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  1. 2020 Euro tour: mini set Nebraska solo. Then full set with band featuring new album some from Western Stars and a few oldies.
  2. Hi I haven't used Jungleland for a long time. I think the audio files are normally Flac files and the video files normally some form of DVD image.
  3. Struck me kinda funny funny yea indeed how at the end of every hard earned day you can find some reason to believe. Religion why? it causes so many problems in the world. and defies logic.
  4. It was the video referee that decided on the red card, the ref on the pitch thought yellow. A dislocated fracture of the ankle, not sure if that is worse than a broken leg. I broke my ankle once playing a game of football I was trying to avoid being tackled and put my weight on the outside of my foot rather than the bottom.
  5. England winning group because of weather. The game against France would have been strange both team trying to lose game to get in easier half of draw.