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  1. 22 20 has one the race for short form cricket, it was like the battle between VHS/Betamax and video 2000. England should fall in line with the rest of the world. The length of an over in cricket has not always been fixed at 6 balls, it has been 4,5 and 8 balls. to reduce time wasted between overs I would have played 15x 8 ball overs.
  2. looks like it will be knocked of number 1 in the UK based on the midweek charts 1 Will Young - Lexicon (10,417) * 2 Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars (7,298) 3 Two Door Cinema Club - False Alarm (7,234) * 4 Lewis Capaldi - Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent (6,737) 5 Mark Ronson - Late Night Feelings (6,003) *
  3. Wednesday Update: Top 5 Albums 1 Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars (44,139) * 2 Madonna - Madame X (24,038) * 3 Lewis Capaldi - Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish (16,734) 4 Bastille - Doom Days (13,782) * 5 Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures (7,383) *
  4. He has a good lead over Madonna in the midweek chart 1 Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars (36,511) * 2 Madonna - Madame X (20,621) *
  5. England have got a very good team, in English conditions I think they would beat any of the others 3 times out of 4. The Asian teams India should reach the last 4 Pakistan are aclimatised to English conditions but I don't think they are good enough. I don't India they are capable of scoring a very big score, Dhoni isn't scoring quickly enough but could help chase down a low total in bowler friendly conditions. Australia if they get there act together should reach the last 4 and they have players that on their day could help them win. New Zealand would me my other semi finalist.
  6. Kane is a World class footballer, transfer value close to £200 million (in my opinion). Loftus-Cheek is a marginal player at a top 6 club transfer value perhaps £50 million, different rules should apply to Kane.
  7. It is a normal thing to let a player who is leaving the club say goodbye to the fans by either being substituted before the final whistle or being allowed to come on for a few minutes (provided that the last few minutes are meaningless). If Chelsea are 3 nil up with 5 minutes to go on Thursday I would expect Hazzard to be taken off.
  8. sound like a song that could have been on Tunnel of Love.
  9. Chelsea are bound to appeal, even if they lose they will hope the ban starts in the winter transfer window and will give them this summer to shape their squad.
  10. I dob't think he is in the Europa League squad, he's in the Premier League squad but not the Europa League.
  11. Sarri has said he can't motivate the players, that is the manager's job whether in an office, a factory a football team. Staff moral is important in any job, I sense the moral at Chelsea is very low. He has some square pegs and round holes which is his choice. The players have more money than they can spend, you can motivate them with the chance of winning trophies, criticise players publicly and they will not play for you. Sarri lacks people skills he lacks tactical awareness. if you have lemons, don't try and make cranberry juice out of them.
  12. No it was offside. so therefore what happened afterwards was irrelevant. I can only assume that the video referee does not know the laws of the game. The video ref presumably thought it was where a players feet are, which is not correct. It is which part of the body a player can score a legitimate goal, so you can score a goal with head chest knee so Kane was offside.
  13. There was something similar in an England test match, the England batsmen thought the ball went for 4 and went of to tea. the ball hadn't and the batsman was run out. I think the appeal got withdrawn and the batsman carried on batting.
  14. Nothing in the laws of football saying you can trip a player if you touch the ball first. It was a trip.
  15. Newcastle should be 1-0 down and down to 10 men instead 1-1 and eleven men - 2-1 down but still with eleven men
  16. He could buy Wembley instead. Selling Stamford Bridge would pay for Wembley and he saves himself £1 Billion.
  17. Apparently his buy out clause was £6m so if the player wants to go he can go. for such a small fee, if Chelsea could it would be best to keep him for a final season even if he then walked for free. No Terry, no Chalobah, no Ake Chelsea will have a very small squad next season.
  18. John Terry has learned the PR side of things. JT wanted a contract offer by the end of January, club wanted to wait until they got a new manager to see if Terry fits in his plans. JT has allegedly been offered £20 million from China, so if he does take the offer he is not a Judas rather a hero who has been betrayed by his club. Abramovich may well want rid of the players who turned against Jose; Costa, Terry, Hazzard, Matic could all be on the way, I believe JT may have turned on Jose, however he has learned the PR side and left others to take the blame.
  19. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho, speaking to BBC Sport: "We were the best team by far in the second half. What they did in the first we did in the second "We dominated and when they feel they are in trouble, and they felt, they changed Aguero and Sterling. They try to recover control of the game exactly when they scored the second goal. "Their goalkeeper was good and we couldn't score. They were only coming up with long balls. Not one single problem in the second half; they had lots." :lol: I think he's losing the plot Agree, the last week looks like he is seeing things that nobody else is, doctors invading football pitches, Chelsea playing well. He is lucky to be still in the job with his criticism of the clubs medical staff, the way he has made it clear that he is not happy with the clubs transfer activity this summer. An early Champions League exit and he could be on his way out.
  20. The small squad at the start of season was down to the lack of club/association trained players, (20 = 17 + 3) if there was no intention to play a player, then no point in keeping him, 3 players gone who did not fit in, 2 overseas players can be added/recalled in the summer without selling.
  21. understand the sentiment, in the real world money is money and you have to look after number one "let the broken hearts stand"
  22. 650 million homes throughout the world watching the game.
  23. definition of "stamp" "to bring (your foot) down heavily and noisily" if he is charged with "stamping" I don't think he made much noise, so given a fair hearing should be aquitted.
  24. Was hoping the new Collection: 1973-2012 album would end up number one just 'cause...oh well. I think it was number 2 earlier, and given that it's all already-available stuff, that strikes me as quite good. IRELAND; Top 100 Individual Artist Albums (Week Ending 25th July 2013): 03 (03) - Bruce Springsteen - Collection: 1973-2012 (07 ws). 04 (12) - Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball (45 ws). 05 (06) - Bruce Springsteen - Greatest Hits (468 ws). 28 (58) - Bruce Springsteen - The Collection: 1973 - 84 [box Set] (24 ws). 42 (Re) - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Live 1975 - 1985. 45 (66) - Bruce Springsteen - Born In The U.S.A. (22 ws). 63 (78) - Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run (13 ws). 64 (Re) - Bruce Springsteen - The Essential (39 ws). 72 (Re) - Bruce Springsteen & The Sessions Band - Live In Dublin (19 ws). 73 (Re) - Bruce Springsteen - The Rising (62 ws). 77 (75) - Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band - Greatest Hits (20 ws). 84 (Re) - Bruce Springsteen - The Promise (19 ws). Top 100 Singles (Week Ending 25th July 2013): 46 (99) - Bruce Springsteen - Waintin' On A Sunny Day (05 ws). 60 (Re) - Bruce Springsteen - The River (05 ws). 98 (N) - Bruce Springsteen & The Sessions Band - This Little Light Of Mine (01 w).
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