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  1. Nebraska box set no, rerecording the songs with full orchestra and a few tracks added from the Wild the Innocent and the E street Shuffle would. He has been doing his radio show so maybe a covers album of blues songs or Gospel songs, or other songs he has played on the show.
  2. Christmas Album. Nebraska box set including Nebraska with a full orchestra. Tracks 2.
  3. It shows a lot of strength on Garry's part to turn around and tell Bruce no. I wonder if any of the other members thought they should not be playing but did not want to say no.
  4. To me, lyrically the song is an updated version of Dancing in the Dark, musically it could easily have been on the Western Stars album.
  5. Motorhead Fast Eddie, Filthy Animal and Lemmy.
  6. I doubt it. Landau/Bruce's management are unlikely to agree to it. If I remember correctly it was only agreed that the BBC could show Bruce after the concert had started as Landau and co were still in discussions.
  7. Maybe re-edit the footage to cut out the flags and show camera angles where you can see the band.
  8. "But on Monday, a Spurs statement said non-playing staff will receive "100% of their pay for April and May"." To me that sounds like they are still furloughing their staff however the club will pay the extra 20%.
  9. It could be white lines on an American football pitch. There was a pro American footballer who gave up to go and fight in the war and then got killed by his own side.
  10. the referee and VAR presumably disagree. ref said goal VAR said not.
  11. 2020 Euro tour: mini set Nebraska solo. Then full set with band featuring new album some from Western Stars and a few oldies.
  12. Hi I haven't used Jungleland for a long time. I think the audio files are normally Flac files and the video files normally some form of DVD image.
  13. Struck me kinda funny funny yea indeed how at the end of every hard earned day you can find some reason to believe. Religion why? it causes so many problems in the world. and defies logic.
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