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  1. It was the video referee that decided on the red card, the ref on the pitch thought yellow. A dislocated fracture of the ankle, not sure if that is worse than a broken leg. I broke my ankle once playing a game of football I was trying to avoid being tackled and put my weight on the outside of my foot rather than the bottom.
  2. England winning group because of weather. The game against France would have been strange both team trying to lose game to get in easier half of draw.
  3. Ben Stokes may be the greatest ever Englishman.
  4. I think they should do a film around Born to Run. 6 separate stories ending in a shot out somewhere. Who got shot in Jungleland who did the shooting?
  5. agree. maybe a bigger jump next week. people who watch the film and pick up a copy of the album as his most recent, and also his Greatest hits.
  6. Hi when I was looking at the game, I thought he was saying that it was an accident and not Obstructing the Field. He will have been delighted to have received the extra runs, it is not the done thing to say so, but 90% of England are happy for the extra runs and winning the trophy.
  7. I wonder which countries would have appealed for obstructing the field? Stokes run a route that was most likely to have got in the way of the throw on the 2nd run he moved away from the pitch. not sure if it was accidental or clever running. Australia or India would probably have asked the question and then it would have been down to the third umpire out/not out and presumably who goes to which end and how many runs.
  8. I think the willful act has no relevance in this instance. This is intended for fielder kicking a ball over the boundary trying to give away a four to keep the batsmen at the best ends for the fielding team. I'm not sure if this should have been referred to the 3rd umpire, the same way as run outs and catches can be to see who is at which end. also should New Zealand have raised the issue with the umpires, or did they and were they told they were wrong?
  9. The umpires got the laws wrong, these things happen. Also the batsmen would have been at the other ends so Stokes would not have been facing you don't know what would have happened if the umpires got the laws correct, England may have won without the requirement of the super over. The history books will state that England are World Champions.
  10. New Zealand must be gutted, they got themselves in such a good position and then a couple of errors in the field when they should have got Stokes out. and the 4 overthrows were bad luck, also a clever piece of running, having both batsmen running on the of the wicket where they were likely to block a throw, traditionally Stokes would have been on the other side of the pitch
  11. I do not like Serena's Behaviour (she was ok today). She is bigger than the sport and she knows it and the officials know it, there was a point today when Halep should have been awarded the point but the umpire played a let.
  12. The album could be interesting, the spoken word tracks could make the album interesting a bit like War of the Worlds.
  13. 22 20 has one the race for short form cricket, it was like the battle between VHS/Betamax and video 2000. England should fall in line with the rest of the world. The length of an over in cricket has not always been fixed at 6 balls, it has been 4,5 and 8 balls. to reduce time wasted between overs I would have played 15x 8 ball overs.