the bright side. And you never know what 2014 will bring.
  2. Had a miserable morning, spent 2 1/2 hours at airport waiting for bus into city centre. Things picked up when I saw that bus station was directly across from stadium, so I walked across and got lucky #300 at around 2:30. Next roll calls are 6 & 10 PM.
  3. Sounds pretty unfair. Guess I'll just wait until tomorrow to turn up to the queue then.
  4. I am going to the movie at Chapter Cardiff, which I don't think starts until 8:30. Will that be a problem in terms of being there for the 10:00 roll call? If I still turn up after the movie, will they give me the benefit of the doubt, as I could certainly show my ticket to prove that I was at the film. Only reason I booked at Chapter, is it sounded like a good place to see the film, but I'd hate to lose a good spot in the queue because of it.
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