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  1. On 12/16/2021 at 4:02 AM, Jerm23 said:

    Ha! My girlfriend loves wearing it. Kind of feminine. Then it dawned on me that it could be a rarity. 

    to the person who posted a link to a similar shirt. It didn’t work. 

    I wonder why not. Works for me. Anyway, the same shirt, just black with red/blue/orange graphics. Let’s try again ..



  2. 53 minutes ago, Frank said:

    Well, Daisey, you’re certainly right, but according to Forbes Bruce’s net worth in 2016 was already around $460 million, with an annual income of $81 million (other online sources makes him way much richer but let’s stick to Forbes).


    That annual income supposedly included income from record sales, royalties from radio play, streaming services etc and in that particular year also income from the River tour.

    Does this new deal mean he will not receive any royalties from radio play or record sales any more (knowing it has been somewhat less than in his prime years anyway)?

  3. 22 hours ago, doesthisbusstop said:

    Pfizer reckon it would take 6 weeks to tweak the vaccines to cover the Nu variant and 3 months to start distributing it.

    And one-two months to get the necessary booster shit, i mean shot, plus two weeks for it to be effective. Besides, like with the current vaccines, elderly people (like the E Street Band) and health care workers will be the first in line. So a realistic scenario could be maybe eight months before young and middle aged people (the ones that go to concerts) will have been vaccinated - assuming they want to get it. 

  4. 10 hours ago, BossfanNL said:

    As a big fan of live recordings (much more than studio) I'm listening to audience recordings for most of my life now (various artists). There are excellent ones as well as ones that are so poor you're asking yourself who the artist is. Often I find myself listening to audience recordings to get the 'real live feeling', something soundboards and/or multi track recordings almost never accomplish. 

    Inspired by the really excellent recordings of 2 of the Wembly '85 shows from JimCT I decided to listen to a few, supposedly, good/great audience recordings (his 2 recordings are definitely among the very best I've ever heard (from any artist)). So far I got the following shows on my phone (I listen to Bruce live either at home on my Bose Soundwave system or on my phone with a Bose Quietcomfort 35 II headphone): 


    1978-12-19 - Portland

    1978-12-20 - Seattle

    1980-10-03 - Ann Arbor

    1980-12-19 - New-York

    1984-06-29 - St. Paul

    1984-11-19 - Kansas City

    1985-07-03 - London

    1985-07-06 - London

    1999-04-09 - Barcelona

    2002- 08-07 - East Rutherford


    As I just became a fan of Bruce in very early 2020 I 'only' have about 430 concerts so far with among them many, many audience recordings. So, i'd like to ask you for advice on the best audience recordings out there. From any year, any tour. As an added bonus I not only will get to 'learn' what the best ones are, but when I do not have the show I can add it to my collection (most likely) through The Bootleg Collectors Corner on this forum. 

    Many thanks in advance! 

    These performances are not really from any tour, but definitely worth listening, and you probably already know, but anyway:

    - 1990 Christic shows (sound quality excellent)

    - 1982 club gigs (sound quality is not the best, but the feeling of precence you sense when listening to these is amazing). 



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  5. 47 minutes ago, Lampi said:

    Because 'All this sh.t' is no sh.t. (Some might disagree about MTV Plugged and New Zealand might disagree about the Banjo Tour DVD).

    Because the album box sets are released in chronological order. Los Angeles 30 September 1985 or 2 October 1985 will be in the inevitable and VERY BIG BUSA Box set. After that, the also inevitable and-must-be-released-more-than-anything-else Tunnel Tour DVD.

    (Meanwhile I notice now the full BUSA album performance from 2013 is not in the list).


    Yeah I know, just sarcastic frustration :P

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  6. It is confusing really. This article says 

    ”Bruce Springsteen’s guest performance with Joe Grushecky and The Houserockers during last year’s Light of Day Festival has been added to the charity’s 2021 virtual event this weekend, featuring exclusive footage and newly remixed audio.”


    The picture is from that show.

    But then in the same article 

    Springsteen’s 75-minute set last January with his longtime friends includes several Houserockers gems mixed in with Springsteen’s “Atlantic City,” “The Promised Land,” “Darkness on the Edge of Town” and an emotional “Thunder Road” crowd singalong.



  7. 17 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

    Maybe I said that wrong, maybe just your post count started over in 2015, when a mayor reboot happen. 

    Like your profile says you been here since 2001, I bet you have way more than 279 post!  

    Yes, or actually 2002. And the previous forum before GL. But your theory of resetting the count is very likely. The old posts, or at least the topics started, are archived but still there.

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