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  1. I thought Tom Morello was member of this forum. El Sergio?
  2. Why do we have all this shit and no proper Booown In The Uuuuuuesaiiiii show?
  3. I have it already with a help from DeLorean
  4. I guess because the virtual event took place this weekend. It included stuff recorded last year. But where is Bruce’s part from?
  5. It is confusing really. This article says ”Bruce Springsteen’s guest performance with Joe Grushecky and The Houserockers during last year’s Light of Day Festival has been added to the charity’s 2021 virtual event this weekend, featuring exclusive footage and newly remixed audio.” https://americansongwriter.com/joe-grushecky-and-the-houserockers-with-special-guest-bruce-springsteen-added-to-this-weekends-light-of-day-festival/ The picture is from that show. But then in the same article Springsteen’s 75-minute set last January with his longtime friends includes several
  6. If You’re watching Bruce with Grushecky, That’s from 2020.
  7. Yes, or actually 2002. And the previous forum before GL. But your theory of resetting the count is very likely. The old posts, or at least the topics started, are archived but still there.
  8. I can still find my (stupid) posts from 2008 through my Profile.
  9. What year shall we have Letter to you in the poll? How about speeding up some way or another..
  10. I thought the same. The melody is like ”Girls in their summer clothes”.
  11. There once was a full concert video of Rome 16/7/16 by ReasonToBelieve but it was removed along with many others after while. That was much better picturewise than this one from Pittsburg. Amazingly sharp and crisp recording. The reason for removing was probably official audio so I suppose this one won’t stay long, either. Anyway, thanks for sharing, great watching!
  12. Haven’t seen Bruce so well being, open and relaxed in public appearances for years. Very good listening on the subject matters also.
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