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  1. Maybe he just referred to being anxious about how the Joad record, mostly written at that time, would come out? So perhaps not the kind of anxiety connected with depression. Anyway, nice to see an interview from that era.
  2. Sherry Darling dropping already? Cmon ppl, it might not be the best on the album, but it’s definitely the best party song eve by BS! Even better than Cadillac Ranch which ranks no. 2. in that department.
  3. Same here.. Reason being the repititive string/horn motif. Can't stand it... The song itself is allright!
  4. Work, or lack of it, is present in at least five of the stories: ”Times are though”, ”looking for some work”, ”had a job”, ”he goes looking out for work”, ”these jobs are going boys”.
  5. I might be Sleepy Joe. On the other hand, I like There Goes more and more. The song I hated at first listen. Or then some of the ones with least amount of strings.
  6. Interesting to see in which order the slow river songs (stolen car, price you pay, drive all night, wreck) fall out.
  7. Thunder Road acoustic, Rome Circus Maximum July 16 2016.
  8. What a great question! Better Days Stockholm Globen Arena May 15 1992. Thought at the time that I’d never get to see Springsteen because he was getting so old..
  9. I try to watch the video through my tv's YT app but the song stops at about two minutes every time. Other means of watching (pc's etc) work fine. Anyone else?
  10. Tucson Train. A couple of minutes on iTunes for free.
  11. This is definitely younger Bruce singing.
  12. But in reality, even an "out-take heavy" set would definitely not mean exclusion of at least 5-7 of the "greatest hits" and crowd pleasers from the set and that would probably be enough to fill arenas at least in Europe. Even more so because from now on every ESB tour will be considered potentially the last.