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  1. What year shall we have Letter to you in the poll? How about speeding up some way or another..
  2. I thought the same. The melody is like ”Girls in their summer clothes”.
  3. There once was a full concert video of Rome 16/7/16 by ReasonToBelieve but it was removed along with many others after while. That was much better picturewise than this one from Pittsburg. Amazingly sharp and crisp recording. The reason for removing was probably official audio so I suppose this one won’t stay long, either. Anyway, thanks for sharing, great watching!
  4. Haven’t seen Bruce so well being, open and relaxed in public appearances for years. Very good listening on the subject matters also.
  5. I also heard lohad immediately. Also the sync of melody and vocals remind of My Lucky Day somewhat.
  6. What is the meaning of PSA now appearing in Couple of subject lines? Prostate Specific Antigen?
  7. Part of rocknroll hof now https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2020/08/springsteens-69-chevrolet-chevelle-cruises-into-rock-and-roll-hall-of-fame.html
  8. Chevy Camaro actually did have the 396 ci option for model year 69. Malibu was one of the many Chevelle models up to 77, Chevelles had the 396 engine options also.
  9. What other car models have been mentioned in Springsteen lyrics? Cadillac for sure, what orhers?
  10. Tunnel was a good mastering originally, what I would like is Lucky town remastered, I find the sound somewhat muddy, and not just because of the arrangements.
  11. Stingray iConcert HD channel (pay channel) has played the Glastonbury show multiple times. Anyone who has seen it: is it the same set that was shown on BBC now?
  12. Any info on the song supposedly called "Detail Man" (at 7:30)?
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