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  1. I’m sure she doesn’t need our advice in family planning. Some cannot, and some do not want to have children.
  2. I wonder why not. Works for me. Anyway, the same shirt, just black with red/blue/orange graphics. Let’s try again .. https://www.grailed.com/listings/16060811-band-tees-x-streetwear-x-vintage-original-bruce-springsteen-born-to-run-tour-tee-1978
  3. That annual income supposedly included income from record sales, royalties from radio play, streaming services etc and in that particular year also income from the River tour. Does this new deal mean he will not receive any royalties from radio play or record sales any more (knowing it has been somewhat less than in his prime years anyway)?
  4. Here’s the same shirt, just different color. https://www.grailed.com/listings/16060811-band-tees-x-streetwear-x-vintage-original-bruce-springsteen-born-to-run-tour-tee-1978 Description: Original Bruce Springsteen Born to Run Tour Tee (1978)…
  5. And one-two months to get the necessary booster shit, i mean shot, plus two weeks for it to be effective. Besides, like with the current vaccines, elderly people (like the E Street Band) and health care workers will be the first in line. So a realistic scenario could be maybe eight months before young and middle aged people (the ones that go to concerts) will have been vaccinated - assuming they want to get it.
  6. Look at his lips when he’s saying THE word. If it is ”waves”, he would have to make the v sound and you would see that. If it is ”sways” the mouth should stay open where he sings the ”..ay..” part.. simple as that
  7. These performances are not really from any tour, but definitely worth listening, and you probably already know, but anyway: - 1990 Christic shows (sound quality excellent) - 1982 club gigs (sound quality is not the best, but the feeling of precence you sense when listening to these is amazing).
  8. I thought Tom Morello was member of this forum. El Sergio?
  9. Why do we have all this shit and no proper Booown In The Uuuuuuesaiiiii show?
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