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  1. Tunnel was a good mastering originally, what I would like is Lucky town remastered, I find the sound somewhat muddy, and not just because of the arrangements.
  2. Stingray iConcert HD channel (pay channel) has played the Glastonbury show multiple times. Anyone who has seen it: is it the same set that was shown on BBC now?
  3. Any info on the song supposedly called "Detail Man" (at 7:30)?
  4. I’m sure Real World gets extra credit in voters’ minds for the 1990 Christic debut performance of the song.
  5. When i listen to a Springsteen album and want to skip a song, it's always because of the melody, arrangement or other musical element, never because of the lyrics. So 2. for me.
  6. That was a great show and like other shows from the era it had a soulful feel to it. I was happy to attend the show. It has been available as a bootleg release called Stockholm in our hearts, maybe some other unofficial releases, too. Also video has been around. I guess they could be downloaded from somewhere. As for an official release, they already have one from 1993 so maybe not in the near future but you never know!